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Getting stronger... how?
Kris, what are you doing!?


The Snowgrave Route[1] is an optional alternative story route in Chapter 2. It takes place in the Cyber World, and significantly alters the chronological sequence of the story and the bosses encountered. Despite Chapter 1's claims to the contrary, the player's choices matter when making decisions in this route.


The Snowgrave Route can be taken by making/continuing a save file into Chapter 2. Kris proceeds through the Cyber City as normal, up to the point where they meet Noelle. The first step below is the most difficult part of the route to figure out; since the game immediately alerts the player when the route is abandoned (as mentioned in step 2 below), the player should be able to figure out the rest of the route on their own.

  1. Once Kris gets to Noelle and has her join their party, they must defeat every enemy between Spamton's shop in the Junkyard and the second mouse puzzle by using Noelle's IceShock spell to freeze the enemies. Driving off any enemies using melee attacks or sparing them immediately ends the route, and more enemies must be found farther left from where the party landed after falling off the rollercoaster. When a "requirement" of note is met (such as a set of enemies being frozen), an ominous blippy sound plays that goes down in pitch.
  2. The player can check to see if the route is still valid by leaving the room and returning; if the enemies Noelle froze are still frozen in place, the route is still valid. If at any point the route requirements are not met (after the first enemy is frozen), a brief and bright chiptune sound plays. This sound goes up in pitch (rather than down as it does during the run), the previously frozen enemies disappear or respawn, and the game proceeds as if the run had never started.
  3. After reaching the room with the large Ferris Wheel poster, Kris must interact with the shopkeeper who offers to sell the party shoes near the top/right side of the room, and say "We're something else" when the prompt appears. This should prompt them to try to sell Noelle a ring. If it doesn't, the party must backtrack and finish freezing the remaining monsters before trying again (don't forget the Poppup located to the right of the trash area, disguised as a prop). When they offer to sell Noelle the ring, keep answering "get it." This must be done before trying to complete the next puzzle, in which Kris steps on the button to lift the forcefield out of that area.
  4. From this point on, whenever the player is presented with two choices, one of which is "Proceed," the player must keep choosing "proceed," no matter what.
  5. When the party arrives at the room with two long car roads, they can visit what would've been the Dog Dumpster (the area where Kris can encounter the Annoying Dog in a car). Kris can interact with this dumpster to see how many enemies remain to be frozen.
  6. Before proceeding to the Berdly fight, the party must freeze all the enemies and return to this dumpster. If done correctly, Kris should now be able to purchase the Thorn Ring here and equip it to Noelle. The party may now continue to the fight with Berdly.
  7. Noelle should have a new spell when the fight starts. The player must order Noelle to cast it before the fight ends. If it costs too much, the player forgot to equip the Thorn Ring.
  8. After this point, the route requirements have been met and returning to the normal route is not possible.

Story Changes

The music slows down and the cars, as well as most NPCs, disappear. When an Addison offers Kris a pair of Dating Shoes and they inform them that they and Noelle are "something else," the Addison suggests that they might be interested in a Freeze Ring. When Noelle tries to decline, the NPC calls her an "Angel" and tells her she can't get stronger without better equipment. Kris (prompted by the player) pressures Noelle into "getting" the Freeze Ring until the screen blacks out, Noelle (presumably) uses ice magic on the Addison, and the Freeze Ring is acquired. Once equipped, her battle animations change to imply her increased power over ice and decreased fear in battle.

Noelle starts having dark thoughts of hurting people, including Kris, which alarms her, and Kris begins physically pressuring her to complete puzzles by freezing them solid with her ice magic. At first, she is afraid, but tries to justify their actions by suggesting that they are just helping her get stronger. She freezes the final puzzle without prompt and starts asking if they should "go find some more enemies."

