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Hey. Let me tell you a secret. Quiet people piss me off.

Susie to Kris

Susie is one of the deuteragonists of Deltarune and presumably, the monster Hero of Light of the Legend of Delta Rune.

She wields an ax while in a Dark World. With her high HP and Attack, she plays the role of the party's tank during encounters.



Susie is a tall, purple, reptilian monster with messy aubergine hair and clawed hands. She has yellow eyes, freckles at the sides of her face, and yellow fangs. In Chapter 2, it is implied Susie has a short tail that wags when she is happy, though she is embarrassed by it. Her attire consists of a long purple jacket, a white shirt with blue trim, a pair of torn jeans and a pair of black shoes.

In the Dark World, Susie's hair and skin colors transits to plum and lavender pink respectively. Her clothes are replaced with a long black vest with purple trims, a sleeveless purple shirt, baggy plum pants, and black boots with golden trims. She also has two black bracelets with yellow spikes on each arm, and a black belt with a large golden heart buckle.

During most of Chapter 1, Susie's eyes are hidden behind her hair. After Kris protects her from King's attack, she uncovers them and often keeps them visible.


At school, before entering the Dark World, Susie appears as a bully. She acts very rude and aggressive toward other students, insulting them and even threatening them with physical violence, such as "eating [one's] face." She does not have any friends and appears to be convinced that everyone hates her. She does not even consider the fact that she may be liked, as evidenced by her obliviousness to Noelle's crush on her, despite noticing her behavior around her. In the Dark World, she shows violence towards all enemies and refuses to deal peacefully with them at first.

She does, however, have a softer side kept hidden. One thing that helps her open up about it is her friendship with Lancer. Initially starting as his enemy, she is flattered by his admiration for her intimidation that she decides to side with him. The two spend more time enjoying each other's company than playing the villains. Eventually when Lancer wants to befriend Kris and Ralsei, Susie joins him to not hurt his feelings. At the end of the first chapter, she realizes the great time she spent with Ralsei and Kris and warms up to them.

After befriending Kris, Lancer and Ralsei, she stays very hot-tempered towards her enemies, although willing to listen to Kris's orders. She becomes very protective of her friends but is still prone to teasing them, albeit in a more friendly way. When she hears Snowy and Monster Kid speaking ill of Kris, she starts threatening them, indicating that she can still be a bully to other classmates.

Main Story


Susie lives in Hometown, and attends the same class as Kris. She used to have Toriel as her teacher when she was younger. Little else is known about Susie's history prior to the events of Deltarune.

Chapter 1

At the beginning of the chapter, Kris comes late at school and for their project can't find a partner, until Susie comes later in the class, leaving the two spares having to pair themselves. Alphys, the teacher, realizes that there is no chalk left and tells Susie and Kris to get some in the supply closet.

Entering the school hallway, Kris catches Susie eating a chalk stick. Susie is aware of this and while Kris doesn't react, she grabs them and pushes them against a locker telling them "Quiet people piss me off." She assumes that Kris plans on reporting her to the school and getting her expelled, to which she decides she might as well be expelled for something bigger and threatens to bite off Kris's face. She eventually decides not to, out of sympathy for Toriel, who was her teacher when younger, as she think it would be sad to have her "bury her child".

The two then enter the closet which is strangely dark. After some time wandering through the closet, Susie decides to give up on finding chalk when suddenly the door shuts itself and the floor collapses.

Susie then wakes up in the Dark World. She is at first not concerned by the supernaturality of the events and simply looks for a way out. The two eventually enter Ralsei's castle who tells them about The Prophecy in which, Kris, Susie, and him are the heroes responsible for restoring the balance between Light and Dark by sealing Dark Fountains. Ralsei is then interrupted by Lancer, who was previously hunting down Kris and Susie on their way to the castle. Susie, who is eager for some fighting, realizes she has an ax as a weapon and begins to attack Lancer. Unlike Kris, she exclusively focuses on physical offense until Lancer eventually gives up and leaves. After that, Ralsei asks Susie and Kris to join him to fulfill the prophecy, which Susie declines, explaining that the end of the world is none of her business and might actually be "kind of fun." She goes into the Card Kingdom alone to find the exit by herself.

