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Swatchling is an enemy first encountered in Cyber Field, but they are more common starting from Queen's Mansion. They appear more frequently as NPCs, but can become enemies as well.



Swatchlings are broad, black-feathered, bird-type Darkner with a white mask which resembles that of a plague doctor's. The Swatchlings appear wearing a brightly-colored suit and tie with a white shirt underneath along with white pants and black dress shoes. As their name suggests, their suits, ties, and eyes may differ in terms of colors, from red, orange, green, yellow, and blue.


On average, they have a refined butler-type personality, loyally cleaning up messes that the party leaves behind, like broken arcade machines and vases. Some of them even tend to hint the backstory of Spamton if interacted with. They aren't completely stoic, showing an uncontrollable fear of Maice, and a giddy appreciation for seeing Ralsei in a suit, squealing at both. They can get provoked by the party touching a vase (which breaks it), chasing them down with a broom. However, as shown in the acid lake in the Mansion, at least one has a sense of camaraderie, as they let the party go after they free them, despite breaking a vase.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]

  • One or two other Swatchlings


All attacks (besides blue) briefly start out as the Swatchlings' respective color, before fading to white like normal bullets.

  • Red/Orange: Fires birds at the SOUL from the sides of the box. The birds lock on to where the SOUL was when they spawned.
  • Yellow/Green: Metal cloche-covered dinner plates move down the box, alternating from spawning on the left and right, and open horizontally at the SOUL. Some may have a green candy which, if touched, heal a party member 6HP. If paired with a red Swatchling, the birds appear from the opened trays, and fly at the SOUL.
  • Blue: Flies to the top of the box, and cannon-balls into the board, shrinking slightly. The Swatchling bounces against the bottom of the box three times (only twice if the party was damaged in the attack), launching four star bullets upon each impact (unless paired with a green or yellow Swatchling). Can be shortened to two bounces if made to bounce to the right of the box with a sharp enough angle.


Swatchlings always appear in battle in groups with at least one outlier in terms of suit color. They can only be spared once their colors are all the same. Each Swatchling's color can be changed in stages, either becoming redder or bluer. These stages are, from coldest to warmest: blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

Certain actions change Swatchlings' colors:

  • Kris's Warmify, which makes a Swatchling redder by 2 stages.
  • Kris's Coldify, which makes a Swatchling bluer by 2 stages.
  • S-Action, which makes a Swatchling redder by 1 stage.
  • R-Action, which makes a Swatchling bluer by 1 stage.

Additionally, if there is only one Swatchling remaining in battle, it automatically becomes tired.


  • Welcome, young masters. [Neutral, first Swatchling]
  • We have prepared several attack patterns for your enjoyment. [Neutral, second Swatchling]
  • Please enjoy them at your convenience. [Neutral, third Swatchling]
  • I'm feeling blue. [Turned blue]
  • I'm a yellow fellow. [Turned yellow]
  • I'm seeing red. [Turned red]
  • We'll make your bed with sheets blood red. [Red]
  • Please enjoy this complimentary shockwave. [Red]
  • Please enjoy these complimentary birds. [Orange]
  • How about some orange peel. [Orange]
  • We'll make yellow sweets for you, just try not to hurt your tooth. [Yellow]
  • Would you like some horse'dovours? [Green]
  • A green lime for your drink? [Green]
  • Please enjoy this complimentary body slam. [Blue]
  • We'll shine your shoes 'til they're black and blue. [Blue]
  • What? The lasagna has some kind of explosive in it? [Blue, rare]
  • Tut, tut. It looks like pain. [Neutral]
  • We feel so coordinated. [Spare conditions met, first Swatchling]
  • Thank you, young masters. [Spare conditions met, second Swatchling]
  • Thank you. [Spare conditions met, third Swatchling]

Flavor Text[]

  • Swatchlings bowed in! [Encounter]
  • Happiest when their outfits are color-coordinated [Check]
  • The Swatchlings wipe at the face of their chained pocketwatch, which is digital. [Neutral]
  • Smells like paint and feathers. [Neutral]
  • The Swatchlings are cleaning each other off with feather dusters. [Neutral]
  • Swatchlings flex their backs bending over to inspect a teacup. [Neutral]
  • The Swatchlings are adjusting their hue and saturation. [Neutral]
  • The Swatchling is dreading doing all of the work by itself. [One Swatchling left in battle]
  • The Swatchlings are relieved their wardrobe has been coordinated. [All Swatchlings have same color]
  • Talked about the crunch of the last pickle in the refrigerator. [Coldify]
  • Talked about the chill of the wind on an ice skating pond. [Coldify]
  • Talked about the snow matted on your brother's nose. [Coldify]
  • Talked about the steam of a fresh hot chocolate. [Warmify]
  • Talked about the warmth of a loving embrace. [Warmify]
  • Talked about the color of the summer sun shining on a beach ball. [Warmify]
  • Susie mentions hot peppers. [Half-Warm]
  • Susie mentions explosions. [Half-Warm]
  • Susie mentions lava. [Half-Warm]
  • Ralsei mentions icy scarves. [Half-Cold]
  • Ralsei mentions mint tea. [Half-Cold]
  • Ralsei mentions ice cream. [Half-Cold]



  • Swatchling's names are a pun on "Swatch", a sample or book of colors to use as a reference, and "Underling" as they do appear to be subordinate to Swatch.
    • Their names are also a pun on the term "Hatchling", which refers to young birds and explains their birdlike nature.
  • In the Japanese version, Swatchlings are known as パレットラー [Palettler], a portmanteau of "palette" and "butler."
  • The Swatchling's mechanics to sparing them, could be a reference to the Virus enemies from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, where when you attack a Virus, it'll change colors. When all the Viruses faced match colors, they will be instantly defeated, which is a call back to how they're defeated in Dr. Mario.
  • The red Swatchling may say "Please enjoy this complimentary shockwave." before an attack, though it only attacks using birds.
  • Sometimes, prior to version v1.08, the Swatchling's text is replaced by the last text generated in the main text box. (e.g. "* Ralsei cast HEAL PRAYER!", or "I'm a yellow fellow." when they are, in fact, green.) This only happens with orange or green Swatchlings, as red, yellow and blue Swatchlings' unique texts prevent the overwrite for themselves but orange and green Swatchlings have no unique text. The top Swatchling's text is generated first, so it is more likely to copy the text box's text, while the bottom one is likely to copy the top Swatchling's text. As of version v1.08, this has been patched by the addition of new dialogue.