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Werewerewire is an enemy encountered in Queen's Mansion in Chapter 2 of Deltarune. It is a stronger form of Werewire.



Werewerewires are visually very similar to Werewires, but the body of a Werewerewire is dark purple with cyan accents. Werewerewires have a large white collar, as well as a large drill-shaped mask instead of a plug on their face. They apparently possess some form of eyes, as evidenced by a line of ACT text.


Werewerewires are strong-willed, having absorbed their wires through sheer willpower. They seem to place a lot of value in battle and victory, resenting Kris for sparing it rather than besting it in combat. Despite this, they are described as quiet, and indeed do not speak when interacted with. They are quite uptight, often found crushing a can in the post-game cafe. Like Werewires, they seem to enjoy energy drinks.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

Normal Route[]

A lone Werewerewire appears in Queen's Mansion on the way from the Acid Tunnel to 4F. It does not respawn if it is spared, unlike most other enemies in Chapter 2.

After sealing Cyber World's Dark Fountain, if Werewerewire was recruited, a Werewerewire appears in the Party Dojo in Castle Town. Two Werewerewires appear as the final wave in the "Ch2 All Stars" challenge at the Party Dojo.

Snowgrave Route[]

In the Snowgrave Route, a Werewerewire appears on the third floor of Queen's Mansion in an empty room that would have been the projection room on a normal route. This Werewerewire is stronger than usual. Unlike the Werewerewire that appears on a normal route, this one respawns if it is spared. Because of this, it can be farmed for Dark Dollars.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]

  • Alone
  • Another Werewerewire (Ch2 All Stars Challenge at the Party Dojo)


  • A mix of erratic laser beams and balls of energy, similar to Werewire's attack but faster.
  • Large lasers snake around the battle box, trying to intercept the SOUL.


Note: All mercy values listed are before using Ralsei's BeSweet.

Several conditions allow Werewerewire to be spared:

  • BeTough increases mercy by 16%.
  • BeCold, S-Action or R-Action increase mercy by 12% if only one is used in a turn, or 7% each otherwise.
  • BeSweet increases mercy by 5%. It also raises the effectiveness of all ACTs by 1× the normal amount. (For example, S-Action would increase mercy by 12% before using BeSweet, then by 24% after using BeSweet, then by 36% after using BeSweet again, etc.) This effect stacks up to 10× the normal amount.
  • Using "Spare" directly increases mercy by 5%. It is not affected by "BeSweet."

Flavor Text[]

  • Werewerewire strongly blocks the way! [Encounter]
  • It absorbed the wire and became stronger. Be careful! [Check]
  • Werewerewire looks strong just standing there. [Neutral]
  • Werewerewire shuffles coolly. [Neutral]
  • Werewerewire crackles at a level too high for you to understand. [Neutral]
  • Werewerewire pretends to ignore you. [Neutral]
  • Smells like a lightning strike. [Neutral]
  • You and Werewerewire locked eyes. The atmosphere is electric... [BeCold]
  • You watched coldly. [BeCold, shortened]
  • You and Susie told Werewerewire you'd beat them up! [BeTough]
    • The air crackles with fighting spirit!
  • You and Ralsei whispered sweetly to Werewerewire! [BeSweet]
    • It pretended not to care, but ACTs became more effective!
  • Susie snorted "tch!" [S-Action]
  • Susie laughed "heh!" [S-Action]
  • Ralsei winks demurely! [R-Action]
  • Ralsei smiled sweetly! [R-Action]
  • Werewerewire's wire is loose! ... well, it would be. [Spare conditions met]



  • Unlike regular Werewires, Werewerewires do not turn into Plugboys when spared.
  • Werewerewires may be a reference to Primagens, a popular fictional species that share a similar head design and furred collar. Furthermore, they have a smaller and rounder counterpart species known as Protogens, mirroring the Werewires.
  • In some parts of their attack animations, their furred collar disappears.