Spamton refers to Noelle as an Angel and sells her a Thorn Ring which "might sting," which changes her into an Ice Trancer who can cast ice spells at half their TP cost but takes damage in battle. When the party meets Berdly, Noelle does not recognize him at first and asks Kris if they want her to freeze "another enemy" for them. Berdly snaps her out of it and asks what is she doing, but she insists that she and Kris are "getting stronger." Berdly tries to fight them to save Noelle, ignoring Noelle's warning to run away. The fight ends when the party obtains enough TP to use SnowGrave, a "fatal" attack. Kris (prompted by the player) insists on Noelle using SnowGrave until she uses it to freeze Berdly completely solid. Noelle says she doesn't feel so good and leaves the party, unlocking a faster route to the Queen's Mansion through the sewers.

Spamton overworld painting.png

There are a multitude of differences while going through Queen's Mansion, most notable being the lack of certain scenes, changes in dialogue, added enemy encounters, and the Mansion itself being seemingly taken over by Spamton. Dozens of Pipis have been laid out as traps throughout the Mansion. First, the room with 48 platters is now a maze of Pipis that cause a battle if Kris makes contact with one. In the following room, the party must avoid exploding Pipis with their SOUL. In the hallway leading up to the shortcut, the pottery is replaced with Pipis on wheels where, just like with the maze, they can start a battle with on contact.

Susie quickly leaves Noelle's room as Ralsei is concerned about Kris, Queen's first battle is skipped, and the regular final battle is averted as Ralsei explains The Roaring before the battle can really start. It is also implied that Queen has put Noelle to sleep, and Kris has to seal the fountain by themselves as Susie goes to check on Noelle.

Right before the Spamton NEO fight at the Fountain.

Instead of the final boss being Queen, Kris must fight Spamton NEO alone, making the fight considerably harder than it is on a normal route. To compensate, Kris gains two new abilities, X-Slash and Fried Pipis. X-Slash deals massive physical damage for 25% TP and Fried Pipis heals Kris for 120 HP at the cost of 32% TP. The fight itself is mostly the same until Spamton NEO reaches 10% of his HP. At this point, his AT is greatly lowered but his DF is greatly enhanced. Kris's damage done by normal attacks is capped at 10, and Spamton NEO's HP cannot be reduced below 6%; however, Spamton exclusively uses a weaker, simpler attack that is much easier to dodge until the end of the fight. The battle can only be concluded by ACTing multiple times, first to call for Ralsei and Susie twice each, which ends in failure each time. Then, the player calls for Noelle, who presumably shows up after the screen goes dark, dealing massive damage to Spamton. From there, the Snowgrave Route concludes, leaving a few differences to explore in Hometown.


There are more requirements to maintain this route than in Undertale's Genocide Route.

  • All enemies in all 19 encounters prior to Berdly's second battle must be frozen with Noelle's IceShock spell.
    • Enemies can be damaged with weapon attacks, but Noelle's IceShock must deal the final blow.
    • Sparing, pacifying, or defeating an enemy with a weapon attack aborts the route.
    • Additional encounters are added throughout Cyber City when progressing through the route (included in the total).
  • When interacting with the Addison who offers the Freeze Ring, the answers "We're something else" and "Get it" must be chosen.
  • The first forcefield puzzle must not be completed before the Freeze Ring is acquired. In an apparent oversight, if the Freeze Ring is skipped, the first button is pressed and passed, and the party backtracks to obtain the Freeze Ring, the puzzle's cutscene becomes "stuck" on the non-Snowgrave version (aborting the route)[3], but can be "unstuck" by leaving and re-entering the whole room (after obtaining the Freeze Ring).[4]
  • After acquiring the Freeze Ring, the "Proceed" dialogue option must be chosen at every opportunity.
  • The Thorn Ring must be equipped to Noelle when it is bought.
  • Berdly must be defeated with SnowGrave.

Meeting certain requirements moves the route to the next stage. When the requirements for Stages 1-6 are met, a sound effect (snd_ominous) is played, which is a little ring descending in pitch.


