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See that HEART, Kris?
That's your SOUL, the culmination of your being!
Within, it holds your WILL... your COMPASSION...
... and the FATE of the world.


The SOUL is the very essence of one's being. It plays a crucial role in the progression and plot of Deltarune. A SOUL takes on the form of a heart. Without the SOUL, Kris appears to have difficulty moving and cannot be controlled by the player.


The player can move Kris's SOUL using the arrows keys or control stick (depending on the configured controls and platform).

In menus, the SOUL indicates the selected option, even during the Introduction (before Kris is introduced).

During the enemy's turn in an encounter, Kris's SOUL can be moved around the Bullet Board. It is restricted by the box's borders, and can be slowed by 50% using the cancel button. If the SOUL is hit, one or more party members take damage depending on who the enemy's attack targeted.

If the SOUL gets close to a bullet without being hit, it "grazes" the attack. A white heart outline briefly displays around the SOUL if an attack was successfully "grazed." Grazing attacks causes the enemy's attack to end faster and earns TP.

In the Dark World's overworld, some obstacles can damage the party outside of battle. When near such an obstacle, the world darkens, and Kris's SOUL is visible. If Kris's SOUL is hit by an overworld bullet, the whole party takes damage. Party members can withstand damage at 1 HP until the last ally has same amount. Grazing bullets from these obstacles does not reward anything, and the menu is not accessible when the SOUL is visible.

If all party members have 1 HP in the overworld or negative HP in battle, the SOUL breaks in half and shatters. This leads to the Game Over screen.

SOUL Modes[]

Deltarune has SOUL Modes, similar to Undertale's SOUL Modes. When meeting certain enemies, they can alter the SOUL's color and change the way it behaves.


SOUL overworld.png While the SOUL is red, it behaves normally. It can move in any direction at a constant speed, and can slow down by holding [X] or Shift. Unlike Undertale, there is no cut scene of the SOUL's heart sprouting legs when it runs away from a battle, as battles cannot be fled from in Deltarune.


SOUL battle yellow.png

I COULD [[Killed]] YOU!

Spamton NEO

In the battle with Spamton NEO, Kris's SOUL becomes yellow and turns to face right. This allows the player to shoot bullets by pressing the CONFIRM button (Z by default on PC). These bullets can be shot at blue objects to damage them, destroying bullets or ending the opponent's turn faster.

Holding down the CONFIRM button charges a big shot, which can discharged by releasing that button. On systems with two CONFIRM buttons (such as on PC, where Enter is always a CONFIRM button in addition to the button selected in the config menu), holding one of the CONFIRM buttons while releasing the other fires a big shot without losing the charge; since version 1.06, doing this several times makes Spamton NEO angry, making the fight more difficult by increasing the damage of his bullets and making his attacks more chaotic.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

During the fight against King, Kris's SOUL can shine its power to a party member, allowing them to cast new and improved Spells (such as Dual Heal for Ralsei). This only occurs if a party member is ordered to Talk to King.

After defeating King, Kris uses their SOUL to seal the Eastern Fountain. After this, Kris and Susie wake up in the unused classroom.

At the end of Chapter 1, Kris rips their SOUL out of their body and throws it into the birdcage in the corner of their bedroom. Kris then pulls out a knife with a red glint in their eye. The player can move the SOUL around within the cage but cannot control Kris, indicating that Kris's SOUL is what grants the player's ability to control them.

Chapter 2[]

During Kris's first encounter with Spamton, he demands to see Kris's "HeartShapedObject," presumably referring to their SOUL. After seeing Kris's SOUL in battle, he offers Kris a deal.

After transforming into Spamton NEO, Spamton realizes that he is still controlled by strings. He attempts to kill Kris and absorb their SOUL, believing that doing so would finally free him.

At the end of Cyber World, Kris uses their SOUL to seal the Cyber World's Dark Fountain. After this, the Lightners wake up in the Library (although Berdly does not wake up if defeated on the Snowgrave Route).

At the end of Chapter 2, at Toriel's house, after Kris runs the water to wash their hands, they rip out their SOUL and trap it in the cupboard. Kris then jumps out the window, returning after a significant duration, then returns their SOUL to their body. After Kris, Susie, and Toriel all go to sleep, Kris wakes up in the middle of the night and once again rips out their SOUL, this time placing it on the couch. Kris then opens the front door and creates a Dark Fountain in the middle of the living room. Kris then puts their SOUL back in their chest.



  • In Chapter 1, while the player is unable to select Susie's actions versus Lancer, the SOUL can be moved to dodge attacks. The SOUL appears and returns from the top right of the screen during his turn, where Kris and the SOUL is located. Toby Fox has confirmed that this is intentional.[1]
  • After the Annoying Dog depletes Kris's HP, the Undertale Game Over screen appears. The SOUL does not shatter, and instead displays Kris laying down.
  • Spamton is the first Darkner who explicitly wants to absorb Kris's SOUL.


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