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Tension Bit is an item found in the Cyber Field. It increases the team's TP by 32% within an encounter. Malius can fuse this item with B.ShotBowtie to make the Tension Bow. Its upgrade is the Tension Gem, an almost identical item that grants a 50% TP increase instead of the 32% of the Tension Bit.

Flavor Text[]

  • (You felt tense.) (... try using it in battle.) [When using it outside of an encounter]


  • Tension Bit is the only item in Deltarune that can be changed through any means to be a different item type at present (Tension Bit, a battle item, can be fused into a Tension Bow, an armor).
  • Tension Bit, together with Tension Gem and (unused) Tension Max, uniquely from other consumables, applies its effects immediately upon selecting it, instead of only after the party's turn ends. This also means that it can be reverted by scrolling backwards the party members' turns.