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Tasque Manager is a Darkner mini-boss from the Cyber World, that is encountered in the Queen's Mansion. Her name is a play on "task manager."



Tasque Manager is a cybernetic Darkner with a passing resemblance to a cat. She has a white, diamond-shaped head, big yellow eyes with two long eyelashes, and a crescent-shaped mouth, which shows that the interior of her head is blue. From the back of her head a tuft of blue hair sticks out, and on the top of her head a pair of pointed blue protrusions resembling cat ears stick out. From her backside a plug with a long blue cord sticks out, resembling a cat's tail.

She wears a white outfit similar to a qipao, with a collar, shoulder pads, and a blue band around her waist. Under the qipao she wears black leggings which end in white boots with blue toes.

She is completely armless, with disembodied hands: the palms are white, while her fingers are blue. In her left hand she holds a blue whip that ends in a ball with four yellow spikes sticking out of it.


As the Queen's maid and the Tasques' handler, Tasque Manager does her best to keep order in the Queen's Mansion. She is fond of her Tasques, taking pride in their good behavior. Additionally, she also may serve as some form of pest control in the mansion, given how she helps the party spare the Mauswheel, if recruited. She despises clowns for reasons unknown, but it's likely because they represent disorder and unruliness.

She knows of Jevil and despises him as well for his predilection for chaos, to the point where she asks the party to put away the items associated with him (the Devilsknife and Jevilstail) if they have them equipped.

Main Story[]

Normal Route[]

Tasque Manager remains still in the Tasques' Portraits Room; once interacted with, she'll ask the party if they're willing to do some managing; refusing starts the battle immediately, but accepting prompts her to ask three questions:

  • "Which painting's name is first alphabetically?" (Answer: Left)
  • "Which painting's name is third alphabetically?" (Answer: Bottom)
  • "Which painting is fourth?" (Answer: Left)

If all three questions are answered correctly, she has a unique quote voicing her happiness, but the battle still starts. In this battle, however, she starts with a full mercy gauge and is able to be spared on the very first turn. If the party confuses her last question to mean alphabetically (and answers Right), she starts with half of her mercy gauge filled.

If Tasque Manager is recruited during her encounter, she appears at the end of the Mauswheel encounter to spare it on the party's behalf.

Snowgrave Route[]

On the Snowgrave Route, she is on Floor 3 of the Mansion, waiting on the bridge blocking the access to the rest of the Mansion, making the battle with her unavoidable.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]


  • While alone, Tasque Manager throws her whip, which releases three waves of projectiles that fly outwards in all directions.
  • When still accompanied by Tasques, Tasque Manager throws her whip with either a cardinal directional marker or diagonal directional marker. Projectiles fire from that spot in the directions specified.
  • Tasque Manager divides the board into four sections labelled with the letters A, B, C, and D. Tasque Manager dictates a letter, shocking every section that isn't said letter with her whip. There seems to be a safe point in this attack, near the center of the fight panel, which can make a no hit without moving (not considering Tasques who attacks with her). It might be a glitch.


  • Sparing Tasque Manager ends the battle, regardless of the Tasques' mercy progress.
  • If the party answers all of Tasque Manager's questions correctly, she starts the battle with her mercy at 100%.
  • If the questions are not answered correctly, several conditions allow Tasque Manager to be spared anyway:
    • Tasque Manager is assisted by two Tasques. Sparing either of them increases her mercy by 35%.
    • Using the "SoftVoice" ACT command on a Tasque increases Tasque Manager's mercy by 5%.
    • Using the "Order" ACT command increases her mercy by 10% and causes her to use her letter game attack.
    • Using the "OrderX" ACT command increases her mercy by 25% and causes her to use her letter game attack. This uses up the entire party's turn.
    • Using S-Action or R-Action increases her mercy by 6%.
  • If one of the Tasques accompanying her is defeated through violence, all ACTs (including S-Action and R-Action) have no effect. If this happens, it is still possible to recruit Tasque Manager by repeatedly using the Spare command, as using it while her name isn't yellow increases her mercy by 5%.



