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Tea is a consumable item purchased for 100 D$ in Cyber City. A pink Addison sells the name-flavored tea based on who is currently in the party with Kris. The amount it heals and party responses change depending on which tea is given to whom. Notably, each character's own flavor heals them the least, and is commented to taste like water to them.

Healing amounts
Kris Tea Susie Tea Ralsei Tea Noelle Tea
Kris 10HP/40HP[note 1] 120HP 60HP 70HP
Susie 120HP 10HP/40HP[note 1] 120HP 120HP
Ralsei 120HP 120HP 10HP/40HP[note 1] 50HP
Noelle 70HP 400HP 50HP 10HP/40HP[note 1]
Thrash Machine 100HP 100HP 100HP 100HP

Flavor Text[]

Kris Tea Susie Tea Ralsei Tea Noelle Tea
  • S: (No reaction?)
  • N: (... no reaction?)
  • R: (They seem into it)
  • S: (No reaction?)
  • R: (I'm happy!)
  • S: ( they like it?)
  • R: (They're drinking it...)
  • N: (Umm, do they like it or not...?)
  • S: Hell yeah, apple juice!!
  • R: Don't drink so fast!!
... this is tea?
  • S: Hey, it's like marshmallows!!
  • R: D-don't drink so fast!
  • S: Hell yeah, eggnog!!
  • R: D-don't drink so fast!
  • R: Tastes like blueberries!
  • S: Huh? Really?
  • R: It's grape juice!
  • S: Huh? Really?
Um... isn't this water? It's soft and sweet.
Noelle Tastes like cinnamon! (What is this aftertaste...?) (Wonder if they sell this in gallons?) There's nothing in here! ...this is just water! You're pranking me, right?!


  • It is implied that the flavor and healing levels for each tea are influenced by the characters' relationships with each other.
    • Susie and Kris's teas heal each other 120 HP, signifying their strong friendship.
    • Noelle Tea heals Susie 120 HP, signifying Susie's growing friendship with Noelle.
    • Susie Tea heals Noelle 400 HP, most likely due to Noelle's crush.
    • Noelle and Ralsei do not know each other very well, so their Teas heal each other very little.
  • Susie's comment that Kris Tea tastes like apple juice is because of the apple-scented shampoo that Kris uses, which can be found in their bathroom. During the "APPLE" spelling puzzle, Susie remarks that she always wanted to take a bite out of Kris because their hair smelled like apples. When she visits the house later in the game, it is implied she drank some of the shampoo from the bathroom when she went to wash her hands.
  • Despite Noelle having her own unique quotes for Ralsei and Susie Tea, it is impossible for her to drink them during regular gameplay as she is no longer in the party by that point.
  • The concept may be a reference to Sideways Stories from Wayside School, specifically the chapter about Maurecia in which their teacher makes classmate-flavored ice cream which tastes different to each student, and their own-flavored ice cream tastes like "nothing" to them.
    • Toby Fox has commented on being a Wayside School fan during the Undertale 6th anniversary stream.[1]


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