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Welcome to Color Cafe. Let us warm your day.

Swatch greeting the party

Swatch is a vendor encountered in the Queen's Mansion in Chapter 2.

Swatch's shop, the Color Cafe, has the following items for sale:



Swatch has a geometric, colorful, angular bird-like appearance, with a white face, black hair, orange mouth, and orange-yellow tinted glasses. They wear a half-black-half-white collared shirt, a pink tie, and a half-white-half-black vest on top, with a pink circle on their right side and blue, green and yellow rectangles on their left. Swatch's lower body is never visible.


Swatch conducts themself in a polite but reserved manner. They value customer service, and seem to enjoy working at the Color Cafe. Spamton in particular was noted to once be particularly valued by the cafe, but these feelings appear to have all but faded with his degeneration, with Swatch noticably becoming uncomfortable with the subject. While never overtly expressing their disdain, their dialogue does seem to betray some level of jadedness with Queen.[1] Much more apparently, they express exasperation from their various encounters with Rouxls Kaard, although are quick to attempt backtrack on that as well.

Main Story[]


Some time before Ralsei, Kris, Susie and other Lightners arrived in the Cyber World, Swatch seemingly used to see Spamton regularly, as a customer at the Cafe. They assumed the role of Head Butler, and the Swatchlings assist them in serving Queen and her guests. At some point in time, they assisted an unknown Lightner in creating the robot that would become Spamton NEO, before the basement was sealed away and forgotten.

Chapter 2[]

Normal Route[]

Swatch is met at the Color Cafe at the entrance of Queen's Mansion where they sell objects to the party.

After Queen is defeated and invited to join the other Darkners at Castle Town, Swatch joins her. They declare domicile in the cafe of the town, having thrown out Top Chef, the former owner, as they wanted to make the Cafe into a Bakery. If Swatchlings have not been recruited, they mention wishing they had been able to come as well.

Snowgrave Route[]

During the Snowgrave Route, Swatch cannot be interacted with, as the Color Cafe is inaccessible due to the Rouxls Kaard statue being in the doorway. However, regardless of the party's actions, Swatch can still be found in Castle Town during Chapter 2's epilogue.



Upon entrance
  • Welcome to the Color Cafe.
  • Let us warm your day.
In shop
  • Don't be blue.
  • We're here for you.
  • Please come again.
  • We'll be waiting for you with rose-tinted glasses...


  • Our menu is specially prepared. [While purchasing]
  • You can't afford it. ... maybe next time? [Not enough D$ for purchase]
  • Queen thanks you for your patronage. [On purchase]
  • Thanks, it'll be in your STORAGE. [Item placed in storage]
  • Seems your bags are full. Shall we assist? [Full inventory]
  • Take your time. We'll be waiting. [Refuse buy]


  • Queen... makes us buy trash for her. [While selling]
  • An ITEM to delight our Queen? [While selling items]
  • A WEAPON to protect our Queen? [While selling weapons]
  • ARMOR to adorn our Queen? [While selling armor]
  • I'm sure she's going to enjoy this. [On selling weapons / armor]
  • That's all. Need any help with your bags? [On selling items]
  • Black is the color of sorrow. [Sell empty slot]
  • It seems you don't have anything. [Attempt sell without items]
  • Changed your mind? We'll wait. [Refuse sell]
  • There are some things we cannot buy. [Attempting to sell an unsellable item]


  • Chatting would be our pleasure.
About yourself
  • Ah, forgive me for not introducing myself sooner, young masters.
  • I am Swatch, Our Lady Grace's head butler.
  • When we are not attending to her needs, I and the Queen's other staff,
  • Use this room as our humble yet colorful gift-shop-slash-cafe.
  • Please, shop to your heart's content. We are eager to serve your any wish.
Mission Statement
  • Does a woman of Our Lady Grace's caliber not deserve-
  • A coven of powerful men and women to dote upon her every movement?
  • To have rap anthems written to her kindness--
  • Which are then bitcrushed beyond recognition to make them more 'computer'?
  • To have melons, smashed, with karate chops, repeatedly, for no apparent reason?
  • To have barrels, thrown, from the rafters-
  • And make us smash them all with karate chops before the timer runs out?
  • But the barrels, are full of melons, and we have to smash those too?
  • Yes. The answer is... yes.
Rouxls Kaard
  • Rouxls? I am afraid I am not familiar with a guest of that moniker...
  • Ah, wait. Are you perchance referring to that unbearable-
  • Err, UNIQUE Man who barged in here and demanded to be made "Butler Supremeth"?
  • I am afraid that person... is now banned from this establishment.
  • And may have suffered injuries as a result of his, er... rather swift ejection.
  • Please do not mention him again.
  • We are still cleaning up the worms he left on the floor.
Rouxls Kaard (After defeating him)
  • Oh, you defeated that simpleton? Wonderful, wonderful.
  • After he stole our flower display for one of his "boo-kettes,"
  • Tasque Manager told me she saw him in the hallway,
  • Where, opening with "Ah, thou muste be 50% Likelye to be Queene",
  • He thrust the vase upon her, and asked to be her "minion for life."
  • ... he was promptly electrocuted to the ground.
  • Well. Enough of the unpleasantries. Would you like a toasted marshmallow?
  • Ah, my outfit. Yes, the monochrome look is quite suitable, isn't it?
  • Black suit, colored glasses. Many people have failed to imitate this look.
  • Some even going so far as to attempt to impersonate me...
  • In order to get the... Oh, nevermind. Macaron?
  • What? Basement? There's no basement here.
  • You need to relax. Have a drink, and talk softly...
  • You're bothering the other customers.
Basement Robot
  • ...So that's what happened.
  • ...
  • That robot was the embodiment of a Lightner's dream.
  • A dream I helped create... once.
  • Splashing color from the motion of their hand.
  • The Lightner filled it with their own hope, giving it an incredible power.
  • ...but, in the end, nothing ever came of it.
  • And it was left in the basement with the rest of the corrupted data.
  • ...But that crooked salesman! Somehow, he learned about the robot,
  • And thought he could use its power to fulfill his own twisted dreams.
  • What a pity. To think he was once a valued customer...


  • In the Japanese version, Swatch is known as パレッタ [Paletta], like a color palette.
  • The "Outfit" dialogue implies that Spamton intentionally stole Swatch's appearance in a failed attempt to gain access to the basement and the robot hidden within.
  • It's likely the unnamed Lightner Swatch refers to is Nobody, Napstablook's roommate, who is implied to be the same ghost who became Mettaton. They used a computer in the Library to design a robot body, then became a shut-in because there was no one to build it for them.
  • Swatch may be a reference to digital art programs, such as MS Paint.
  • Swatch is the only Chapter 2 vendor that doesn't make any sort of appearance before entering their shop.


  1. Does a woman of Our Lady Grace's caliber not deserve- Yes. The answer is... yes. - Swatch