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Mama miba! I'm TOPCHEF!
My latest cake worked me to exhaustion!

Top Chef

Top Chef is a Darkner chef from the Card Kingdom. He is based on a spinning top toy.



Top Chef is based on a yellow spinning top. He has a broad-shouldered triangular yellow body and wears a pale yellow apron and toque. He has thick eyebrows and a twirly mustache, along with yellow eyes with dark sclera. When speaking, he vigorously spins back and forth.


Top Chef is passionate for baking and shows great esteem of his baking abilities. He is, however, very emotional and prone to express sadness when his skills don't get the respect he thinks they deserve, or when his work is vandalized. He speaks in a parody of an Italian accent, frequently exclaiming "Mama miba," a variation of "Mama Mia."

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

Kris and Ralsei first encounter Top Chef in the Field as they search for Susie. If spoken to, he tells the party that he took a nap in exhaustion after baking a cake, but woke to find a "purple monster" devouring the completed cake, leaving it broken on the table.

Inspecting the smashed cake allows the party to pick up the Broken Cake. The Broken Cake can be repaired by the smith Malius in the Forest, resulting in the Top Cake. If the party returns the Top Cake to Top Chef, he rewards them with a Spin Cake, which he replaces on request if consumed or dropped.

If the party defeats King without harming anyone, Top Chef is among the celebrants in the Throne Room. If the Top Cake has been returned to him, he believes the celebration is for Clover's birthday party, the event for which the Broken Cake was first commissioned, and comes to the incorrect conclusion that Susie is Clover's mother and ate the Broken Cake to protect her. If the Top Cake was not returned, he remarks that the celebration is worthy of a cake, but decides to make a metal cake to prevent animals from eating it.

Chapter 2[]

After Castle Town is transformed into My Castle Town, a Top Bakery appears in the town. The building looks very similar to Top Chef in appearance, and a sign written by him is found next to it. However, before visiting the Cyber World, Top Chef is not in the Top Bakery and instead can be found in the Cafe.

Before visiting the Cyber World, Top Chef runs the Cafe. He explains that he wanted to run the Top Bakery but it was already taken.

After the Cyber World population joins Castle Town, Top Chef is thrown out of the Cafe by Swatch, apparently because Top Chef had tried to turn it into a Bakery. Top Chef is then present inside the Top Bakery, but still not running it.

Regardless of his location, if the party returned his Top Cake during the previous chapter, he gives the party a Spin Cake whenever they do not have one in their inventory or storage; if they did not return his Top Cake, he refuses and rebukes Susie.


  • During his first encounter, Top Chef introduces himself as "TOPCHEF." Subsequent mentions of his name are spelled with a space.