  • Just in time for your appointment.
  • Would you assist in organizing these paintings?
    • How disobedient. [No]
      • Someone ought to whip you into shape!
    • How refined. [Yes]
      • Which painting's name is first alphabetically?
        • Incorrect. It seems your organization is lacking. [Top, Right or Bottom]
          • Someone ought to whip you into shape!
        • How refined. [Left]
          • Then, the next question.
          • Which painting's name is third alphabetically?
            • Incorrect. It seems your organization is lacking. [Top, Left or Right]
              • Someone ought to whip you into shape!
            • How refined. [Bottom]
              • Then, the next question.
              • Which painting is fourth?
                • Incorrect. It seems your organization is lacking. [Top or Bottom]
                  • Someone ought to whip you into shape!
                • Hm? That's the number 2, not the number 4... [Right]
                  • Have you gotten disorganized? Someone ought to whip you into shape!
                • That's correct! [Left]
                  • I'm so happy I could whip something!


  • Processes! Services! Performance! Details!
  • Slouched back? Let me whip it into shape!
  • Untied shoelaces? Let me whip it into shape!
  • Wrinkly clothing? Let me whip it into shape!
  • Delinquent tendencies? Let me whip it into shape!
  • Aren't my kitties so well behaved? Watch!
  • Kitties!! [Replaces any consecutive occurrence of "Aren't my kitties so well behaved? Watch!"]
  • Order, order!
  • Hors d'oeuvre, Hors d'oeuvre... I mean, order, order! [Replaces the second occurrence of "Order, order!"]
  • How dare you touch my pretty kitty! [After violently defeating one of her Tasques]
  • How dare you! [After violently defeating one of her Tasques]
  • You've been a bad dog... [After violently defeating one of her Tasques]
  • Chaos, chaos!? No, no! Order, order! Now get rid of that silly Devilsknife! [Devilsknife equipped]
  • Chaos, chaos!? No, no! Order, order! Now get rid of that silly tail! [Jevilstail equipped]

Flavor Text[]

  • Tasque Manager blocks the way! [Encounter]
  • Obsessed with order, and abhors Chaos. Whip it good! [Check]
  • Tasque Manager makes a list of her outfits for the next year. She only has one outfit. [Neutral]
  • Tasque Manager is writing "manage tasks" next to every entry in her daily planner. [Neutral]
  • Tasque Manager is straightening her whip with a hair straightener. [Neutral]
  • Smells like live wiring. [Neutral]
  • Tasque Manager is making herself take priority over everything. [Neutral]
  • Tasque Manager has reached her meticulously scheduled bedtime. [Tired]
  • Tasque Manager has found things to be sufficiently organized. [Spare conditions met]


  • Tasque Manager is designed by the guest artist Nelnal.[1]
  • Her torso can actually detach from her legs.[1]
  • Tasque Manager's color scheme, outfit, and use of a whip are all very similar to the character Franziska von Karma from the Ace Attorney franchise. The line "Order, order!" is also frequently spoken by the judge in the same franchise.
  • If the party does not recruit anybody in the Mansion, Queen wonders where Tasque Manager had gone due to her absence when going back to the Castle Town, implying she might care about her.
  • Tasque Manager is likely meant to be the opposite of Jevil: while the latter's short, pudgy, darkly-colored, and loves causing chaos, the former's tall, skinny, lightly-colored, and loves keeping order. She also tends to say "Order, order!", which contrasts with "Chaos, chaos!", Jevil's signature phrase. She also outright states her distaste for him, further implying their opposing nature.
  • When talking to Swatch about Rouxls Kaard, they say that Tasque Manager encountered and defeated Rouxls after the latter attempted to woo her by thrusting a vase of flowers at her.[2]
  • The line "Processes! Services! Performance! Details!" is a reference to the tabs on the Windows Task Manager from Windows 8 onward. The line "Tasque Manager is making herself take priority over everything." is also a reference to Windows Task Manager, as there is an option in said program to make it take priority over all windows.
  • Tasque Manager’s design and personality are plausibly a play on the internet’s affinity for cat-like characters, maids, and whips. Said affinity has been particularly prevalent in the community's response to the character.
  • Tasque Manager's like for new wave synth pop appears be a reference to the band Devo's 1980 song "Whip It." Her Check text quotes the song: "Whip it good!"
  • The "Tasque Manager Says" challenge at the Battle Dojo references Kirby's Dream Land 3's Heart Star sub-games, with sound effects and Tasque Manager's expressions being identical to those used in the game, and the noughts and crosses scoring system visually referencing the sub-game user interface.
  • The line "Loves to coordinate outfits," in her description seems to reference the Swatchlings, whose spare mechanic requires color-coordinating their suits.


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