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Stats are numerical properties of party members and enemies. Stats affect various aspects of encounters, such as the amount of damage dealt, the amount of damage taken, and the effectiveness of Spells.

The Deltarune stat system is very similar to the system in Undertale, being directly derived from it.


Party members have HP, Attack, Defense, Magic, and three cosmetic stats (two unique special stats and Guts). Enemies have HP, Attack, and Defense.

Party members' stats (except HP) can be viewed on the Power and Equipment screens. HP is instead visible on the bottom of the screen whenever the menu is open. Cosmetic stats are only shown on the Power screen and not on the Equipment screen, as equipment has no effect on them.

In the Light World, Kris has LV, HP, AT, DEF, and EXP that can be viewed on the Stats menu. However, these stats have no functional purpose, and no connection to the Dark World values. These stats do not change throughout the course of the game (except current HP, which can be affected by eating the Box of Heart Candy).

Enemies' AT and DF can be viewed in the Recruits menu or by using the "Check" ACT (for some enemies), although the stats listed this way are not necessarily the same values used internally, or even consistent with each other. Enemies' HP is not visible to the player.


HP (Hit Points or Health Points) is a stat that determines how much damage a character can take before being defeated. It is possessed by both party members and enemies, although enemies' HP is not visible.

HP consists of two components: Current HP and maximum HP. For party members, this is indicated on the user interface as two values separated by a slash, with the left value being the current HP and the right value being the maximum HP.

Current HP[]

When a party member's HP drops to 0 or below, they become downed—their HP is set to half of their max HP in negative, regardless of the damage taken. A downed party member cannot perform any actions. If all party members are downed, the game is over. At the beginning of the party's turn, all downed party members regain 1/8 of max HP, rounded up. At the end of an encounter, any currently downed party members have their HP set to 1/8 of max HP, rounded up.

A downed party member can be revived by restoring their HP to be above 0, which can be done using any healing item, spell, etc. When a downed party member's HP is raised above 0 in battle, it is set to 1/6 of max HP, rounded up. A Revive Mint, Revive Dust or (currently unused) Revive Brite may also be used, which restore a downed character to a certain percentage of their full health, regardless of the magnitude of their current negative HP.

If an enemy's HP is reduced to zero, they either flee or get knocked away, unless they are frozen by Noelle's IceShock or SnowGrave spells. In Chapter 2, if a recruitable enemy is defeated this way, that enemy becomes LOST, even if the party had already recruited that type of enemy.

HP can be restored by:

  • Using certain consumables (food).
  • Spells such as Ralsei's Heal Prayer and Dual Heal, Noelle's Heal Prayer, and Susie's UltimateHeal.
  • Interacting with a SAVE point (fully restored).
  • Using the services of characters that offer to heal the party, such as Malius.
  • Special ACTs, such as Pirouette in the Jevil battle.
  • Touching green bullets on the bullet board.

Maximum HP[]

Party members' maximum HP increases when their LV is increased.

In Chapter 2, at the end of the encounter in which at least one enemy was defeated through violence, all party members gain maximum HP (this even applies to those who aren't present during the encounter, with the exception of Noelle). Kris, Susie and Ralsei gain +2 maximum HP for each encounter completed violently, up to their LV3 initial maximum HP. Susie gains an additional +1 maximum HP every second encounter. Unlike the other party members (and notably for the Snowgrave Route), Noelle gains +4 maximum HP for each encounter instead.


Attack (abbreviated AT) is a stat that affects how much damage a character can inflict with their attacks and certain Spells. It is possessed by both party members and enemies.

Party members' Attack can be increased in several ways:

  • Attack increases when their LV is increased.
  • Attack can be increased by equipment—primarily weapons, but some armors can also increase Attack.
  • In Chapter 2, for every 10 encounters (every 4 for Noelle) in which at least one enemy was defeated violently, party members' Attack increases by 1.


Defense (DF) is a stat that affects how much damage a character takes from attacks and certain Spells. It is possessed by both party members and enemies.

Party members' Defense can be increased by equipment—primarily armors, but some weapons can also increase Defense.


Magic is a stat that affects the effectiveness of the character's Spells. It is exclusive to party members. Unlike other non-cosmetic stats, Magic did not appear in Undertale.

