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hi, i'm violet! i've been active on here after chapter 1 and chapter 2's releases. my hyperfixation is mostly gone now but i'll still come back to edit every now and then.

if you want to see my art, or whatever else i'm up to, check out my tumblr!

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about me?[]

  • i downloaded deltarune chapter 1 the day it came out. my first playthrough was a neutral route, since i accidentally let susie kill a jigsawry.
  • i got interested in undertale in 2017. since then, i've finished it 7 times, all pacifist runs.
    • i haven't been fixated on the game in a while. but i still remember an absurd amount of undertale trivia. (did you know if you enter and exit napstablook's house really fast, it glitches out the quiet water music?)
  • my favorite deltarune characters are susie, noelle, queen, and rouxls kaard. my favorite undertale characters are papyrus, napstablook, and undyne.
  • i play other games too of course! besides undertale/deltarune, my absolute favorites are hollow knight, celeste, omori, and oneshot.