Dark World Differences

Stage 1

Requirements: Freeze the first Virovirokun encounter.
  • Kris's status menu description changes to Leader - "Commands."
  • Frozen enemies remain on screen and do not disappear when the room is re-entered.
  • When selecting "I will ride with you" at the Ferris wheel poster, the unique dialogue options "Noelle will ride with me" and "I'm Sorry" become available.
  • In the Trash Zone, when moving to the left side of Trashy's room, Noelle asks Kris if they're sure they aren't going the wrong way.
  • In the Trash Zone, in the room to the left of Trashy's room, 2 new encounters (a Virovirokun and a Werewire) appear.
  • SAVE Points no longer display dialogue.

Stage 2

Requirements: Freeze all 3 encounters in the Trash Zone (including the Poppup near the city entrance).
  • Trashy (and if present, Nubert) disappear from the Trash Zone.
  • The cars in the background of Cyber City disappear.
  • The cars on the roads before Annoying Mouse Room 1 are replaced with 2 new encounters (an Ambyu-Lance and a Tasque).
    • The traffic control buttons disappear.
    • The Werewire NPC on the left of the room disappears.
  • When interacting with the first Queen poster, Noelle responds with "..." and a saddened expression.
  • Checking Lancer in Key Items from this point onward displays "(Innocent boys are fast asleep.)".

Stage 3

Requirements: Freeze the 2 encounters on the car roads before Annoying Mouse Room 1.
  • The Swatchlings sweeping the road disappear.
  • The Addisons in the room with two Ambyu-Lances moving in a rectangular pattern disappear. In the room to the north, Ralsei, Susie, the Addison, and the balloons disappear, and the lights in the background no longer display moving patterns.
  • The cars on the roads before the Ferris wheel poster room are replaced with 2 new encounters (a Virovirokun and a Werewire).
    • The traffic control buttons disappear.
    • The Werewire and Plugboy NPCs on the right of the room disappear.
  • Icon Man and their friend disappear.

Stage 4

Requirements: Freeze the 2 encounters on the car roads before the room with the Ferris wheel poster, the Ambyu-Lances in the room next to the first Queen poster, and the enemies in the room with the Ferris wheel poster. Speak to the Addison near the Ferris wheel poster and answer his question with "We're something else".
  • When stepping into the area a short distance away from the Addison near the Ferris wheel poster, he stops the party and offers to sell them the Freeze Ring for 1 D$ more than the party currently has.
    • The background music in Cyber City stops after the offer is made, and does not start playing again until the route is aborted or proceeds to Stage 5.
    • The Freeze Ring must be obtained by repeatedly selecting "Get it" to continue the route. Noelle freezes the Addison (who disappears) and expresses horror that she did so, but quickly denies that it happened and states that it's "good to get stronger."
      • The party can backtrack to freeze additional enemies up to this point; the Addison offers the Freeze Ring upon returning.
  • After getting the Freeze Ring, the first forcefield puzzle can be disabled without aborting the route.
  • At the first forcefield puzzle, Noelle stands on the first switch while Kris moves to the second switch.
    • In a normal route, Kris stays on the first switch while Noelle moves to the second switch.
    • If Kris repeatedly interacts with Noelle instead of moving to the second switch, she wonders why Kris is staring at her instead of finishing the puzzle. She can sense them staring at her from behind.
    • Attempting to leave the room while Noelle is on the switch displays "(Shouldn't leave now.)"
    • When Kris crosses the disabled forcefield, Noelle twitches in place.
    • Once the forcefield is disabled, Noelle thinks to herself that it's horrible that she considered electrocuting Kris. There are two dialogue responses: "It's horrible" or "It's natural". In either case, Noelle is shocked at the response and assumes she must have said her thoughts out loud.

