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Spookysword is an item that can be bought from Seam's shop. It can only be equipped by Kris and it gives +2 AT and Spookiness.

Flavor Text[]

  • Ugh, it's too small! [When attempting to equip it to Susie]
  • Oh, it's too scary! [When attempting to equip it to Ralsei]
  • (It’s kinda cool...) [When attempting to equip it to Noelle]

Halloween Pencil[]

The Halloween Pencil is a weapon only accessible in the epilogue. It is acquired by leaving the Dark World with the Spookysword equipped, and implied to be the Spookysword itself as an overworld item. Like the Pencil, Lucky Pencil and Eraser its info text is inaccessible without file editing as multiple overworld weapons cannot be obtained. It grants 1 AT.