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Used across the File namespace for adding file descriptions, licensing information, categories and other important information regarding the uploaded files.


This template automatically pulls all information it can from the file name. Please do not specify the parameters below if they are already autofilled. (Exception from this is the description for screenshots.)

1 If the file is a screenshot, this is the equivalent of the description parameter. If the file is a battle, face, item or overworld sprite, this is the equivalent of the filename parameter. In short, this parameter is used as a shorthand for commonly-used parameters, if only one is commonly being specified to the file template.
notesAdditional notes regarding the file.
sourceSource of the file. By default set to "Deltarune"
authorAuthor of the file. By default set to "Toby Fox"
filenameIf the file is a sprite, this field can be used to specify the file's sprite name in game files. This, among other things, makes it easier to find the sprite in game files if it needs replacement.
issuesIf this parameter is present, the file is added to faulty images and the issues from this parameter are described on the page.
typeComma-separated list of file types. Should only be specified if the type is not automatically added or if the file only has the miscellaneous file. Available types are:
licenseLicense of the file. Can be set to one of the following:
  • fairuse (Fair use)
  • ccbysa (CC-BY-SA 3.0)
  • pd (Public domain)
  • self (Author uploaded the file themselves)
  • By default, "This file does not have information on its copyright status." appears in the field.
    descriptionDescription of the file.
    interfaceSpecify this parameter if the file is only used in the wiki's interface, for example through ThemeDesigner or wiki's CSS, and not directly on pages. This makes the file used in itself and prevents it from appearing in unused files maintenance report.

    Sample output

    |description = Logo of ''[[Deltarune]]''.

    DescriptionLogo of Deltarune.
    • Miscellaneous
    AuthorToby Fox
    LicensingThis file does not have information on its copyright status.

    See also

    • Module:File for the Lua module handling this template's logic
    • Module:File/data for data the Lua module pulls type and license information from