On their journey through the Card Kingdom, Ralsei and Kris encounter several enemies warning them of Susie, or simply knocked-out by her. Ralsei tells Kris that they must stop Susie but also shows concern for her, thinking that she is having fun. They finally catch up to Susie when she is stuck on a puzzle barring her way. After solving it, she is convinced by Ralsei to join the party since she won't be able to continue alone. She does, however, makes fun of Ralsei for most of their time spend together.

Susie prefers solving conflicts with violence, and always attacks the enemy on top. Early on, Kris and Ralsei can ACT and warn enemies of Susie's attack, making her miss. Susie can also be put to sleep using Ralsei's lullaby, though she wakes up if she takes damage.

Upon an encounter with Lancer, who once again attempts a failed attack on the heroes, but this time in the presence of Susie, the latter calls him out on his ineffective intimidation and threatens to bite his face off to show what real villainy is. Lancer is impressed and thanks Susie for showing him how he should act to be a true "bad guy." Susie is surprised and flattered. After a fight with King Round, during which Susie's use of violence turns out to be counterproductive, Ralsei tries to explain to her that she should follow his advice and stop using violence. Susie, having enough of Ralsei's scolding, decides to side with Lancer as a bad guy, since he has actual admiration for her.

Susie and Lancer then start antagonizing Kris and Ralsei, although this rivalry is mostly harmless and Ralsei is not more intimidated than when it was Lancer alone. He is glad that Susie has found a friend and is having fun. After a fight with Lancer and Susie, they give up on fighting them and decide to join Kris and Ralsei.

Once the party arrives to Card Castle, Lancer orders a necklace of Rudinn Rangers to capture Kris, Susie and Ralsei under the will of his father, the King, with remorse. In jail, Susie manages to escape and encounter Lancer. She gets angry at him, feeling betrayed by whom she thought as one of her few friends, and starts attacking him. Lancer, still remorseful, does not bother fighting back. Susie notices this warms up to him and understands that he only did that by fear of his father, who forces him to follow his order. She understands that reacting violently is sometimes not the solution and upon freeing Kris and Ralsei, decides to listen to Ralsei's advice, finally joining the party for real. She still finds joy in teasing Kris and Ralsei during their time exploring the Card Castle, such as when re-fighting King Round, during which she throws Ralsei at its crown to defeat it.

After finally encountering King at the top of the roof, he threatens to drop Lancer into the void for turning his back on him, which angers Susie. Lancer manages to escape by himself and a fight between the heroes and King ensues. King eventually loses and starts apologizing for his deeds, showing regrets. This turns out to be a lure to make the heroes drop their guard and hitting them back, defeating them. If some Darkners where defeated violently through the chapter, they do not come to stop King and Susie instead uses Ralsei's Pacify spell to put King to sleep.

Once King is finally defeated, Susie warms up to Kris and Ralsei, for whom she promises to be kinder. Her eyes are then revealed behind her hair. She follows Kris to the Dark Fountain as they shut it down.

The two end up waking up in the unused classroom, which contains toys and objects similar to Darkners from the Card Kingdom. Susie wonders for a second if all of this was just a dream but regardless, this adventure helps her improve her relationship with Kris and she tells them to come back with her to the Dark World tomorrow, before leaving the school.

Chapter 2

Normal Route

Susie is so excited to return to the Dark World the next day that she shows up to class on time. She teases Kris for showing up late, and laughs off Alphys's attempt at reprimanding her. After class, she excitedly drags Kris to the door to the Dark World, where she briefly wonders if the adventure was a dream and asks if Kris will still be her friend regardless. They are interrupted by Noelle, who startles Susie by inviting them to study at the library with her and Berdly. Susie interprets Noelle's overall nervousness around her as evidence that she is aware of the Dark World, and tells Kris they need to keep it a secret. They soon arrive in the Dark World, where Ralsei and Lancer greet them and show them around. Susie is particularly pleased with the room Ralsei made for her and wishes to stay in the Dark World for as long as possible. However, Ralsei soon learns she and Kris have a school project and "banishes" them until they do it, which Susie reluctantly agrees to.

When they get to the library, however, they discover another Dark World has manifested in the computer lab. Susie jumps at the chance for another adventure with Kris, and they quickly jump into the Cyber World, where they learn Queen, the ruler, has gone insane due to the presence of a new Dark Fountain, and has taken Noelle hostage as a peon. Susie challenges the Queen to a fight but is laughed off. Ralsei soon meets up with the gang and they proceed on a new adventure.

