Dancers are enemies that are first encountered in the Forest, in the room following the encounter with the worm NPC. This is shortly after the bake sale where Rudinn, Hathy, Lancer, and Susie are selling food items. When encountering these enemies, the player enters an overworld battle mode where the screen dims and the player's SOUL appears on their body as they walk. This sort of overworld battle mode is used many times throughout Deltarune, such as when Lancer is attacking when the player first falls into the Dark World, and when the Rudinns are attacking the player before they are thrown into the dungeon in the basement of Card Castle. The Dancers are later encountered once again on the fifth floor of Card Castle, shortly before encountering Rouxls Kaard for the first time. They are never seen again in the game, and little is known about them. It is thought that the Dancers may be scissors, Jacks, or fairies.

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