Stage 5

Requirements: Get the Freeze Ring; disable the first forcefield puzzle; answer Noelle with either option ("It's horrible" or "It's natural").
  • Several changes take place in Cyber City:
    • The background music switches to an alternate arrangement with a slower tempo.
    • Most of the background lights, advertisements, and hazard symbols disappear.
    • The traffic lights on the car roads stop swinging in place.
    • All SAVE point descriptions are replaced with "(You and Noelle are filled with power.)"
    • Overworld enemies run away from the party.
  • Noelle gains a new set of encounter animations:
    • When Noelle enters an encounter, she is no longer scared.
    • When Noelle is idle, she looks down.
    • When Noelle gets hit, she does not react.
    • When Noelle attacks, she mimics casting a spell instead of frantically waving her hands.
    • When Noelle defends, she constructs an ice wall instead of covering her eyes with her hands.
    • When Noelle ACTs with TakeCareX, she doesn't fall over.
    • Upon victory, Noelle appears to pray, and surrounds herself with a blue, snowglobe-like orb.
  • The boxes below the first forcefield puzzle disappear.
  • Queen's second interaction (in the room where Berdly's golden statue appears) is replaced by a Tasque encounter.
  • Sweet Cap'n Cakes are nowhere to be found in Cyber City, leaving their shop vacant. Up to four CD Bagels can be freely taken from one of the boxes.
  • The Addisons which offer shoe samples, the Mannequin, and the Tea do not appear (the Mannequin itself is also absent).
  • The cars in the room with two long car roads are replaced with 2 new encounters (an Ambyu-Lance and a Virovirokun).
    • The traffic control buttons are frozen solid.
  • The Dog Dumpster room is changed:
    • When first entering the room, Kris is no longer transported to the room with the Annoying Dog.
    • The room with the man behind a tree is no longer accessible.
    • Spamton occupies the dumpster. He tells the party they are currently weak, but that he will give the party something when they become stronger. He informs them of how many encounters remain to be frozen.
    • The moss in the corner does not glitter. Interacting with it displays "(It's some moss...)" and the party's titles do not change.
  • When the party enters Annoying Mouse Room 2, Noelle asks Kris how they should solve the puzzle. The player is given the options "Proceed" and "Let's solve it together!" / "Sorry, I'll do the puzzle" (which aborts the route).
    • Repeatedly answering "Proceed" causes Kris to push Noelle up against the forcefield, frightening her.
    • She eventually freezes the puzzle at the last second, disabling it.
    • The "Annoying Mouse Room 2" background banner is no longer displayed.

Stage 6

Requirements: Force Noelle to "Proceed" through Annoying Mouse Room 2.
  • The switch and mouse control buttons in Annoying Mouse Room 2 are frozen solid.
  • The cheese maze is replaced with two overworld Maus encounters.
  • Noelle freezes the Annoying Mouse Room 3 puzzle on her own when the party encounters it.
    • The "Annoying Mouse Room 3" background banner is no longer displayed.
    • The SAVE Point in this room is absent.
  • A second Poppup encounter appears in the room prior to Berdly's battle.
    • The Poppups are visible as soon as the party enters the room instead of revealing themselves as the party approaches.
    • The Poppups do not move on the overworld and hide when the party draws near.
  • Once all enemies have been defeated, backtracking to the Dog Dumpster room allows the party to buy the Thorn Ring from Spamton for 1997 Kromer.
    • Equipping it to Noelle is required to continue the route.
    • It changes her title to LV2 Ice Trancer - Receives pain to become stronger.
  • Berdly's battle is modified:
    • Noelle does not recognize Berdly at first, seeing him only as an enemy that she offers to freeze.
    • When she recognizes him, she explains that she and Kris were "getting stronger." Berdly senses that Kris is harming Noelle and threatens them.
    • Berdly's battle theme is replaced by a somber track of militaristic sounding drum beats creating a rhythm similar to a heartbeat.
    • Flavor text every turn is blank after the first round's "Berdly blocks the way!"
    • ACT options other than "Check" are replaced with "Glare" and "Wake."
      • Glare reduces Berdly's Defense by 5 and fills his mercy meter by +13%.
      • Wake increases Noelle's Magic by 3 and can be done up to 10 times.
    • Checking Berdly gives the text: "Enemy Weakness: ICE Try your strongest ice spell."
    • Berdly's facial expression in battle is serious instead of smirking.
    • Berdly does not speak in the battle, except to encourage Noelle to abandon Kris when Kris is downed or react to the first "Glare" ACT.
    • Berdly's Attack stat is reduced, but his attacks are much faster and more difficult to dodge. His "Spear Blast" attack creates twice as many spike projectiles.
    • Berdly only targets Kris until Kris is downed at least once.
      • When Kris is downed, Berdly attempts to persuade Noelle to abandon them, but she refuses, stating that she can "still hear their voice."
      • After this, Berdly attacks both Kris and Noelle.
    • If Kris is down, Berdly does not attack, and Kris gets up immediately after the next round (although he does not prematurely stop an attack that downs Kris).
    • Upon entering the battle, Noelle gains the spell SnowGrave, which must be used on Berdly to proceed to stage 7.
      • SnowGrave normally costs 200% TP, but wearing the Thorn Ring reduces the cost to 100% TP.
      • If ordered to cast SnowGrave, Noelle repeatedly protests that she doesn't know the spell, but eventually casts it anyway.
      • SnowGrave instantly defeats Berdly, encasing him in a prism of ice.