Susie travels with Kris and Ralsei through the Cyber World. During a fight with Sweet Cap'n Cakes, Susie questions why Kris is the only Lightner who is able to "ACT," whereupon she forces a new option for "S-Action" (and in turn forces Ralsei to perform "R-Action") so she and Ralsei can have control over events as well. After a fight with Queen and Berdly, the group splits up, though Susie protests at Ralsei making Kris choose and decides that Ralsei should go with her. During this adventure, Susie learns the skill "Ultimate Heal" (which isn't very helpful in battle) and enjoys cotton candy at the carnival with Ralsei. She and Ralsei meet up with Kris and Noelle at a party stall, where Susie at first prepares to fight Noelle due to her association with Queen, but then accepts her into the party, completely unaware of Noelle's crush on her. They soon make it to Queen's Mansion, where Noelle is captured by Queen, and Kris, Susie, and Berdly are placed in rooms designed to entertain them while Queen takes over the world. They break out with the help of Lancer, who quickly starts to turn to stone due to not being from Cyber World. Susie carries Lancer on her back as the group, along with Berdly, runs to find Ralsei. On the way, they come across some puzzles where Susie mocks Berdly for not being able to solve them. Eventually, after Berdly admits to lying about his intelligence, Susie encourages him to accept he doesn't have to be the best (although Berdly interprets this as encouragement to be stupid like the rest of them, much to Susie's annoyance). Meeting Ralsei, they learn Lancer cannot be cured until he returns to his own Dark World. Eventually, Berdly separates Susie from the group so the two of them can free Noelle while Kris and Ralsei focus on finding Queen.

Susie arrives in Noelle's room in the Mansion and scares off two Werewires. Worried about having to explain the Dark World to Noelle, Susie tells Noelle she's just dreaming, but is surprised to see Noelle accept this on the basis that Susie wouldn't be nice to her in real life. She awkwardly admits she never picked on Noelle because Noelle gave her a candycane-looking pencil on the first day of school. They soon make their escape on a heart-covered Ferris wheel (to Noelle and Susie's embarrassment). Along the way, Noelle shares her memories of watching horror movies with her sister Dess, which Susie finds interesting, and the two grow closer. Noelle notices Susie's tail wags when it is happy, to which Susie protests that she does not have a tail in the Light World (though she admits to being self-conscious about it). Before Susie can suggest hanging out with Noelle more, they are interrupted by Berdly (who, unbeknownst to Susie, now has a crush on her instead of Noelle), and Susie goes to rejoin Kris and Ralsei, landing on Ralsei in the process.

While Kris is in the Mansion's basement following Spamton's instructions before initiating a Spamton NEO fight, Susie and Ralsei hang out together, only to quickly rejoin Kris just as the battle starts. After Kris returns from acquiring the EmptyDisk, Susie can be seen messing around with Ralsei's glasses, the latter asking her to give them back. Afterwards, Susie voices how horrifying the whole battle was and asks if Kris is okay. If Kris says yes, Susie notices they are straining to say so. If Kris says no, Susie and Ralsei help them calm down.

The group soon faces off against Queen's giant robot, which they defeat with the help of their allies and the Thrash Machine. Afterwards, Noelle is able to stand up to the Queen thanks to Susie and Kris's help, and Berdly proposes creating a new Dark Fountain, which Noelle and Susie encourage. However, Ralsei reveals creating Dark Fountains will bring on a cataclysmic event called The Roaring which will destroy the world. Learning this convinces Queen to stand down and change sides.

With that, Susie and Kris seal the Dark Fountain once more, and they wake up in the Library computer room. As Noelle and Berdly leave, Noelle takes a moment to see if Susie has a tail: Susie clocks this and scares her off before expressing surprise at the fact she and Kris saved the world but cannot tell anyone. She then joins Kris in heading back to school to see the Dark World. Afterwards, she offers to walk home with Kris and they explore Hometown. Susie has the option of witnessing an awkward encounter between Kris's parents at Sans's store (and has a few frustrating conversations with Sans himself), or witnessing Kris's interaction with Onion (whom she finds very odd). They can also go to the hospital where Susie meets Noelle's father Rudy. She is bewildered at Rudy's joking threat that if she lays a finger on Noelle he will beat her up, but they soon form a friendly rapport.

