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Rudinn Ranger is an enemy encountered in Card Castle. They are the Card Castle variant of Rudinn and represent the Diamond playing card suit.



Rudinn Ranger is identical to a regular Rudinn, except with a crimson color scheme and a bigger knife. Their helmet, unlike Rudinn's, has a small visor, obstructing their face.


Rudinn Rangers are loyal and serious, obeying to King's order to attack the party. They seem to share similar interests with Susie, such as "ham sandwiches," and favor compliments.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

After a brief conversation, the party pursues Lancer, and numerous Rudinn Rangers appear to intercept. They chase after and target Kris with scattered diamond bullets, then with rows as Kris gets closer to the castle. As the party successfully reaches the entrance, Lancer shuts the gate. Rudinn Rangers surround and knock out the party before Ralsei can reason with them.

As Susie finds Lancer, a Rudinn Ranger is listening to Lancer's orders. When she calls Lancer out, the Rudinn Ranger flees.

Rudinn Rangers later appear as regular enemies on Floor 1F.

Chapter 2[]

Rudinn Rangers are recruited to Castle Town by default. One can be found near Party Dojo with a Rudinn. They are thankful to Kris, and declares the day "National Ham Sandwich Day of Independence!"

Rudinn Rangers can be placed at tables in the Café for unique interactions. They always smile at Kris and refer to them as "Boss." If paired with a Rudinn, the Rudinn Ranger requests for a triple "Starfait."

In Battle[]


Rudinn Rangers slices toward the SOUL, sending out a pinkish colored, knife shaped laser projectile. Rudinn Ranger moves up and down during the attack, changing the direction of where the projectiles are coming from.


  • Ordering Susie to compliment the Rudinn Ranger allows it to be spared.
  • If the Rudinn Ranger is spared 4 times, it becomes spareable.
  • If Kris tries to convince the Rudinn Ranger that fighting is bad, it becomes Tired, allowing Ralsei to Pacify it.
  • If Kris tries to convince the Rudinn Ranger that fighting is bad twice, it becomes spareable.
  • If the Rudinn Ranger is reduced to 85 HP or lower, it becomes Tired.


  • Long live the King! [Neutral]
  • Glimmer glammor [Neutral]
  • Perish, Lightners! [Neutral]
  • I'm the, diamond, here's the rough! [Neutral]
  • Enough! You can't convince me! [Convince]
  • No one ever said THAT to me before... [Compliment]
  • The King never said THAT to me before... [Compliment]
  • Yeah it would be weird. [Compliment #3+]

Flavor Text[]

  • Ideally multicolored, but they all wanted to be red. [Check]
  • Rudinn Rangers came sparkling into view! [Encounter]
  • Rudinn Ranger gleams gallantly. [Neutral]
  • Rudinn Ranger puts a power limiter on its feelings. [Neutral]
  • Rudinn Ranger fantasizes about divine gems. [Neutral]
  • Rudinn Ranger pledges allegiance. [Neutral]
  • Smells like crystal. [Neutral]
  • You tried to explain why fighting is bad. But Rudinn Ranger just became TIRED... [Convince]
  • You told Susie to COMPLIMENT the enemy! [Compliment #1]
  • Susie COMPLIMENTed the enemy...? [Compliment #2]
  • Susie actively didn't COMPLIMENT the enemy! [Compliment #3+]
  • Rudinn Ranger is starting to fall asleep. [Tired]
  • Rudinn Ranger's luster begins to fade. [Low HP]
  • Rudinn Ranger seems totally flattered. [Spare conditions met]



  • Rudinn Ranger's appearance and description are both references to the Power Rangers, a squad of Sentai fighters who all wear outfits of different colors.
  • All of the Rudinn Rangers choose to have a red outfit because it is the color of the diamond card suit which they represent.
  • In the Japanese localization, they are known as モンディンジャー [Mondinger].