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Kris, honey, you have grown up so much...
Someday soon you will be going off to university as well...

Toriel to Kris

Toriel is a recurring NPC in Chapter 1 and 2 of Deltarune, and a returning character from Undertale. She is the mother of Kris and Asriel, the latter of whom is off at university. She lives with them in a neatly kept house at the northern end of Hometown.



Toriel looks much the same as she does in Undertale, though her distinctive Delta Rune tabard is no longer present, in favor of more casual clothes, including a pendant and glasses, though the former is not visible on her overworld sprite. She also has a small tuft of fur on the top of her head.


Toriel's kind and motherly temperament is again very much at the forefront in Deltarune, being a parent to Asriel and Kris while also teaching the younger students at the local school. She is tidy and old-fashioned, still having a telephone with a landline; her interests include baking, teaching, and snails. She is religious and keeps a book of hymns in her home.

Although Toriel takes care of Kris and is gentle and maternal to them, she does not seem concerned by the absence of signs of interest and accomplishment on Kris's side of the children's bedroom. She also seems unaware that Kris has been bullied for her tendency to hold their hand. While motherly and nurturing, she is also judgmental and appears to expect trouble from Kris, being surprised that they had found a friend, locking the chocolate in her room so they won't take it without permission, and remembering previous transgressions such as the time they put a bath bomb in the toilet. Her judgmental nature extends to her severed relationship with Asgore. While she refrains from criticizing him directly to Kris and allows them to freely visit him, she lets her disdainful feelings toward him show on her face, and rebuffs his attempts at reconciliation.

Main Story


In her younger years, Toriel went to college parties with Rudy Holiday, who describes her as "fuzzy n' sweet on the outside, a total NUT on the inside!" Though initially reluctant to cut loose, she tended to get very excited, and once hit Rudy clear across the room with a key lime pie.

At her wedding to Asgore, she carried a bouquet of seven flowers. They had a son, Asriel, and later adopted Kris, bringing the two children up like siblings. The family used to order the special at the QC Diner on Sundays after service. At some point, Toriel divorced or separated from Asgore, retaining the house and becoming the primary caretaker of their children.

Toriel works as a teacher at the local school, teaching "the baby class." Her name, written on the blackboard, has not been erased for a while. When she learned that Asriel had kissed a local girl, she reacted badly and the family went to church practically every day that week. Susie respects her, calling her a good mother.

Chapter 1

Toriel overworld walking Kris.gif

At the start of the game, Toriel wakes Kris, telling them they can still make it to school if they hurry. When Kris exits the house, she mentions Asriel's upcoming visit, hoping he will still enjoy coming home to their little town. She takes Kris to school in her van, passing by several neighbors along the way, and holds their hand as they enter the building.

Before Kris exits the school building at the end of the day, Toriel phones them if they don't call her first. She was worried after learning that they had missed class and, unable to reach them on their cell phone, had waited half an hour for them after school. She feels obligated to punish them for disappearing, but allows them to stay out longer after learning that they spent the day "with a friend."

Kris can learn from Sans that Toriel visited his store the previous night and bought chocolate kisses. They can also receive a "secret" bouquet from Asgore to give to her. When the room is re-entered, the trash can emanates an even stronger floral scent, implying Toriel threw away the bouquet.

When Kris returns home, Toriel has just finished baking a "butterscotch-cinnamon pie" and is sitting on "Chairiel" reading a book. She lets them know that if they go to sleep, the pie will be cool enough to eat when they wake up later. She can also reminisce about Asriel's dislike of green eggs and Kris's childhood belief that they would grow horns like their family, and, realizing the flowers are from Asgore, promise to find "something" to do with them. She notices that Kris looks tired and recommends sleep.

Chapter 2

The following morning, Toriel is shocked to see Kris had eaten the entire pie she had made the day before. She asks if she has to "lock the oven again" before getting Kris out of bed and driving them to school.

If Kris wanders towards the school entrance after picking up the ball of stuff from the unused classroom, they encounter a scene of Toriel asking Alphys about Kris's performance in class. Alphys, noticing Kris nearby with a big ball of stuff balanced on their head, tells Toriel that Kris is "normal." Kris can then call Toriel to let her know they're normal, which puzzles her.

Toriel is not physically seen again until the end of the chapter, but can be called at multiple points in the Light World. If Kris calls after leaving the Dark World to go study at the Library, Toriel jokingly tells them that if Berdly brings up Asriel's overdue library book fine, she will throw a smoke bomb so they can escape.

