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RouxlsRoux is an item that can be bought in Rouxls Kaard's shop in Chapter 1. It restores 50HP in the overworld, and 60HP (Chapter 1) or 50HP (Chapter 2) in battle.

Flavor Text[]

  • Cool, it's wriggling. [When using it on Susie]
  • Yum, is this spaghetti? [When using it on Ralsei]
  • Tastes like... jumprope? [When using it on Noelle]


  • RouxlsRoux is based on roux, a mixture of fat and flour used to make sauces.
  • In Chapter 1, despite its in battle description stating that it heals 50HP, it actually heals 60HP in battle. This was corrected in Chapter 2, where it now heals 50HP in battle.