If Kris ventures down to the bunker at the edge of town, Susie witnesses Monster Kid and Snowy daring each other to open the door. When Snowy calls Kris a "weenie," Susie sneaks up on the two and scares them off, before inspecting the door for herself. She assures Kris they don't have to talk about the bunker.

Eventually, they make it to Kris's house, where she unexpectedly meets Toriel. Toriel invites her in to make a pie with her and Kris, and eventually for a sleepover, much to Susie's surprise. She quickly bonds with Toriel and tries to watch her language around her (despite getting caught off-guard when Toriel got annoyed enough to swear herself). She also apparently drinks from the bottle of apple shampoo in the shower: if Kris notices this they inquire about it in a subsequent conversation, which she denies. That evening, she and Kris watch movies and ponder about the upcoming festival in town, as well as the possibility of bringing Ralsei and the other Darkners into the Light World. They eventually fall asleep on the couch.

Snowgrave Route

Susie and Ralsei meet Kris shortly after the fight with Berdly, where Susie immediately notices that Kris appears distraught. She shows off her new healing power that she learned from Ralsei before they journey into the Mansion. Susie goes to rescue Noelle: it is implied she and Noelle grew closer as they had in the normal route, but Susie comes out of the interaction concerned for Noelle, who is traumatized after being forced by Kris (or rather, the player) into seemingly killing Berdly. After the aborted fight with Queen, Susie leaves to go check on Noelle, and is absent from the Spamton NEO fight. After Kris seals the fountain she wakes up with Noelle and Kris in the library. Before leaving, Noelle asks Susie if she has a tail, which she denies. Susie expresses that it feels as though they did not just save the world despite sealing the fountain, and senses trouble up ahead. She still joins Kris in heading home afterwards.

At the hospital, Rudy holds Susie back as she and Kris are exiting and begins telling her what Noelle likes to do. Susie walks out of the conversation bewildered.

In Battle

As party member


All of Susie's "Buster spells" can have their damage increased by pressing and holding "Z" or "A" on a controller once the animation starts.[1] This increases attack damage by 30, but mashing does not increase damage further.

Before casting a spell (for all spells), she holds her ax straight with a pink flame on top of it and smiles. After this, she holds her ax in the air as it flashes white.

Rude Buster

Requires 50% TP, 40% TP whilst having Devilsknife equipped. An attack that does moderately more damage than the standard Fight action, in the form of "Rude Damage". Pressing "Z" during the attack makes it deal slightly more damage. Outshone by Red Buster during the King and Queen fights. "Deals moderate Rude-elemental damage to one foe. Depends on Attack and Magic."

Doing this attack makes Susie launch a purple arrow at the targeted enemy.

Red Buster

Requires 60% TP. An attack that does significantly more damage than the standard Fight action. Only available as an ACT command during the King and Queen fights. Depends on Attack and Magic, and like Rude Buster, deals more damage if "Z" is pressed mid-attack. Instead of dealing "Rude Damage" like its dwindled type, it deals "Red Damage". "Your SOUL shined its power on Susie!"

Doing this attack makes Susie launch a slightly larger hot-pink arrow at the targeted enemy.


Unlike other spells, this one doesn't require any TP. Susie does Kris's selected act, much like paired ACTs except that Susie can choose to do it with another enemy. In some bossfights, S-Action will be replaced with an available act such as "Bump" on the first fight against Berdly or "Snap" on the fight against Spamton NEO. Susie can learn this spell during the fight against the Sweet Cap'n Cakes.

Doing this makes Susie do a pose and shoot out stars and hearts like Kris.


Requires 100% TP. A pitiful spell that restores a minimal amount of HP to a single ally. Learned around halfway through Chapter 2, though it is apparently ineffective due to Susie 'attacking' with the spell. Depends on Susie's Magic stat (healing equal to her Magic + 1). "Heals one ally to the best of Susie's ability."

Although it's the same animation when using a spell, when not in battle, Susie fires a spring-green orb.


Requires 32% TP, exclusive during Spamton NEO fight. A spell that powers the Yellow SOUL, which greatly decreases the time to charge a big shot and increases its travel speed; the effect lasts for 20 big shots in total.

