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That ribbon is ARMOR, Kris! It increases defense.
Why don't you try wearing it in the EQUIPMENT menu?
I think it'd look great on you!

Ralsei to Kris

The White Ribbon is the first piece of armor the party can equip. It cannot be equipped by Susie, and it gives +2 DF and Cuteness. It is found in the Field, within the Maze of Death.

Starting from Chapter 2, Malius can fuse it with the Pink Ribbon to make a Twin Ribbon.

Flavor Text[]

  • Nope. Not in 1st grade anymore. [When attempting to equip it to Susie]
  • I said NO! C'mon already!. [When attempting to equip it to Susie in Chapter 2]
  • Um... D-do I look cute...? [When equipping it to Ralsei]
  • It's nice being dressed up... [When equipping it to Ralsei in Chapter 2]
  • ... feels familiar. [When equipping it to Noelle]


  • If the ribbon is given to Ralsei, he is surprised that Kris is giving it to him, and asks them if he looks pretty.
    • However, if Susie is in the party, Ralsei asks Susie if he looks pretty.
  • The Cuteness increase may be a reference to the Faded Ribbon's description in Undertale (If you're cuter, monsters won't hit you as hard.)
  • When interacting with the chest the ribbon came from, the message states that there are some excess paper scraps in the bottom of the chest.
    • This, along with the item's description, implies that it is made of paper.
  • If starting Chapter 2 without a Chapter 1 save file, Ralsei's default equipment are White Ribbon and Amber Card.