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I'm Sweet.
The ladies call me Cap'n!

Sweet Cap'n Cakes

Sweet Cap'n Cakes are a group of music themed Darkners that serve as antagonists and later as allies in Chapter 2. They serve as a miniboss in Cyber Field.

After their battle, the trio appears as shopkeepers in the Cyber Field. Their wares are:




Sweet appears to resemble two stereo speakers stacked upon each other with one speaker resembling the body while the other resembles the head. His "head" speaker is larger than their body speaker. In the middle of his head speaker is one yellow eye. He also wears a black hat and have arms extending from the body speaker with yellow hands. He wears blue shoes with gold and white socks and black headphones.


Cap'n has a head that resembles a boombox and wears yellow headphones which has music notes on each earphone. He also wears a blue cap, sunglasses, as well as a blue jacket with a purple shirt underneath. His hands are covered by yellow gloves, and he also sports dark blue and white shoes.

K_K (Cakes)[]

K_K resembles two boomboxes on top of each other with arms extending from the white boombox and somewhat of a robotic spine. He wears green pants with a belt looped through it and black shoes with golden laces. His hands are green, with gold bracelets on both of his arms. His boombox head is green and the "speakers" of the boombox are his eyes, which have an orange dot as the pupil. His boombox body is white with two speakers on it.


The trio is portrayed as young rebels that oppose the Queen's plans, but are often distracted by dancing and rambling to each other with what they should do. The band loves music to the point that they rebel against the Queen for banning most music, as well as dancing to it. The band's rebellion is peculiar, as they would play loud music as a sign of rebellion, and some of the Darkners in Cyber Field often find their ways of rebellion interesting or weird. If someone else starts dancing, the band also dances with them as well.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

Sweet is often seen throughout the overworld in Cyber Field attacking Kris with piano tile-like attacks in certain areas, while Cap'n and K_K are seen selling CD Bagels and trying to confound the party on the teacup rides.

Near the end of Cyber Field, Sweet, Cap'n, and K_K reveal themselves as rebels against the Queen, challenging the party due to the trio thinking they had assisted Queen in capturing Noelle. The gang rambles about what they should do with the Lightners before starting to dance. The party begins to walk away, only to be caught by the rebels and begin an encounter.

Sweet, Cap'n, and K_K can be danced with during the fight. If the party uses Dance or DanceX after some time or Kris is knocked out during the fight, Susie starts wanting to dance herself. However, Ralsei says that only Kris could allow Susie to dance, as Kris's special ability is to ACT. Susie says that she isn't stupid enough to not know how to dance herself, and learns S-Action, allowing her to dance. Ralsei learns R-Action against his will, and is also able to dance.

When the party makes all the enemies dance, the group has a little dance party with them, with some fireworks spelling out Battle Won at the end, after which Sweet, Cap'n, and K_K keep dancing. Susie says that the fight is over and the gang is surprised thinking that they lost, but Cap'n said that their dance moves totally beat the party and that it was so good that they joined the good side, essentially gaining the trust of the rebels. The party and rebels become friends before the latter fly off on their rocket-powered DJ.

After the battle, Sweet, Cap'n, and K_K can sometimes be seen flying along with the heroes as they progress through Cyber Field.

In their shop in Cyber Field, Sweet, Cap'n, and K_K reveal that they rebelled because the Queen banned all music except for reverse diss tracks (songs that praised the Queen and said negative things about the singer) and noise music. They also reveal Queen used to be nice, or was mean but became crueler after another Dark Fountain formed and she became insane due to the Knight.

Normal Route[]

After Queen gets her giant robot, Sweet, Cap'n, and K_K and the rest of the recruited Darkners join the heroes to make a giant thrashing robot to fight against Queen's robot.

If enough enemies are recruited, Sweet Cap'n Cakes play music on request in Castle Town.

In Battle[]


Three attacks are used in battle. All of these come in sync with the background music.

  • Circle-shaped bullets that leave a trace behind them fall from the top, "spoken" from the drawings of the band members.
  • Musical note-shaped bullets fly from the speakers on both sides of the Bullet Board, moving slightly downwards.
  • Vertical wave-shaped bullets leaving a trail fly from the speakers on both sides of the Bullet Board.
  • Wave-shaped bullets fire in an explosion from the speakers on both sides of the Bullet Board.


When one band member's HP drops to 0, they spend a turn to fully heal up. To win the battle, one needs to make all band members dance.

At first, the battle appears unwinnable due to only Kris having access to the Dance(X) ACT, which only works on one enemy, and all the enemies snap out of dancing in no more than 2 turns. After a few failed attempts, both Susie and Ralsei are revived if they're down, and Susie questions why only Kris gets to ACT. After a dialogue Susie gains access to S-Action before forcing Ralsei to gain access to R-Action. If Kris is down at the time, special dialogue plays about Ralsei not needing to revive Kris to dance. It is then possible to make 3 party members dance with 3 different enemies in one turn and win the battle.


