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To Do

This list shows tasks that can be done by any contributor. Please mind the Manual of Style and page organization guide when resolving these tasks. If you resolve a task here or want to suggest another task to be added, contact an administrator to update the list.

  • The Dark Dollar article is missing an image in its infobox. An appropriate image should be found and placed in it, along with captions. (Please make sure to follow the wiki's file naming policies.)
    • You can find the list of other articles lacking images here.
  • Certain images on the wiki are marked as faulty, and need replacing. Please review the Quality issues field in their description and try to upload a version that resolves these issues, as well as follows the wiki's file standards.
  • In addition to the above tasks, the Maintenance page lists some common issues with articles, such as stubby articles, articles with errors in them, faulty images, lacking sources, etc.