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Twin Ribbon is a defensive item obtained in the Dark World. It can be created by fusing the White Ribbon and Pink Ribbon items at Top Bakery in Castle Town. It gives +3DF and increases the graze area by 56.25% (25% wider and 25% taller), and can be equipped by every party member but Susie.

Flavor Text[]

  • gets worse and worse. [When trying to equip it to Susie]
  • Try around my horns! [When equipping it to Ralsei]
  • ...nostalgic, huh. [When equipping it to Noelle]


  • The effect of Twin Ribbon about increasing graze area can be added up with Pink Ribbon or other Twin Ribbons. The highest increase of graze area is 625% (150% wider and 150% taller) by 6 Twin Ribbons. However, this cannot happen during regular gameplay.