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Trashcans like me can HOLD all sort of things.


Trashy is a Darkner from the Cyber World. He can first be encountered in Cyber City's Trash Zone. He travels to Castle Town at the end of Chapter 2.

Trashy serves to contrast with Nubert, who both live together in the Trash Zone—everyone loves for Nubert for seemingly no reason, whereas everyone who mentions Trashy seems to dislike him.



Trashy's body is a green metal trash can with the lid serving as a head and the opening serving as a mouth. He has two googly eyeballs with blue irises on each sides of the handle of the lid. His has blacks extended arms with white gloves on the extremities and his feet are legless and the same color as his body.


Trashy is optimistic and willing to help by giving advices regarding the gameplay mechanics. Despite the help he provides and his kind-hearted nature, he isn't very liked neither by the heroes nor the denizens of the Dark World, but Trashy does not acknowledge this.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

Trashy first appears in the Trash Zone, directly above Nubert. Here, he informs the party about the item storage function. Susie interrupts and criticizes Trashy for spoiling the emotional moment. If Kris spoke to Nubert in Cyber Field, Susie and Ralsei is instantly excited to see Nubert. If Kris attempts to talk to Trashy again while Susie is in the party, she comments, "No time for this guy." Shortly afterwards, Ralsei explains the same information, and Susie remarks positively to it. If Kris returns without Susie, he reexplains, though he laments that it has already been mentioned.

If talked to in the Trash Zone while Spamton's shop is open, he mentions that a strange man was looking for Kris over there. If talked to in the Trash Zone after defeating Spamton NEO, he mentions the Addisons to his left.

At the Queen's Mansion, if the party has not recruited all possible Recruits, and has not LOST any recruits, Trashy appears on the Queen's Mansion Rooftop, right before the Queen fight. If Kris talks to him, he reminds the player that they are almost at the "END", and that they should check if they have recruited everyone. He then mentions that he will join the player's town even though they did not recruit him.

In Hometown, when Kris interacts with the trash can in the computer lab, they get the feeling it doesn't have any friends. The trash can is likely the Light World equivalent of Trashy.

Trashy always joins Castle Town after Kris returns from the Cyber World, regardless of route or the number of enemies recruited. If the party did not recruit any enemies, when Queen comments on the absence of all of the Cyber World enemies, Trashy attempts to comfort her by stating that he is still present. If the party recruited at least one enemy but failed to recruit all of them, when Queen comments on Nubert's absence, Trashy informs the group that Nubert said "he wouldn't come unless everybody else did", causing Queen to marvel at Nubert's heroism.

In Castle Town, he hangs around in the courtyard in front of the castle, alongside the Royal Coat Rack. Trashy expresses his excitement for meeting new friends, but the Royal Coat Rack just finds him scary.


  • Trashy may be a reference to an old Microsoft virtual assistant Clippy, who has a similar name and design (googly eyes and floating hands next to the object that comes from their name). Him not having any friends also mirrors how Clippy was widely disliked.
    • Trashy may also be a reference to Papyrus's garbage in Undertale, which he states is named "Trashy" and lives in the gabage can.
  • "Trashy" is also an adjective that is typically used to imply that the noun is of poor quality and/or indecent and inappropriate. Trashy fits the former definition as he is a living trash can, but does not fit the latter as he is generally helpful and friendly towards those that he meets.