  • Get mixed, get remixed! [Sweet neutral]
  • Taste the rhythm, prism! [Sweet neutral]
  • Can we dance? [K_K neutral]
  • Isn't this mix... schway? [Cap'n neutral]
  • I'm at my acoustic limit... [Sweet healed]
  • Mmm... I'm thirsty. [K_K healed]
  • K_K: Have a sip. [Sweet and K_K healed]
  • Owww, my hat!! They scuffed my hat!! [Cap'n healed]
  • Sweet: Even if we're all beat, we... [All healed together]
    • K_K: Can all drink from one milk.
  • Hey, I love this song!! [Sweet dances]
  • Dance! Dance! Everybody dance! [K_K dances]
  • What, you wanna see my moves? [Cap'n dances]
  • W-wait, I can't dance with bad guys!! [Sweet stops dancing]
  • I forgot my next dance move! [K_K stops dancing]
  • Hey, don't touch the hat. [Cap'n when K_K starts dancing]
  • Feel the beat! | Watch my moves! | Dance, dance!!
  • Over? | In other-type words... | We lost!?
  • ... | ... | ...
  • K_K: Does that mean we can be friends?
  • Sweet: K_K!! No!!
  • Cap'n: Fighting's not really my style anyways...
  • Sweet: Yeah! Because you're a coward! ... I mean, it was fun dancing, but...
  • K_K: Sweet. Don't worry. I think our dancing beat them.
  • Sweet: Beat them...?
  • Cap'n: Yeah, all mercy-like. See, when we danced with them, it convinced them we're cool.
  • Sweet: Now they're on our side?
  • Cap'n: Yes.
  • Sweet: Hey!! You three!! Welcome to the good side!!
  • Cap'n: Let's ronday-voo at our Junk Shop...
  • Sweet: We jammed the door shut, but we'll kick it open!
  • Cap'n: Alright everyone, let's go!

Flavor Text[]

  • Sweet Cap'n Cakes block your way! [Encounter]
  • SWEET – The energetic one. Looks up to K_K. [Check]
  • K_K – The silly one. Looks up to the other two. [Check]
  • CAP'N – The smooth one. Looks up to K_K. [Check]
  • Sweet shimmies defiantly. K_K is a CD player. Cap'n spins his cap around. [Neutral]
  • Smells like music. [Neutral]
  • Sweet got lost in the groove! [Dance]
  • K_K got lost in the groove! [Dance]
  • Cap'n got lost in the groove! [Dance]
  • [Character] danced with [Character]! [Dance after learning R-Action/S-Action]
  • Everyone is dancing! [Dance + S-Action + R-Action]



Upon entrance
  • Sweet: Yo!
  • Cap'n: What's up?
  • K_K: Hey!
In shop
  • Cap'n: Don't forget to buy something!
  • Sweet: If you want!
  • K_K: Can I buy something too?
  • Sweet: See ya!
  • Cap'n: Smell ya!
  • K_K: Hear ya!


  • Cap'n: Take your pick! [While purchasing]
  • Sweet: Thanks, guys! [After purchase]
    • K_K: I can't see. [After purchase, 10% chance]
  • Cap'n: Cool! It's in your STORAGE. [After purchase, with full pocket]
  • Cap'n: Not enough cash! [Not enough D$ for purchase]
  • Cap'n: Your pockets are full. [Full inventory]
  • Cap'n: Don't chicken out! [Refuse purchase]


  • Sweet: We'll take it for you! [While selling]
  • Sweet: OK, hit us with an ITEM! [While selling items or pocket items]
  • Sweet: OK, show us your WEAPON! [While selling weapons]
  • Sweet: OK, hit us with an ARMOR! [While selling armor]
  • Sweet: Sweet! This'll be great scrap! [On sell]
  • Cap'n: That's nothin! [Sell empty slot]
  • Sweet: Maybe better keep that. [Sell unwanted item]
  • K_K: You got nothin! [Attempt to sell without items]
  • Sweet: OK, you hold onto that. [Refuse sell]
  • K_K: That's all you had? [Sold all items]


