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Like Undertale, its predecessor, Deltarune has received a number of updates, both to fix bugs and sometimes add new content.

Chapter 1 Demo[]


Initial release on October 31, 2018.[1]

PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch[]

Chapter 1 was ported to consoles on February 28, 2019. Minor changes were made.[2]

  • Changed "Kris got the Hot Chocolate." to "You got the Hot Chocolate," matching other item acquisition text.
  • Addition of a new debug menu.
  • Added a version number.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and typo corrections.

Chapter 1&2 Demo[]


Initial release on September 17, 2021.[3]
v1.002 added a question mark icon for unknown controller inputs.
v1.003 fixed several crashes relating to game controller configuration on September 18, 2021.[4]
v1.004 fixed several miscellaneous crashes and softlocks on September 19, 2021.[5]
v1.0.5 was released on September 21, 2021.[6]
  • Added an option to give up during the GIGA Queen battle.
  • Added several autosaves, providing more convenient respawns upon dying in certain places:
    • Before the Queen battle. This save also restores party HP.
    • Before the teacup ride in the Mansion Basement.
    • Moved the autosave before the Spamton NEO battle, now allowing Kris to not insert the Disk and simply leave.
  • Fixed a bug where Noelle would retain her SnowGrave spell if Berdly was spared in his Cyber City battle. Defeating him with IceShock or melee attacks still allows her to retain the spell, however.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.
v1.06 was released on September 23, 2021.[7]
  • Allowed the Glass to properly appear in the inventory if Kris has a Shadow Crystal.
  • Fixed a bug where Sweet Cap'n Cakes's attacks could be extremely long.
  • Added an anger mechanic to the Spamton NEO battle. Firing many "big shots" by using the Z and Enter keys at the same time now causes Spamton to turn red, dealing extra damage.
  • Fixed an issue with warping to a room's default point if a room transition was only touched momentarily. It can still be triggered by holding X and C; this was likely intended for speedrunners, who always hold these keys to skip text and run.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.
v1.07 (v1.03 on console) was released on September 30, 2021.[8]
  • Added the functionality of holding X during attacks to slow the SOUL, allowing for more precise movement in battle.
  • Defeating Jevil now gives a Shadow Crystal immediately, like Spamton NEO. New flavor text was added for using the Shadow Crystal or Glass in Chapter 1.
  • Added the ability to skip to Cyber World using Kris's bed if Chapter 2 has already been completed, like Chapter 1.
  • Added dialogue if enemies were defeated violently in Chapter 1.
  • Slight changes to Spamton NEO's difficulty.
  • Improved "FluffyGuard," Ralsei's R-Action against Spamton NEO, by allowing holding X to stop the ball's rotation.
  • Added the rare "Ms. Pipis" variant of the Pipis enemy.
v1.08 (v1.04 on console) was released on February 23, 2022,[9] and retracted several hours later due to a bug.[10]
  • Added new dialogue after the Rouxls Kaard battle if Rouxls was defeated violently.
  • Fixed a bug where Ralsei would not snap desperately against Spamton NEO.
  • Changed the description of ACT in the Power menu in Chapter 2 from "Do all sorts of things. It isn't magic." to "You can do many things. Don't confuse it with magic."
  • Fixed a bug with interacting with rolling pots in Queen's Mansion: they now fly away along with their Swatchling rather than disappear.
  • Fixed a bug where orange or green Swatchlings would copy incorrect text in battle.
  • Changed Alphys's classroom in Chapter 2 to match Chapter 1 in coloration.
  • Fixed a bug where using Noelle's IceShock on one enemy and sparing the other would cause the encounter to respawn, allowing grinding for infinite AT/Magic.
  • Fixed a bug where Spamton NEO's final attack would not correctly display "WRECK," "PAUSE," and "SPEW."
  • Fixed a bug where the flag for giving a gift in Cyber City was always reset to 1 (given to Ralsei). Added a Susie plushie and dialogue if it is given to her.
  • Added a smoke effect after Spamton NEO's final attack.
  • Holding X through the start of an attack no longer slows the SOUL, allowing it to be held constantly while remaining at full speed. Pressing C and Z during an attack plays a sound and toggles SOUL-slowing.
  • Corrupted save files by offsetting room IDs.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes.
v1.09 (v1.05 on console) was released on February 24, 2022.
  • Restored all changes from v1.08 after its retraction.
  • Attempted a fix of the save-corrupting room ID bug; caused several other glitches.
  • Removed the SOUL-slowing toggle with C and Z.
  • Fix a bug where the Chapter 2 Bed Inspector title was unobtainable.
v1.10 (v1.06 on console) properly fixed the save file loading issues from v1.08 and v1.09[11] on February 25, 2022.
v1.12 was available as a Steam beta on April 10, 2022.[12] It contained several bugfixes for the save system and running on Windows 7.
  • Fixed the game running on Windows 7.
  • Further changed the room system to better distinguish between chapters.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would switch to fullscreen on the chapter selection.
  • The cheese maze no longer appears after aborting the Snowgrave Route, making it impossible to use SnowGrave on normal enemies.
  • Fixed a softlock when Ralsei tries to ACT on a Maus as it is Upgraded.
  • Fixed a visual bug with GIGA Queen's speech before her battle.
  • GIGA Queen can no longer reuse her fire breath attack in place of her final attack.
  • Fixed a glitch where it was possible to walk out of bounds near the roller coaster cutscene.
  • Game volume is now consistently initialized as 60% of maximum, rather than 100% in Chapter 1.
  • The music now stops after Queen's dialogue if she was violently defeated.
v1.13 was available as a Steam beta on April 12, 2022.[13] It contained more minor bugfixes, especially for the new room ID system.
v1.14 was available as a Steam beta starting April 14, 2022. It contained more minor bugfixes, updating Chapter 1's loading system with the new IDs.
v1.15 is available as a Steam beta since June 6, 2022.[14] It contained several minor bugfixes.
  • Berdly's weapon is drawn more consistently.
  • Fixed a bug where the cheese maze would immediately disappear if the Snowgrave Route was started and ignored, but only aborted during the maze.
  • Fixed a bug where heightened invincibility frames could be retained from the King battle.
  • Fixed a rendering bug against GIGA Queen.
  • Fixed a rendering bug with a tile in Cyber City.

PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch[]

Deltarune Chapter 2 was released as a free update to Chapter 1 on PlayStation 4[15] and Nintendo Switch[16] on September 23, 2021. While its v1.00 release predates the PC v1.00 due to testing requirements, later versions were synchronized with different version numbers.


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