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About me

wds-avatar-badges-admin.svg#.png Nothing much to say here. Just a person who's a fan of Undertale and Deltarune, plus a bunch of other stuff.

About my contributions

Got any bad quality screenshots? I'll retake em, I guess. The power of DXWnd at 656 x 519 pixels can do this. (At this resolution, when the borders are cropped out, it gets a 640 x 480 screenshot.)

Recreated Slad_overworld.png and Burgerpants face.png at a better size and took some 640x480 screenshots.

Oh, and I'm also an Administrator, so feel free to drop any queries or issues on my message wall, provided they're not jokes.


I'm around on the Discord Server too.

I don't lack a sense of humor, which is a positive, I guess.

That's all.