Stage 7

Requirements: Freeze Berdly with Noelle's SnowGrave spell. The route is now locked and can no longer be aborted.
  • Because Berdly was frozen by SnowGrave, he does not appear for the rest of the chapter.
  • Noelle leaves the party prematurely. She doesn't have a single appearance for the rest of the chapter outside of Hometown, an off-screen meeting with Susie, and casting spells off-screen during the Spamton NEO battle.
    • The scenes where Noelle explains her past to Kris, her meeting with Ralsei, and her encounters with Queen do not occur.
    • The scene where Ralsei explains the Roaring to her and Berdly does not occur.
  • The paths to the left and right are blocked off by traffic cones, preventing backtracking and exploring the rest of the city.
    • The sequence where Kris dodges traffic does not occur, thus the small car cannot be recruited to Castle Town.
    • Kris's initial meeting with Spamton does not occur. His shop and the items he sells are likewise inaccessible.
    • Cyber City Heights and its fireworks/puzzles are inaccessible.
  • The traffic cones to the north of the frozen Berdly are removed, opening a path leading to a manhole. Using the manhole directly skips to the front of the Queen's Mansion, where Kris meets up with Susie and Ralsei.
    • Susie and Ralsei ask if Kris is okay, taking note of their "hurt" facial expression.
    • Once the manhole is used, it closes, preventing a return to Cyber City.
  • SAVE Points in the Cyber World no longer display dialogue (like in Stage 1), and several of them are absent.
    • The SAVE Point in front of the traffic cones is slightly displaced to the left.
    • Every normally present SAVE Point in Queen's Mansion is removed except the one in the entrance hall.
  • The party enters Queen's Mansion through the front door instead of being imprisoned.
    • The Warp Door cannot be used to return to earlier areas.
    • Rouxls Kaard fully turns to stone and blocks off the entrance to Swatch's shop, trapping Swatch and the Swatchlings in the cafe and preventing the party from buying anything from the shop. This also prompts Ralsei's explanation about Darkners' incompatibility with other Dark Worlds.
    • Checking Lancer in Key Items from this point onward reveals that he has also become a statue.
  • Due to Queen's preoccupation with Noelle and her search for Berdly, Queen is absent from her mansion and Spamton takes control of it.
    • A slowed-down version of Deal Gone Wrong (Spamton NEO's "meeting" theme) plays throughout the mansion, including during battles.
    • All paintings of Queen are replaced by paintings of Spamton, and none of the paintings emit fire.
    • Various advertising symbols appear in the mansion's entrance, and an NPC tells the party that the Swatchlings are all trapped in the cafe, Queen is nowhere to be found and "a strange force has taken control of the mansion."
    • The basement is no longer accessible; if attempted, Spamton recognizes Kris, but tells them that he's too busy "BECOMING [God]" and to "GO PLAY [Minecrap]."
      • The barrier requiring KeyGen to bypass it is removed, making it possible to interact with the basement door immediately.
    • Pipis, an enemy normally only encountered in the Spamton NEO fight, appears frequently within the mansion, most notably in a maze made up entirely of them. Bumping into one triggers a battle.
  • Most cutscenes, NPCs, and puzzles in the Queen's Mansion are either skipped or completely missing, as paths not required for progression are blocked with forcefields or locked doors.