Magic can be increased by equipment. In Chapter 2, for every 10 encounters (every 4 for Noelle, not at all for Kris) in which at least one enemy was defeated violently, Magic increases by 1.

Kris has 0 Magic, as they cannot cast any spells. While Kris's Magic can be increased by equipment, Kris has no way to take advantage of their Magic stat due to not being able to cast spells.

Special Stats[]

A sleeping dog on the Stats screen

Special Stats are purely cosmetic stats, which are unique to the particular character. Each party member has two slots for special stats, although they are not necessarily both used.

Like titles, special stats can change throughout the course of the game.

Character Special Stat 1 Special Stat 2
Kris Default ??? ???
2% chance (Chapter 1)
4% chance (Chapter 2)
Dog: (A sleeping dog)
Susie Chapter 1, initial Rudeness: 100 Chapter 1, initial Crudeness: 100
Chapter 1, joined for real Rudeness: 99 Chapter 1, chose "The $!?# Squad" as the team name Crudeness: 101
Chapter 2 Rudeness: 89 Chapter 2 Purple: Yes
Ralsei Chapter 1, 98% chance Kindness: 100 Chapter 1, initial Fluffiness: 1 fluff
Chapter 1, 2% chance Dogness: 1 Chapter 1, Dainty Scarf equipped Fluffiness: 2 fluff
Chapter 2 Sweetness: 97 Chapter 2 Fluffiness: 2 fluff
Noelle Coldness: value (starts from 47, increases by 7 for every IceShock used, up to 100) Boldness: value (value is Plot value × 3 − 222, up to 100)


Guts is a cosmetic stat possessed by all characters.

Kris's Guts increases when levelling up to LV2, but other characters' Guts values do not change.


LV is the level of a party member or enemy. For party members, LV is displayed on the Power screen, next to the character's title; for enemies, LV can be seen on the Recruits menu after recruiting them.

Party members' maximum HP, Attack, Defense, Magic, and other stats are affected by their LV. Increasing their LV may increase these stats.

For all party members except Noelle, their LV is increased after sealing a Dark Fountain. Uniquely, Noelle joins the party at LV1, and she becomes LV2 after receiving any title.

If a party member's base Attack or Magic stat at the end of Chapter 2 is greater than the base LV3 value due to defeating enemies violently, it is carried over to LV3. At most, there are a total of 39 encounters in Chapter 2 in which it is possible to end with violence, thus the Attack and Magic stats can be raised a maximum of 3 times.[1] Some glitches can further increase Attack and Magic arbitrarily high.[2][3]

Character LV HP Attack Defense Magic Guts
Kris 1 90 10 2 0 1
2 120 12 2 0 2
3 160 14-15 2 0 2
Susie 1 110 14 2 1 2
2 140 16 2 1 2
3 190 18-19 2 3-4 2
Ralsei 1 70 8 2 7 0
2 100 10 2 9 0
3 140 12-13 2 11-12 0
Noelle 1, 2 90 3 1 11 0


Party Attacks[]

When party members hit enemies with their weapon, they deal damage equal to rounded to the nearest integer, where AT is from the party member and DF is from the enemy.

Accuracy score is determined as follows:

  • 150 for a critical hit
  • 120 if the player was 1 frame off
  • 110 if the player was 2 frames off
  • 100 − (frames off × 2) if the player was 3 or more frames off
  • 0 for a Miss (a Miss still deals damage if the enemy has negative Defense)

When attacking without the player's control in Chapter 1, Susie's Accuracy score is as follows:

  • 160 if target was not warned
  • 0 if target was warned
  • 100–140 (random value) if she was asked to compliment C. Round (in addition, Susie's AT is set to 90 by this ACT, which means she can cause damage between 450 and 630)

Normally, 1/10 of the accuracy score is added to the TP Meter. This means that a critical hit restores 15 (6%) TP. During the Jevil fight, instead 1/15 of the accuracy score is added. During the GIGA Queen fight, 7.5 (3%) TP for a critical hit, and 2.5 (1%) TP is added otherwise.