As enemy


  • Susie jumps on top of Lancer. Then, Lancer jumps over the Bullet Board while Susie launches ax projectiles that turn around and travel towards the right.
  • Susie launches six ax projectiles from her position that travel in random directions towards the player. The projectiles boomerang and move back to her.


Her stats as an enemy are the same as her stats as a party member.

To win the battle violently, the party can attack Lancer until he runs out of HP. If Susie is out of HP she remains down for three turns, but then revives at full HP.

To win the battle peacefully, the party can perform X-Anything on Lancer successfully 4 times, convincing him not to fight. However, on the 4th time, Susie blocks Lancer's ears, negating the X-Anything ACT. Susie continues this unless she is put to sleep through Ralsei's Sing.

Even though Susie can be put to sleep, she cannot be pacified due to Lancer's bike absorbing the Pacify Spell. She wakes up on her own after three turns.


  • Heh, scared? [Neutral]
  • Weasel out of THIS! [Neutral]
  • Talk your way out of THIS! [Neutral]
  • Think fast! [Neutral]
  • No way! Shut up and fight!!! [Anything #1]
  • Really?...Shut up and fight!!! [Anything #2]
  • What are you even doing? [Anything #3]
  • Really...? No way, I don't see anything! [Anything #4]
  • Yeah, it's hopeless. [Anything #5+]
  • Flattery won't work on US!!! [X-Anything on Lancer #1]
  • THAT'S THE POINT!!! [X-Anything on Lancer #2]
  • Huh...? I mean...NO!!! [X-Anything on Lancer #3]
  • Try convincing someone that can't HEAR YOU! [X-Anything on Lancer #4+, failed]
  • Heh, score for the BAD GUYS! [X-Anything on Lancer #4+, failed]
  • Hey, stop ganging up on him! [FIGHTing Lancer]
  • Hey, stop hitting him! [FIGHTing Lancer]
  • (Zzzz...) [Asleep]
  • (Yawn) I'm awake, did I miss anything? [Awake]

Flavor Text

  • Two bad guys blocked the way! [Encounter]
  • If you read the status screen, you already knew that. [Check]
  • The armor you equipped her with just made her tougher! [Check, if Susie is equipped with armor when she was a party member]
  • Susie and Lancer are coming up with victory celebration plans. [Neutral]
  • Susie and Lancer are making fun of you. [Neutral]
  • Susie and Lancer are gloating about how great their team is. [Neutral]
  • Susie and Lancer are having an evil laugh contest. [Neutral]
  • Smells like teamwork. [Neutral]
  • You tried convincing Susie not to fight. [Anything #1]
  • You tried telling Susie you like her hair. [Anything #2]
  • You growled at Susie like a bear. [Anything #3]
  • You told Susie you'd give her a picnic basket of worms. [Anything #4]
  • You have no idea what to do what to Susie anymore. [Anything #5+]
  • There was no effect! [Anything followup]
  • It seems this command is a total waste of time! [Anything followup]
  • Ralsei sang a soft and entrancing lullaby! SUSIE fell asleep! [Sing]
    • Ralsei sang a soft and entrancing lullaby! But SUSIE was already asleep...! [Sing while Susie is asleep]



At the beginning of Chapter 1, Kris and Susie know very little about each other, with Susie being initially hostile towards Kris. Once Susie joins Lancer, however, Ralsei seems to be her primary target for teasing. As the chapter progresses, she slowly opens up to them after re-joining the party, and once faced with the possibility of hurting King and upsetting Lancer, she decides to listen to Kris's commands. After this, she seems to be very loyal to Kris and respectful of their position as leader, attacking King when he threatens Kris's life, calling them her friend in the process.

Throughout Chapter 2, the pair hangs out a lot as allies, and in the aftermath, Susie even accompanies Kris back in Hometown. This unintentionally leads to her getting to have a sleepover with Kris at their and Toriel's home, and the two end up falling to sleep while watching TV. This shows that Susie has grown more comfortable with Kris as her friend to the point where they hang outside of school and the Dark World. Susie also enjoys the taste of Kris Tea, which she claims tastes like apple juice – when interacting with Susie during the spelling puzzle for "APPLE," Susie reveals that she liked the apple smell of Kris's hair from the shampoo they use, joking that she wanted to take a bite out of Kris for it.