When Kris and Susie are exploring Hometown towards the end of Chapter 2, they can enter Sans's grocery store. If they walk near the leftmost wall of the building, Toriel enters the store, telling Sans that she forgot her eggs that she purchased previously. The two share many egg-related puns, until Asgore barges into the store, saying that he is her "eggs-husband." After an awkward silence among the group, Toriel quickly attempts to exit the store. Before she can, however, Asgore asks Toriel what will they do when Asriel returns home, with Toriel simply saying they should discuss that soon, before leaving.

When Kris and Susie arrive at Toriel's house, before Susie can walk home, Toriel opens the front door, meeting Susie. Very happy to meet Kris's new friend, she invites her inside and suggests Susie help make a pie with her and Kris. Kris goes to the bathroom to wash their hands as Toriel and Susie begin to prepare the pie, with the two quickly forming a friendship.

Toriel later goes to her car to get the remainder of the ingredients, but she sees someone crawling around her house, and sees that the tires on her car had been slashed. She quickly goes inside and tells Kris and Susie that they can continue making the pie later, before inviting Susie to sleep over.

Later that night, after Kris and Susie fall asleep, Toriel calls the police about what she saw, and tells them to come over as soon as they can. Toriel then sits in her chair to read, eventually falling asleep as well.



Years prior to Deltarune, it is implied Toriel had difficulties raising Kris. She had frequently borrowed "How To Care For A Human," from the Library's second floor. She is notably unaware of what became of the red-horned headband that was bought for Kris.[1] Despite this, Toriel is patient and motherly, and finds most of Kris's antics endearing. She also tries to limit Kris's impulsiveness, such as locking the chocolates in her room. Toriel has also frequently helped Kris with their homework. She often uses homemade, "butterscotch scented glue-sticks" for their projects.


Toriel knows about Susie and her behaviour about eating chalk since she mentions that Alphys has told her. Susie also seems to already know Toriel for a long time, since she mentions her after she menances Kris about eating their face in Chapter 1. Susie and Toriel properly meet in Chapter 2's epilogue when Kris and Susie go to Kris's house and Toriel ends up seeing Susie and inviting her to stay a little bit. They quickly become friendly with each other and even begin to bake a pie together. Toriel then invites Susie to stay there on the house and sleep over that night.


Toriel helped Alphys earn a job as a teacher in Hometown's school. It is implied she checks in with Alphys frequently, as Alphys's wallpaper is slightly altered in Chapter 2.[2]


Toriel is a customer at Sans' grocery store. The two met one day prior to chapter 1 and appear to have become good friends since then, as they both have a fondness for bad jokes and puns.


  • Toriel wears the same outfit as her Undertale counterpart in a post-credits scene from the True Pacifist Route.
  • Toriel's talksprite does not depict the glasses from her overworld sprite. This contrasts from her counterpart, who has a matching talksprite when she wears reading glasses.
  • Like Undertale's Toriel, she tends to leave white fur stuck in the drain of the kitchen sink, and a large container of pet shampoo in the bathroom is likely used by her. Unlike her Undertale counterpart, she leaves cinnamony batter on the stovetop, indicating that she does not use fire magic to cook.
  • Toriel answers the telephone with "Dreemurr residence," but refers to herself as "Ms. Toriel" in her classroom.
  • In Chapter 1, flushing the toilet in Toriel's home multiple times without leaving the bathroom leads to a string of interactions.
    • After flushing for the third time in a row, Toriel knocks on the door and asks "Kris...? Is everything... alright in there?"
    • After the sixth flush, she knocks again. "Kris, WHAT are you doing? You did not put a bath bomb in the toilet again, did you?"
    • After the ninth flush, she knocks for the third and final time. "Kris, if anything bad happens, you are paying for the plumbing bill."
  • Rudy mentioning Toriel being crazy at parties and hitting him with a key lime pie is likely a parallel to her counterpart throwing pizzas at Sans.[3]
  • If Kris keeps going in and out of Toriel's home at the end of Chapter 1, some interactions occur.
    • Next time, she says "Back again? My, you are active today, are you not? Perhaps you can use some of that energy to wake up on time? Your brother cannot carry you to school any more, you know."
    • After the seventh time, she says "Kris...? Why do you keep leaving and coming back? Would you like me to install a revolving door?"
  • The floral scent somehow emanating from the kitchen trash can hints at the possible fate of Asgore's bouquets.
    • In Chapter 1, the scent gets stronger after giving Toriel the bouquet received when leaving Asgore.
  • The desktop wallpaper on Toriel's computer is of Kris and Asriel dressed up for Halloween eight years before. A picture on her refrigerator shows herself, Asriel, and Kris, though Asgore is absent. During Chapter 2, the wallpaper changes to a picture of Kris and Asriel playing video games. Notably, Asriel is using the knock off controller mentioned in their room.


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