    • The shortcut to the third floor is open immediately and must be used to progress.
    • The rooms with items based on various Hometown residents' search history are no longer accessible.
    • The battery acid lake cannot be crossed, and the party is unable to battle with Rouxls Kaard because he has turned to stone.
    • The Thrash Machine never makes an appearance.
    • The Chain Mail, Glowshard, Revive Mint, and Revive Dust cannot be obtained.
  • The Mauswheel, Tasque Manager, and Werewerewire minibosses are encountered sooner in different locations and are noticeably stronger.
    • Tasque Manager's mercy meter cannot be filled by correctly answering quiz questions.
  • The party encounters Noelle's room much earlier. Susie enters, and when Ralsei asks Kris to "wonder how they are doing," Kris refuses to respond, concerning him. As a result, the scene between Susie and Noelle happens entirely off-screen.
    • When Susie exits, Ralsei begins to protest with "H-huh? What!? W-wait -- wait!? Wait, we were supposed to --", but is cut off.
    • Ralsei requests an explanation of what happened. Susie says that she told Noelle everything was a dream and that now she feels better.
    • She tells Kris that she'll explain what happened in more detail later, irritating Ralsei.
  • Queen never fights the party, and instead offers to "not stay in [the party's] way any longer" after Ralsei prematurely explains the Roaring to her. There is also unique dialogue found from her before fighting the final boss in this route, explaining how her sensors could not find Berdly anywhere, and that Noelle "is in no condition to assist her now."
  • Susie doesn't come with Kris to the Dark Fountain, instead offering to check on Noelle before leaving.
  • An additional room is added just before the Dark Fountain, containing a SAVE Point and a vending machine which sells "pre-fountain refreshments" (CD Bagels) for 120 D$ each.
  • Spamton NEO fights Kris alone at the fountain, replacing Queen as the final boss of the route.
    • He cannot be spared.
    • His Defense stat is reduced to -27, causing Kris to deal 81 more damage when selecting FIGHT.
    • ACT options other than Check are replaced with X-Slash, which deals a large amount of damage at the cost of 25% TP, and FriedPipis, which heals Kris for 120 HP at the cost of 32% TP.
    • Spamton NEO's "ultimate attack" where he takes up most of the screen displays "WRECK" when inhaling dollar-shaped bullets and "SPEW" when exhaling projectiles, similar to Mettaton EX's "REC"/"REW" text in his Undertale battle.
    • Upon reaching 10% or less HP, he activates a "[BLUELIGHT SPECIL]," lowering his Attack and exclusively using the Pipis "exploding heads" attack, which is easier to dodge. However, his HP cannot drop below 6% and all weapon damage done by Kris is capped between 5 and 10.
    • Kris calls out for Ralsei and Susie, prompting Spamton to mock them.
    • The player ("You") whispers Noelle's name. She quickly appears and defeats Spamton off-screen with three IceShock spells.
    • Spamton NEO's Shadow Crystal and Puppet Scarf are silently obtained; it is impossible to obtain Dealmaker.
  • Kris seals the Dark Fountain in silence and with the screen pitch black.
  • After witnessing the cutscene with Noelle and Rudy in the hospital, the SAVE Point in Castle Town reads "After a long day, you have returned to the castle town. But, you still feel the power in your hands..."

