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Tasque is an enemy encountered in Cyber Field and Queen's Mansion.



Tasque's appearance resembles a cat. Their body parts are square-shaped, except for their tail. They are entirely white with a few cyan spots, including their ears, eyes and the tip of their tail. They also possess a mouth with fangs, but it is not visible unless they are meowing.


Tasque acts like a cat and makes sounds that resemble meowing. Its name is a reference to computer tasks, an abstraction referring to the units of work performed by computers, and as such can be managed by Tasque Manager. Tasques are either unable or unwilling to speak, unlike nearly every other NPC in the Cyber World.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

Tasques first appear in the Cyber Field, popping out of hologram-like windows. One Tasque gets stuck in it while trying to ambush the party.

They are later met in Queen's Mansion, with Tasque Manager acting as their boss. Mirroring their ambush tactics in the Cyber Field, they appear in paintings within the mansion. When encountering Maice, it is possible to make them run away by calling a Tasque, but then the Tasque has to be defeated.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]


  • Tasque throws balls of yarn in an arc that fall into the bullet board.
  • Tasque shoots long streams of sound waves aimed directly at the SOUL.


  • Several conditions allow for Tasque to be spared:
    • Petting increases mercy by 100% for one Tasque.
    • Soft Voice increases mercy by 100% for all Tasques.
    • PettingX increases mercy by 100% for all enemies.
    • S-Action, R-Action, and N-Action increase mercy by 50% for one Tasque.
    • Sparing (when its name is not yellow) increases mercy by 20% for one Tasque.
    • Using TakeCareX on Virovirokun while Tasque is also present increases mercy by 50% for all Tasques.
    • Using TrapAll on a Maus and successfully catching a Tasque makes said Tasque spareable.
    • Sparing Tasque Manager automatically spares all Tasques as well.
  • Susie's Roar ACT makes all Tasques tired.


  • meowowme owowmeow [Neutral]
  • meowowme meowmeow [Neutral]
  • meowowme owowowow [Neutral]
  • meowowow meowowow [Neutral]
  • owowowmememeowme owmemeowowmemeow owmeowmemeowmeow [Petting]

Flavor Text[]

  • This stray cat is in need of some management. [Check]
  • Tasque crossed your path! [Encounter]
  • Tasques crossed your path! [Encounter]
  • Tasques zoomed towards you! [Encounter]
  • Smorgasbord 2. [Encounter with Werewire and Virovirokun]
  • Tasque and Co. drew near! [Encounter with two Virovirokun]
  • Tasque cleans with a sawtooth tongue. [Neutral]
  • Tasque is beeping dangerously. [Neutral]
  • Tasque wags its tail in a sine wave. [Neutral]
  • Smells like plastic cartridge. [Neutral]
  • Tasque is meowing to be (minimized/maximized). [Neutral]
  • Susie yelled at Tasque to get off her lawn. [S-Action]
  • Tasque is emitting an 8-bit purr. [Spare conditions met]


  • Tasque's ears resemble tabs used in modern web browsers, with the X symbols being the "Close Tab" buttons.
  • A Tasque can be summoned to take a Maus's place in battle by using Upgrade on a Maus.
  • Tasque speaks in binary, where every "me" represents a 0 and every "ow" represents a 1. This binary can be converted into UTF-8 text.
    • Its four neutral quotes make "m," "e," "o," and "w" (meow).
    • Its quote when pet is a heart emoji (♥).
    • This may be a reference to Becquerel from Homestuck, who was synthesized from a similarly-patterned "meow code."
  • The flavor text about Tasque meowing to be minimized or maximized may be a reference to a common behavior among house cats of being indecisive over wanting to be indoors or outdoors, constantly asking to be let in or out of the house.