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Werewire is an enemy encountered in Cyber Field. It is the first enemy the party battles in the Cyber World, after the first encounter with the Queen.



Werewire is pink and blue, with yellow hands and green stripes. It looks fuzzy, its limbs flopping about back and forth in its battle animation. It has a slight pink neck ruffle just above its shoulders. In the overworld animation, there is a large wire descending and latching onto Werewire's face (presumably from Queen, who is controlling them), so its facial features cannot be seen unless it is spared, in which case it reverts to its original form, a Plugboy.


Werewires are described as "sleepwalking through a nightmare" and as such they are constantly tired. They have seemingly no free will. Even though there are non-hostile Werewires encountered, they are described as being nicer since they were plugged, indicating that the plug does control them perpetually. Later, a Werewire expresses gratefulness that Queen was defeated, implying they may have been freed from control after her fall. Like Werewerewires, they enjoy energy drinks.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

When Kris and Susie enter the Cyber World, they encounter many Plugboys frozen in fear on their way, who warn the party about the plugs. Later, when meeting Queen, she attempts to stop the party by plugging two Plugboys, turning them into Werewires, initiating the first battle in the Cyber World. After defeating them, two mores Werewires appear but are quickly pacified by Ralsei, turning them back into regular Plugboys.

More Werewires are encountered in Cyber Field, including one wearing a fedora who turns out to be the Fedora Plugboy who ironically claimed having no reasons to fear being plugged.

They also appear in Cyber City, along with non-hostile Werewires who can be talked to.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]


  • If Werewire is alone, it hovers above the Bullet Board, swaying side to side and spawning electric balls which fall over the Board.
  • Werewire repeats these attacks multiple times per turn if other enemies are present:
    • Werewire swings its arms, creating an arc of five bullets that move across the Bullet Board.
    • Werewire fires three short lasers from its fingertips, which spread apart as they cross the Bullet Board.


  • All Werewires start in battle as tired, meaning the battle can be ended immediately by using Ralsei's Pacify or Noelle's Sleep Mist.
  • However, several conditions allow for them to be spared as well:
    • JiggleJiggle increases mercy by 50% for one Werewire.
    • ThrowWire increases mercy by 50% for each Werewire hit.
    • S-Action or R-Action increases mercy by 25% for one Werewire.
    • N-Action increases mercy by 50% for one Werewire.
    • Sparing (when its name is not yellow) increases mercy by 20% for one Werewire.
    • Using SoftVoice on Tasque when Werewire is also present increases mercy by 50% for all Werewires.
    • Using TakeCareX on Virovirokun when Werewire is also present increases mercy 50% for all Werewires.

Flavor Text[]

  • Controlled by the Queen's wire, it's sleepwalking through a nightmare! [Check]
  • Werewire swung in! [Encounter]
  • Werewires swung in! [Encounter]
  • Werewire appeared. [Encounter]
  • Smorgasbord 2. [Encounter with Tasque and Virovirokun]
  • Werewire and Maus swung down like stringed superheroes! [Unused encounter with Maus]
  • Werewire shuffles menacingly. [Neutral]
  • Werewire dusts sparks off its shoulders. [Neutral]
  • Werewire crackles incomprehensibly. [Neutral]
  • The atmosphere is electric. [Neutral]
  • You jiggled your body. The wire loosened in turn! [JiggleJiggle]
  • You jiggled your body! [JiggleJiggle, shortened]
  • Susie yanked on the wire! It loosened a little bit. [S-Action]
  • Susie yanked the wire! [S-Action, shortened]
  • Ralsei sang a snake-charming song to the wire! It loosened a little bit. [R-Action]
  • Ralsei charmed the wire! [R-Action, shortened]
  • Noelle pulled out the plug like a fairy light! [N-Action]
  • Noelle pulled on the plug! [N-Action, shortened]
  • Werewire's wire is loose! [Spare conditions met]



  • The name Werewire is a pun on Werewolf. The reference to lycanthropes may be more based on their nature rather than their appearance, acting as hostile and feral forms of normal people.
  • Werewires may be a reference to Protogens, a popular fictional species that share a similar head design. Furthermore, they have a larger and more angular counterpart species known as Primagens, mirroring the Werewerewires.
  • In the area after Sweet Cap'n Cakes's shop, a lone Plugboy with a fedora claims they are "safe" from becoming a Werewire. After Kris bypasses the five Werewires, a Werewire with a fedora waits at the end of the area.
    • If Kris navigates around the Werewires without starting a battle, the fedora-wearing Werewire moves up and down. If encountered, it has a unique animation where the fedora levitates off of its head.
  • A few cognizant Werewire NPCs who can talk and wear clothes appear in the overworld. According to the one appearing in Castle Town, it is grateful that Queen was defeated, but confesses that it actually likes its new form.
  • When Werewires are seated in the Castle Town Cafe, their wires do not extend upwards and instead terminate slightly ahead of their mask.