Kris's X-Slash ACT during the Snowgrave Route's Spamton NEO fight inflicts two critical hits, each of which deal 25% more damage.

"Bluelight Specil"[]

When Spamton NEO activates his "[Bluelight Specil]" at the end of the Snowgrave Route, the base damage done is equal to , but it is capped between 5 and 10 (inclusive). "Bluelight Specil" is activated when Spamton NEO's HP is lower than 10% after party's turn, and cannot be reduced below 6% of max HP by any attacks. Spell attacks (not normally usable) can deal damage much higher than 10, but they cannot defeat Spamton NEO either.


  • Susie's Rude Buster spell inflicts damage.
  • Susie's Red Buster spell inflicts damage.
  • A bonus 30 damage is added to Susie's Buster spells if the player presses Confirm (Z by default on PC) just after she fires the spell.
  • Noelle's IceShock spell inflicts damage, rounded up.
    • At the end of the Snowgrave Route's Spamton NEO fight, her three IceShock spells each deal damage (implying an increased Magic stat of about 30).
    • If Noelle's Magic stat is increased beyond 1009 using cheats, IceShock's damage no longer increases with it.
  • Noelle's SnowGrave spell inflicts damage.

Enemy Attacks[]

Chapter 1[]

When an enemy hits a party member with an attack, they usually deal damage equal to , where the AT is from the enemy and DF is from the party member. If a party member is hit while defending, their damage taken is multiplied by 2/3 (rounded up).

An attack that hits always does a minimum of 1 damage, regardless of stats.

There are exceptions to these rules in the fight against King:

  • The Courage ACT reduces King's Attack by 20% for one turn.
  • King's "swing" attacks (where he swings the bullet board around, targeting all party members) multiply Attack by 4 instead of 5.
  • King's "Chain of Justice" attack multiplies Attack by 3 instead of 5.

There are also exceptions to these rules in the fight against Jevil:

  • The Hypnosis ACT reduces Jevil's Attack by 30% for one turn.
  • The Pirouette ACT can raise Jevil's attack by 25% or lower it by 30% for one turn (depending on the current turn in the rotation).
  • Jevil's "suit bomb" attacks that target all party members multiply Attack by 4 instead of 5.
  • Jevil's Devilsknife attacks multiply Attack by 6 instead of 5.
  • Jevil's "Final Chaos" attack ignores Attack and Defense. Instead, each hit reduces all non-KO'ed party members' HP by 30% (rounded up), if the average party member HP (treating negative values as 0) is 10 or higher—otherwise, no damage is dealt. ACTs and defending do not change the amount of damage received.

Chapter 2[]

In Chapter 2, the damage calculation for every enemy except for Clover's rematch is modified.

Base damage is still usually the enemy's , but DF is factored in differently to account for party members' variable HP values.

For each point of DF, damage is reduced...

  • ...if the current damage is greater than 1/5 of the party member's max HP, by 3.
  • ...if the current damage is greater than 1/8 of the party member's max HP, by 2.
  • ...otherwise, by 1.

For example, an attack with a base damage of 30 against 120 max HP and 4 DF would be reduced by 3 (to 27), then by 3 (to 24), then by 3 (to 21), then by 2 (to 19). Defense is thus more useful against attacks that deal higher damage relative to the party member's max HP.

After the reduction from DF, if the party member hit is defending, their damage taken is multiplied by 2/3 (rounded up).

Calculated last, if the party member has elemental resistance from armor, damage taken is multiplied by (100% - resistance), rounded up, where resistance is the total resistance to that element. Only resistance to the "Cat" element can be obtained; it reduces damage taken from Spamton NEO and certain bullets from Tasque and Tasque Manager.

  • Dealmaker grants 40% resistance to Cat element damage.
  • The Mannequin grants 35% resistance to Cat element damage.
  • The Frayed Bowtie grants 15% resistance to Cat element damage.

An attack that hits always does a minimum of 1 damage, regardless of stats.