Ralsei's optimism and pacifism are in stark contrast to Susie's initially violent behavior, causing a lot of conflict between the two characters. Although Ralsei becomes the new target of Susie's teasing once she joins Lancer, she opens up to him as she does to Kris, and the two eventually get along much better. During Chapter 2, they interact more with each other and Ralsei heals Susie during a certain moment. Later, the two spend time together alone as a duo after splitting up with Kris in Cyber City. They teach things to each other and seem to have had a good time.

While Kris is down in Queen's Mansion's basement, the two hang out further, though Susie goes as far as pranking Ralsei by stealing his glasses and putting them on herself.


While initially viewing Lancer as little more than an annoyance, once Lancer expresses his admiration for Susie, she decides to join him and abandons Kris and Ralsei. The two are shown to be very close afterwards, with Susie looking out for his well-being, such as when he gets lost in the Forest maze. Even after Lancer betrays her trust, she is unable to bring herself to kill him, and reassures him that he is still her friend, despite the circumstances. Susie even bows to King just to save Lancer's life.

During Chapter 2, Susie is generally happy to see Lancer whenever he appears, laughing together and giving high-fives. When Lancer gets cold in the Mansion's guest hall, Susie carries him on her back to Ralsei, in hope he could heal him, showing a caring side.


During Chapter 2, Susie and Noelle interact with each other quite a lot, with them blushing sometimes in response to one another. Whenever Noelle isn't looking, Susie aggressively shakes Kris, asking why she's acting social around her. However, she accepts Noelle as a close friend, going out of her way to try and save her whenever it calls. After rescuing Noelle from her room in the Queen's Mansion, the two ride a Ferris wheel to the nearby rooftop, talking to one another on the way. Despite their closeness, Susie seems to be somewhat unaware of Noelle's crush on her, usually misinterpreting Noelle's advances on her, such as when she assumes Noelle asking her to go to the library with her is her knowing about the Dark World, and being confused at Rudy knowing about her. However, after the Ferris wheel ride she seems slightly less oblivious to it.

After the Library Dark Fountain is sealed, Berdly and Noelle take their leave, with Noelle staying behind for a moment. This is soon cut short after Susie ends up scaring her off (because she tried to see Susie's tail).

Rudy Holiday

Susie can meet Rudy for the first time in Chapter 2 if Kris visits the hospital with her. Rudy is aware of Noelle's crush on Susie and jokingly warns her he'll beat Susie up if she lays a finger on Noelle, much to Susie's bewilderment. However, the two quickly form a friendly rapport: at one point Rudy remarks that Kris should have taken Susie to the movies instead of the hospital, and he and Susie joke that they should all go together. They also jokingly plan to beat up Sans when Rudy gets better. In the Snowgrave Route, Rudy holds Susie back to give her some advice on impressing Noelle, though Susie comes out of the conversation confused.


Susie seems to already know Toriel for a long time, since she mentions her after she menances Kris about eating their face on Chapter 1. Toriel also knows about Susie and her behaviour about eating chalk since she mentions that Alphys has told her. Susie and Toriel properly meet in Chapter 2's epilogue when Kris and Susie go to Kris's house and Toriel ends up seeing Susie and inviting her to stay a little bit. They quickly become friendly with each other and even begin to bake a pie together. Toriel then invites Susie to stay there on the house and sleep over that night.