Hometown Differences

  • Berdly does not wake up and doesn't leave the computer lab after Kris exits it. Subsequently, he is nowhere to be seen in Hometown and his fate is left uncertain.
  • Noelle's dialogue changes once she wakes up.
    • She describes her dream as a nightmare and says that she's glad she woke up.
    • She notices that Berdly hasn't woken up, but dismisses it as him simply falling asleep from studying too hard.
    • She asks if Susie has a tail, potentially to reassure herself that the experience was a dream, and also implying that the "romantic" scene between Susie and Noelle on a normal route still happened off-screen.
    • In a normal route, Noelle looks at Susie to try to see if she has a tail, but does not directly ask; this is indicative of her increased boldness.
  • After Noelle leaves the computer lab, Susie remarks that "it doesn't feel like [they] just saved the world." On the normal route, Susie instead excitedly tells Kris that they just saved the world.
  • When checking the sliding bead toy in the hospital, one of the blue beads is broken and torn off.
  • The conversation between Noelle and her father in the hospital has altered dialogue:
    • Noelle doesn't want to give up control of the game, and suggests to use Ice Shock instead of Fire Shock on the boss she's battling.
    • Noelle notices Kris and has a scared expression before Susie right before she leaves her dad's hospital room. Susie stays behind when Kris tries to leave, due to Rudy asking to have a conversation in private. This triggers a scene where Noelle is talking to herself about how strange Kris has been acting, both in her dream and in the real world, noting that she heard a strange voice that wasn't Kris giving her orders. Noelle wonders to herself why Kris keeps coming to the hospital, to which Kris can respond with either "To see you" or "To see your father." Either way, Noelle is shocked by Kris's presence.
      • If Kris has the Silver Watch equipped, Noelle asks in a shaky voice "Why are you wearing... my watch? Wh... when did you..." Kris can respond with either "In your dream" or "...", but Susie interrupts and the game progresses the same regardless of the choice.
      • Otherwise, Noelle asks herself why Kris's voice just sounded so terrifying, recognizing it as the voice that had been commanding her in the Dark World. Kris can respond with either "Because it wasn't a dream" or "...", but Susie interrupts and the game progresses the same regardless of the choice.
      • Player control is enabled during this scene. Stepping towards Noelle once cuts the dialogue to the part where Noelle notices Kris is present. Stepping twice makes Noelle exclaim "S-stop! Don't come any closer!" with a shaky voice. Stepping thrice is required to dismiss that message box.

Aborted Route Differences

Casting SnowGrave on enemies other than Berdly causes them to break apart instead of running away.

  • Choosing the "We're fine" prompt when talking to the Addison selling the Freeze Ring aborts the route, with Noelle saying "Y-Yeah, we don't need anything like that. (Though if Susie bought me a ring...)"
  • Choosing the "Let's solve it together!" or "Sorry, I'll do the puzzle" prompt at the second annoying mouse puzzle aborts the route, with Noelle saying "Y... Yeah, you're right, Kris! (I thought Kris was acting strange, but... I guess it was just another joke...?)"
  • Choosing the "I'm protecting her from you!" prompt at the Berdly encounter aborts the route and results in unique lines:
    • Berdly: From... me!?
    • Noelle: (Th... that's right, what was I thinking just now?)
    • Noelle: (That's right... Kris is my friend, right?)
    • Berdly: What absurdity!! Kris!!
    • Berdly: Did you leave your IQ points at home!?
    • Berdly: Noelle is only going to be protected BY ME!
    • Berdly: And I'll FIGHT HER to PROVE IT!
    • Noelle: W-wait, just listen to me---!!
  • Sparing Berdly after choosing "Proceed" aborts the route, though Noelle has unique lines after the fight where she contemplates Kris's behavior and eventually decides that they must have been trying to prank Berdly.
  • Defeating Berdly by FIGHTing or using IceShock after choosing "Proceed" aborts the route without any unique lines, but unlike sparing, this causes the SnowGrave spell to remain as an option in Noelle's Magic menu. Casting SnowGrave on regular enemies makes them turn red and break into square pieces.

If the route is aborted at any time:

  • A bright increasing-pitch sound is played to indicate that the player is no longer on the Snowgrave Route.
  • Kris's title changes back to "Tactician" or "Bed Inspector".
  • Noelle's title remains, but can be overridden by finding the Moss, changing her description to "Moss Neutral."
  • Noelle's encounter animations return to normal.
  • All areas return to normal as if the route never happened, and all frozen enemies disappear on room refresh.
  • The Freeze Ring and Thorn Ring do not disappear.
  • If the Freeze Ring is acquired, the Addison who it was obtained from does not reappear.
  • If the Thorn Ring is acquired, defeating Spamton by depleting his HP results in altered dialogue.
    • Normally when defeated this way, Spamton says "YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE ALL THAT EARLIER! AND BEEN THE FIRST TO OWN MY [Commemorative Ring]." If the Thorn Ring is acquired, he instead says "IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN BEAT ME UP, JUST BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT MY [Commemorative Ring]! AT LEAST BUY [2]!"


