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The Warp Door is a mysterious door in Deltarune. The party can use them to fast travel to previously visited areas. In Chapter 2, the Warp Door is the only way to go back to these areas.

Before being activated, the Warp Door appears as a simple, dark doorframe which the party cannot see through. After activation, it becomes a door with a flickering fire emanating from underneath it.


Chapter 1[]

Name Region Location Activation Requirement
Field Field In the room east of Seam's shop. Reach the Forest Warp Door.
Forest Forest At the Forest entrance, in the room east of the Great Board. Reach this Warp Door.
Bake Sale Forest In the Bake Sale room, on the west side of the room. Reach this Warp Door.
Castle Forest At the end of the Forest, in the room just before the entrance to Card Castle. Enter Card Castle.

At the Forest Warp Door, Mr. Elegance claims that he and Mr. Society fixed the Warp Door for the party. If the party interacted with Jigsaw Joe before reaching this Warp Door, he is also present. Mr. Elegance mentions that the three of them worked on it together, so they are confident the door will work. If the party did not interact with Jigsaw Joe, Mr. Elegance expresses concern that it might malfunction, because only the two of them worked on it. If Kris talks to Mr. Elegance after escaping prison, he states that the "door'll go even further than before." Though, Mr. Elegance adds that he is "not sure' n what we did to make it work like that, but..."

Chapter 2[]

Name Region Location Activation Requirement
Cyber Field Cyber Field In the room south of Sweet Cap'n Cakes' shop. Reach the Mansion Warp Door on a normal route.
Trash Zone Cyber City In the Trash Zone, near the entrance to Cyber City. Reach the Mansion Warp Door on a normal route.
Mansion Queen's Mansion At the mansion entrance, in the same area as Swatch's shop. Reach this Warp Door on a normal route.

On the Snowgrave Route, the Warp Doors never activate, permanently being empty doorframes.


  • In Chapter 1, if Kris talks to Jigsaw Joe again, he states he doesn't know where the door came from, and has "never seen it before."
  • The Warp Door's sprite is reused from Undertale. In Undertale, it was used as the door to Sans's room.
  • In Chapter 2, it is possible to perform a glitch wherin one can use the empty Cyber Field doorframe to go directly from Cyber Field to Queen's Mansion, making it possible to skip Cyber City entirely.[1]
    • During the Deltarune: Chapter 2 Main Route event at AGDQ 2022, Toby Fox donated $1997 to the stream, stating, "Here's 1997 KROMER so that we can see Spamton in DELTARUNE Chapter 2! .. What!? He's not in the run!?" This references the fact that since this glitch skips Cyber City, Spamton is never encountered in the run.


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