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Virovirokun is an enemy first encountered in Cyber Field. They are based on computer viruses.



Virovirokun are based on computer viruses, and as such have a sickly appearance. They are composed of abstract triangles and arrows with a purple, magenta, and cyan color scheme. Before sparing conditions are met, they have spiral eyes which spin, sweat, a frustrated expression, and carry a spear. They also possess a purple tongue, only visible in their hurt animation. After cared for, they gain a far happier expression, and carry a peace sign. Both forms have rosy cheeks.


They have a criminal record, prefer to get things for free, and are mischievous. This makes sense, as they're computer viruses. Virovirokun does seem to have a nice side, though, as seen after being taken care of, or when helping teach Noelle how to battle. Although they have a rivalry with Ambyu-Lances due to their inherently opposing nature, they are amicable enough to drink together.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]


  • Purple arrows fly from the side. They explode into a cloud of smoke when hitting the SOUL. If an arrow or its explosion smoke contacts another bullet of any kind (including another arrow), the bullet becomes "infected" and forms a small purple pixel icon resembling Virovirokun, which moves towards the SOUL.
    • The only exception to this is Ambyu-Lance's cross-shaped bullets; if a cross comes close to an arrow, the cross moves directly towards the arrow and destroys it, then continues forward. Ambyu-Lance's ambulance and cactus-shaped bullets are susceptible to being infected, however.
  • Two aliens shoot from above as they move down, like in Space Invaders.


  • Several conditions allow Virovirokun to be spared:
    • TakeCare increases mercy by 100% for one Virovirokun.
    • TakeCareX increases mercy by 100% for all Virovirokun.
    • S-Action, R-Action, and N-Action increase mercy by 50% for one Virovirokun.
    • Sparing (when its name is not yellow) increases mercy by 20% for one Virovirokun.
    • Using SoftVoice on Tasque while Virovirokun is also present increases mercy by 50% for all Virovirokun.
    • Using PettingX on Tasque while Virovirokun is also present increases mercy by 100% for all Virovirokun.
  • Using Roar on Tasque while Virovirokun is also present makes all Virovirokun tired.
  • If aiming to spare enemies (such as Smorgasbord 2), doing TakeCareX first makes Virovirokun spareable and increases other enemy percentages by 50%.
  • The extensive nature of the purple arrows (detailed above) may make dodging them harder.


  • Don't let this bug ya! [Neutral]
  • Happy new year 1997! [Neutral]
  • I've got a love letter for you. [Neutral]
  • I'm the fever, I'm the chill. [Neutral]
  • This shrink's out of control! [Ambyu-Lance present]
  • Just what the doctor ordered! [Spare conditions met]
  • Kindness is contagious! [Spare conditions met]
  • Nice [After TakeCareX with Noelle]
  • Yaha, I'm home free! [After beating or sparing Ambyu-Lance]

Flavor Text[]

  • This sick virus needs affordable healthcare. [Check]
  • Virovirokun floated in! [Encounter]
  • Smorgasbord 2. [Encounter with Tasque and Werewire]
  • Virovirokun and Ambyu-lance are fighting each other! [Encounter with Ambyu-Lance]
  • Tasque and Co. drew near! [Encounter with Tasque]
  • Virovirokun is sweating suspiciously. [Neutral]
  • Virovirokun uses a text document as a tissue. [Neutral]
  • Virovirokun is poking round things with a spear. [Neutral]
  • Virovirokun is beeping a criminal tune. [Neutral]
  • You treated Virovirokun with care! It's no longer infectious! [TakeCare]
  • Everyone treated the enemy with tender loving care!! All the enemies felt great!!! [TakeCareX]
  • You and Noelle showed the enemy tender loving care! [TakeCareX with Noelle]
  • Susie commiserated with the enemy! [S-Action]
  • Ralsei tried to steer the enemy down the right path. [R-Action]
  • Noelle offered a cold compress! [N-Action]
  • Virovirokun looks extra sick. [Low HP]
  • Virovirokun looks healthy. [After TakeCareX]
  • Noelle was clueless! [First Virovirokun; N-Action before Noelle learns how via TakeCareX]


  • Virovirokun was the first enemy known to be in Chapter 2, as they were previously shown in an update on Chapter 2's development. Their name, however, wasn't shown.
  • A single Virovirokun is always the first encounter after Noelle joins the party. This Virovirokun is unique in that it can be defeated by a single IceShock despite Noelle not being strong enough to do so at this point.
    • A unique cutscene plays if "TakeCareX" is selected. Kris and Virovirokun explain how battles work to Noelle while the screen is black.
  • Two of Virovirokun's quotes reference computer viruses:
    • "Happy new year 1997!" is a reference to the Happy99 computer virus, which when executed, created a computer window display with the title "Happy New Year 1999 !!". The 1999 in the original quote has been changed to reference Spamton's favorite year, 1997.
    • "I've got a love letter for you." appears to be a reference to the ILOVEYOU computer worm, a virus sent by email that propagated by hijacking computers and emailing copies of itself as a executable file disguised as a love letter text file.