This template is used as an infobox for character pages.


defenseDF of the character
undertaleName of the character's article on Undertale Wiki or yes if the Undertale Wiki's article has the same name as Deltarune Wiki's
leitmotifLeitmotifs of the character
nameTitle of the infobox. Only specify this parameter if it's not the same as the page's title.
actACTs of the character
goldThe amount of D$ earned after killing/sparing the character
captionCaption for the image. This should be primarily used for quotes.
healthMax HP of the character
imageImage inserted in the infobox. Use a gallery if you want multiple images.
relationshipsRelationships of the character
waresIf the character is a vendor, these are the wares they are selling
locationFirst appearance of the character. Value of this parameter auto-categorizes the article the infobox is placed on.
nocheckSet to yes if the Check ACT should not appear in the list of ACTs
aka"Also known as" section
attackAT of the character

Sample output

{{Infobox character
|name          = Infobox example
|image         = King battle idle.gif
|aka           =
* Alias
* Nickname
|location      = Place
|relationships = Person (relationship type)
|leitmotif     = Themes
|health        = 99
|attack        = 99
|defense       = 99
|gold          = 99
|act           = Act, Act

{{Infobox character
|name          = Multiple images example
|image         = <gallery>
    King battle idle.gif       | Image 1
    Susie overworld static.png | Image 2

See also

Category:Characters for usage examples.
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