There are exceptions to these rules in fight with Spamton NEO:

  • Spamton NEO's heart attack that targets all party members multiplies Attack by 4 instead of 5.
  • Spamton NEO's final attack ignores Attack and Defense. Instead, if a party member's HP is higher than half of max HP, each hit reduces this party member's HP by 20% (rounded down), or each hit reduces this non-KO'd party member's HP by 10% (rounded down, but no less than 1). Unlike Jevil's final attack, this attack can knock down a party member.
  • If player uses "Cheating" to make Spamton NEO angry, damage increases according to how many cheat shots were used. The more cheat shots are used, the higher Spamton NEO's AT (and thus damage) becomes, up to 2 times (26 AT) normal (13 AT). This boost does not affect Spamton NEO's final attack.


Mercy is a meter possessed by enemies that tracks how close that enemy is to becoming spareable.

In Chapter 1, Mercy is tracked internally, but not visible to the player. In Chapter 2, it is visible as a health bar next to the enemy in the user interface.

There are several ways to increase Mercy:

  • ACTs, including S-Action, R-Action, and N-Action, increase Mercy for various enemies by various amounts. While ACTs normally are intended to increase the Mercy of their target, they can also affect the Mercy of other enemies; for example, using SoftVoice on a Tasque also increases all present Werewires' Mercy by 50%.
  • Attempting to Spare an enemy whose name is not yellow often increases its Mercy by a small amount.
  • Using specific items makes some kinds of enemies become spareable:
    • When fighting Rudinns, using the Manual makes them tired. Using a Glowshard makes all Rudinns in the encounter spareable, but this consumes the Glowshard.
    • When fighting Clover in Chapter 1, using the Manual twice makes them spareable. However, this does not work in Chapter 2 during the rematch with Clover in the Party Dojo (although the Manual is unobtainable in Chapter 2).
  • When fighting Spamton NEO, destroying the large heart and surviving the final attack each give small amounts of Mercy if no damage has been dealt, though this always leaves the Mercy meter at 99% or less.
  • Correctly answering most or all of Tasque Manager's questions gives her 50% or 100% Mercy immediately in the battle.

Certain scripted encounters, such as Berdly (even if the Werewires are still present) and Spamton, immediately end the battle upon completely filling their Mercy.

A red X on the Mercy meter during GIGA Queen's Fight

Several boss enemies cannot be spared via the Mercy meter. In Chapter 2, this is indicated by a red X through the empty meter, although they can generally still be defeated without directly Fighting.

  • Jevil must be tired using Hypnosis or Pirouette, and then spared using Ralsei's Pacify.
  • GIGA Queen can be attacked during her turn by punching with Confirm or Cancel ([Z] or [X] on PC by default). Notably, she must be defeated by reflecting her final attack, as ordinary attacks always leave her with at least 1 HP.
  • On the Snowgrave Route, Spamton NEO must be defeated violently. The X-Slash ACT deals direct damage in exchange for TP, and the battle must be concluded by calling on party members.


EXP is a property in Deltarune. It is implied to, like its Undertale appearance, be gained by killing enemies.[4]

In Chapter 1, after completing a battle, the game always says that the party earned 0 EXP, regardless of how the enemies were defeated. In Chapter 2, if any enemy is defeated violently during an encounter, the game simply displays the amount of D$ received along with "You became stronger" (or "Noelle became stronger" if she is present) instead of specifying that 0 EXP was earned, implying that EXP was earned.

In the Dark World, EXP is not displayed anywhere, so even if EXP is earned, this is not visible. In the Light World, EXP is displayed, but this value is entirely unconnected from the Dark World.


Kris's default Stats while in Hometown.

  • The Light World Stat menu is a replica of Undertale's Stat menu, though it differs:
    • It has "Kris" in quotation marks instead of the "VESSEL" or Player's name from the Introduction.
    • Kris's AT and DF is set at 10 by default.
  • Party members' LV are referred to internally as False LV,[5] calculated separately from the global LV stat.
    • The LV displayed at SAVE points is, as of Chapter 2, equivalent to the current chapter and does not increase to 3 after sealing the Cyber World fountain.[6]
  • There is an unused spell called "Rude Sword," which can be acquired by editing the SAVE file. It costs 50% TP, and its damage is equal to .[7]
    • Rude Sword may have been intended for Kris (who wields a sword) or Susie (like Rude Buster). In either case, its animation is a very simple and likely unfinished slice.


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