  • Sweet: Let's trade info!
About yourselves
  • Sweet: I'm Sweet.
  • Cap'n: The ladies call me Cap'n!
  • K_K: K_K!
  • Sweet: We used to work the sound in this town.
  • Cap'n: ... until Queen came around.
  • K_K: (K_K is short for Cakes.)
  • Sweet: She made music against the law.
  • K_K: Unless you make a song she likes.
  • Cap'n: But the only JUNK she enjoys...
  • Sweet: Are reverse diss-tracks, where the vocalist puts themselves down, and praises Queen...
  • Cap'n: Or noise music.
  • Sweet: But even if Queenie tries to put a limiter on us...
  • Sweet: You can't STOP ! THE ! MUSIC!
  • Cap'n: Hear that!? We'll just go underground!!
  • K_K: Crash! Boom! Bang!
  • Sweet: That's why we made this junk shop!
  • Cap'n: We'll fund our musical rebellion!
  • K_K: Can we make noise music, too?
  • Sweet: What, wanna see what we got!?
  • Cap'n: Yo, yo, can you handle this!?
  • K_K: Hold onto your antennas!
  • Cap'n: Yo, how was that!?
  • Sweet: Did you get ROCKED?!
  • K_K: All our songs are only 4 seconds long!!
About Queen
  • Sweet: Queen wasn't always so... harsh.
  • Cap'n: No, she WAS! She just got WORSE somehow!
  • Sweet: It wasn't 'til that DARK FOUNTAIN showed up,
  • Cap'n: That she started going into overdrive.
  • Sweet: "Knight" this, "Knight" that, "Fountain" that...
  • Cap'n: Like, what does that Knight have going for it that I don't!? C'mon!!
  • Sweet: But like I said. She wasn't ALWAYS so bad. She used to give me sweets. For being so sweet!
  • Cap'n: H...huh!? I never got candy!!
  • Sweet: You kept calling her a "hot mama," Cap.
  • Cap'n: Yeah!? Is that wrong!? She looks like a mom and tends to overheat!!
  • Cap'n: K_K! Help me out here!!
  • Sweet: K_K! What do you think?
  • K_K: Huh? Me?
  • K_K: ...I like candy.
  • Sweet: Yeah, you're right, K_K! We gotta focus on what's important!
  • Cap'n: If the band fights, we'll get outta tune!
  • K_K: Anyone have any lemon drops?
Junk Work
  • Sweet: Our main gig is making scrap into machines.
  • Cap'n: Our clients are sometimes a bit off-key though.
  • K_K: They smell off-key too!!
  • Sweet: Like some... little weird guy.
  • Cap'n: He wanted us to sneak into Queen's mansion...
  • K_K: We're just rebels, we don't wanna get in trouble!
  • Sweet: But recently we got a real-high-class-client.
  • Cap'n: A man of TASTE! He had a way with words!!
  • K_K: I couldn't even understand him!!
  • Sweet: Now, all we gotta do is follow the blueprints, right?
  • Cap'n: It'll be our big time break!!
  • K_K: Yeah!! Haha!! It's gonna break apart!! Big time!!

Cyber City Music Shop[]


  • Cap'n: What'll it be chief?
  • Cap'n: I got CD Bagels, $80 a pop!
  • Cap'n: Good eye for music! [After purchase]

Sweet's Box[]

  • Sweet: Yo! How's it hangin'?
  • Sweet: We're making some extra money by selling in the city!
  • Cap'n: We gotta make those bucks somehow!! Heheh!!
  • Sweet: Gotta buy new gear!!
  • Cap'n: Gotta get new kicks!!
  • K_K: I wanna be a car.
  • Sweet: Good thinkin', K_K! Gotta have a way to get around!
  • K_K: Honk! Honk!
Exhausted Dialogue
  • Sweet: K_K's always got it right!
  • Cap'n: That's why he's second-in-command!
  • Sweet: ...who's first?
  • Cap'n: Huh? I'm not the leader?
  • K_K: Can I be third?

Cap'n's Box[]

  • Cap'n: And who is that, ahem, madimoyzel?
  • Sweet: Leave her alone, Cap!
  • Cap'n: Nice radio antenna you got there...
  • Sweet: Those are antlers, Cap!
  • Cap'n: H-huh!? I, uhh... hmm.
  • Cap'n: ...
  • K_K: Let's play her a song!
Exhausted Dialogue
  • Cap'n: This music, it's nice music.
  • K_K: That's my favorite genre.

K_K's Box[]

  • K_K: Did you like the big statue?
  • Cap'n: Building it sucked!
  • Sweet: Took a lot of scrap.
  • Sweet: The other job we did was way better!
  • K_K: It was big.
  • Cap'n: It's gonna blow your mind!
  • K_K: It was big.


  • Their relation to each other is unknown/up to interpretation, as stated by Nelnal, the guest artist who designed them.[1]
  • Sweet Cap'n Cakes are designed by the guest artist Nelnal.[2]
  • In a tweet that has since been deleted, guest artist Nelnal referred to Sweet Cap'n Cakes as brothers. However, Nelnal later recanted this statement.[1]
  • The name of the trio and their related song When I Get Mad I Dance Like This is inspired by the Homestar Runner segment "Sweet Cuppin' Cakes."[3]
    • The song referenced in the Homestar Runner segment is the demo song of the Casio VL-Tone 29-Key Keyboard.
  • Sweet bears a slight resemblance to Noisemaster from the webcomic Cucumber Quest, which Toby Fox has composed music for.
  • All of their attacks are fired on sync with the music beats of their battle song.
    • Removing the music from their battle data will stop them from attacking properly.
  • In their "Junk Work" dialogue, it is implied that Spamton attempted to get them to sneak into Queen's Mansion in order to obtain the EmptyDisk, but they turned him down. The dialogue also implies that Rouxls Kaard used their services to repair the Thrash Machine. Later dialogue implies that Berdly got them to assemble the golden statues of himself and Queen.
  • In Deltarune's files, Cap'n's overworld sprites are all named "hatguy" instead of his name.
  • It was possible for their attacks to last so notoriously long that it had to be shortened in a patch.


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