  • In Undertale, a girl by the name of "Suzy" was mentioned by Clam Girl (a rare NPC in Waterfall, encountered based on the fun value). In the Nintendo Switch port of the game, Clam Girl alludes to the upcoming release of Deltarune by informing the player that the time to meet Suzy "... is fast approaching."
  • All three party members have multiple titles they are given in the Party Menu throughout the game:
    • At the beginning of the game, Susie is a Mean Girl who "Won't do anything but fight."
    • After she rejoins the party, she is upgraded to Dark Knight, and "Does damage using dark energy."
    • At Chapter 2, when she learns how to use healing powers, she becomes Healing Master. "Can use ultimate healing. (Losers!)"
    • If Kris inspects the Moss near the Dog Dumpster while Susie is in the party, she becomes Moss Enjoyer. "Supports those that find moss."
  • Susie is very particular about any actions with her equipment in the equip menu.
    • She refuses to have her armor removed, saying "Hey, hands off!" She doesn't mind when swapping her armor for different armor, though, even if this lowers her stats.
    • She refuses to re-equip the Mane Ax after it's taken off, saying "I'm too GOOD for that." However, she's fine with equipping other axes even if this also lowers her stats.
  • Susie has 100 Rudeness and 100 Crudeness at the beginning of Chapter 1. If the name The $!$! Squad is chosen, her Crudeness increases by 1; but after joining the party "for real," her Rudeness stat drops to 99.
    • In Chapter 2, Rudeness goes down to 89, and Crudeness is replaced by "Purple: Yes."
  • After joining Kris and Ralsei for the first time, Susie takes up the third slot, but after joining them for the second time she takes up the second slot instead.
  • Susie mentions she once dressed up as a box for Halloween. This is only brought up in the box gate puzzle room in the Field, if Kris stands on a pad after one box is atop the other pad.
  • When fighting alongside Lancer, Susie takes 70% reduced damage from attacks (rounded up).[4]
  • Susie appears to be left-handed. In the Legend, the Monster, who represents Susie, is holding an axe in her left hand. Susie wields her axe with her left hand during battle, and it is also the hand she uses when throwing Ralsei during the second battle against K. Round.
  • In Chapter 1, while the player is unable to select Susie's actions versus Lancer, the SOUL can be moved to dodge attacks. The SOUL appears and returns from the top right of the screen during his turn, where Kris and the SOUL is located. Toby Fox has confirmed that this is intentional.[5]
  • Despite already having a tail, she states she figured she'd "grow one someday" after the equipping Jevilstail in Chapter 1.
    • Although she considers her tail to be a secret, and lied to Noelle about it in Chapter 2, so could be also lying here.
  • Susie's idle animation depicts her as not smiling when battling against King.
  • In Chapter 1, if Kris responds with "..." to Noelle when she asks about Susie, she mentions the following:
    • Noelle asks if Susie "likes metal music." If Susie bites a CD Bagel, it plays the sound of a metal guitar.
    • Noelle asks if Susie is "really an obligate carnivore." If Noelle eats a Darkburger, she wonders if it is "real meat." Susie responds enthusiastically when eating it or its fusion counterpart, DD-Burger.
    • Lastly, she asks if Susie has a "tail underneath her jacket."

Susie's "Sheeh!" pose

  • One pose she makes which is first seen when startled by Noelle as she and Kris are about to enter the Dark World in Chapter 2 is the "Sheeh!" pose, an iconic pose made and popularized by Iyami, a character from the Fujuo Akatsuka series, Osomatsu-kun. Iyami would make this pose and exclaim "Sheeh!" whenever he is surprised or startled. This pose became a trend in Japan in the mid-1960s, and has been referenced in multiple media since then, including the Godzilla movie, Invasion of Astro-Monster.
  • Susie eats almost anything, as seen when viewing the refrigerator in her Castle Town room.
  • It's implied that Susie has a rough home-life, considering she comments on having a bed in Ralsei's castle in Chapter 2. This may suggest as to why she is the school bully.
  • Susie's dance animation during the Sweet Cap'n Cakes fight appears to be based on the one performed by Linus in the animated A Charlie Brown Christmas Peanuts TV special.
  • According to a Nintendo Switch interview article, Toby Fox states that Susie was originally inspired by Maya Fey from the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series.[6]
  • In the Japanese version, Susie refers to herself as オレ (ore) which is a pronoun typically used by men, thought at some moments she use アタシ (atashi) when meeting Kris for the first time and Toriel in Chapter 2. It was Toby Fox's idea to makes her come off as a delinquent.[7]


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  4. gml_Object_obj_heroparent_Alarm_1 script, line 19
  5. UNDERTALE 6th Anniversary So We Play DELTARUNE Chapter 1 For Some Reason - LIVE! - YouTube
  6. As for Susie, I originally designed her right after I had played Phoenix Wright for the first time. At first, she was essentially like Maya Fey, and would serve as your small, friendly, sassy companion. There really wasn’t any tension at all, she was just nice and cute. - Deltarune creator on the game’s origins, progress update, and more (@NE_Brian, February 17, 2019.) Nintendo Everything.
  7. When we were consulting with @tobyfox, he wanted to make Susie come off as a delinquent who talks dirty and aggressive, so he said “I would like it if she used ’ore’,” and I was a little worried because “the game uses pixel sprites, so the players might mistake her for a boy.” - kazarinn on Tumblr, November 07, 2018.