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The Roaring, also known as the Dark Truth, is a part of the Legend of Delta Rune. It is explained by Ralsei at the end of the normal route of Chapter 2 to Queen, Kris, Susie, Berdly and Noelle, who are about to create more Dark Fountains, allowing them to live forever in the Dark World with all of their friends. In the Snowgrave Route, Ralsei explains only a summary of the Roaring.

The Roaring describes an apocalyptic event where, if too many fountains exist at once, the world will fall into chaos. Beings known as the Titans will spawn and wreak destruction upon the land. All Darkners will eventually turn to stone like Lancer and Rouxls did in Chapter 2. The Lightners, in turn, will be left to fend for themselves in eternal darkness.


When the LIGHT is subsumed by SHADOW
When the FOUNTAINS fill the sky
All will fall into CHAOS.
The TITANS will take form from the FOUNTAINS
And envelop the land in devastation.
The surviving Darkners, crushed by the darkness
Will slowly, one by one, turn into statues...
Leaving the Lightners to fend for themselves.
Lost eternally in an endless night...
Is that your idea of paradise?


  • In the cutscene, a titan is shown in one of the depictions of the Roaring with eye markings that match those found engraved on the walls in ??????
  • After Ralsei's explanation of The Roaring, Queen explains that she was not aware of the consequences additional Dark Fountains would bring. King similarly also believes that making more Dark Fountains and letting them consume the world would allow Darkners to rule the world, seemingly unaware it would mean the end of Darkners and condemn the Lightners instead, implying that the Knight was giving them incomplete information.
    • Despite this, Queen still refers to the Knight as the "Roaring Knight" when approaching her after freeing Berdly from her control, which occurs before she is aware of what The Roaring is at all. This could suggest that this specific moniker is self-given by them.
  • Jevil seems to be the only Darkner besides Ralsei to know about the Roaring, as he tells the party after the end of his fight that the Knight's hand is drifting forward and hell's roar is bubbling from the depths, wondering if they'll be able to stop it.