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Trefoil is an unused weapon. It gives +4 damage and raises D$ found by 5%. It can only be equipped by Kris. Its Light World variant is the Lucky Pencil.

Flavor Text[]

  • That tacky thing? No! [When attempting to equip it to Susie]
  • Not my shade of green... [When attempting to equip it to Ralsei]
  • Okay! ...? What do you mean, unused!? [When attempting to equip it to Noelle]

Lucky Pencil[]

While in the Light World, the Trefoil becomes the Lucky Pencil. Note that neither item is accessible in normal gameplay. The Lucky Pencil provides 1 AT, as do the other pencils.


  • "Trefoil" is another name for the common three-leafed clover, as well as symbols or figures with three lobes around a center point. The weapon's name may also incorporate the word "foil," a type of sword used in fencing.