  • The Snowgrave Route shares several similarities with Undertale's Genocide Route and could be seen as a successor to the concept.
    • It is triggered by choosing exclusively aggressive/violent options in battle and causes significant changes in dialogue, story, and encounters as a result.
    • Music in the overworld and some battles becomes slowed and distorted.
    • Puzzles in the overworld become disabled, either automatically or by actions outside of the player's direct control.
    • Optional areas are blocked off by forcefields, forcing Kris along a more linear path.
    • The dumpster displays the number of enemies remaining in the area, a trait shared by Undertale's SAVE Points after starting the Genocide Route.
    • The final boss of the route is significantly more difficult than the standard final boss. Even though Spamton NEO can be encountered optionally on the normal route, only Kris is present during the fight on the Snowgrave Route, increasing the difficulty further.
    • The final boss also attempts to stall Kris out at the end of the fight, giving up on offensive tactics in favor of ones designed to indefinitely delay defeat.
    • During the final phase of the battle with Spamton NEO, attempting to call on Ralsei or Susie displays the text "...but nobody came." This is a recurring phrase in the Genocide Route, usually displayed when all the monsters in an area have been killed.
  • Unlike in Undertale's Genocide Route, there are many hints to the Snowgrave Route throughout the chapter.
    • The Manual written by Ralsei in Castle Town states that breaking bonds through violent actions could "make you stronger."
    • Usually, when winning fights violently, the game states that the party has grown stronger; however, when with Noelle the game states "Noelle got stronger" instead. Additionally, Noelle's Coldness stat increases for every enemy frozen.
      • The first Virovirokun encountered with Noelle is unique in that it is the only enemy that has low enough HP that Noelle's weakest (lowest Coldness) Ice Shock attack freezes it instantly. Additionally, the dark and ominous blippy sound always plays if it is frozen.
    • When defeated with IceShock, enemies remain frozen in the overworld. They only remain on the overworld when the room is refreshed if the player is on the Snowgrave Route (including for the first enemy defeated in this way).
    • If Lancer is checked in the inventory right after Noelle first joins Kris, he notices her and asks "Can we make them a bad guy?"
    • After joining up with Noelle, she gives dialogue if Kris backtracks towards the previous room.
    • If Spamton is defeated violently on the normal route, he points out their cruelty and states "YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE ALL THAT EARLIER! AND BEEN THE FIRST TO OWN MY [Commemorative Ring]", referring to the Thorn Ring.
    • It is possible to force Noelle to "Proceed" through the first Annoying Mouse Puzzle on a normal route,[5] as there is no obstacle actually blocking the path toward the next screen. Kris can thus walk to the exit by simply travelling over the button, and can then command Noelle to do the same.
  • In Undertale, the protagonist kills all enemies themselves in the Genocide Route. However, in the Snowgrave Route, final blows on all enemies are commanded by the protagonist.
  • Prior to the v1.0.5 update, the final three damage numbers inflicted to Spamton NEO used the color of Kris (blue). It is now the same color of Noelle's damage numbers (yellow).
  • It could be interpreted that Kris's actions in the Snowgrave Route are being done by the player against the character's will, and it is implied moreso than it is in Undertale:
    • Noelle describes the voice she heard coming from Kris as different than what they usually sound like.
    • Susie and Ralsei notice Kris seems off and possibly hurt after the fight with Berdly, which could indicate they are distraught.
    • If Kris is downed during the fight with Berdly, Noelle comments on how she can still hear their voice, hinting that it isn't Kris's voice she's hearing. She also argues as normal when asked to use SnowGrave even if Kris is down.
    • When calling out for help from Susie and Ralsei, the game refers to Kris in the third person. When calling out for Noelle, the game refers to the player in the second person.


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