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Plain foods and spells, work like a charm -
And with a MINT, you can cure all HARM.

Kris Master

Revive Mint is an item found in the Forest (in a chest), the Card Castle (in another chest that appears by interacting with all three spade portraits on the fourth floor), the Cyber Field (in the chest in the Virovirokun puzzle), and the Mansion (in the chest behind the painting in the painting puzzle). When used on a knocked-down party member, their HP is fully restored. When used on an active party member, half of their maximum HP is restored.

Flavor Text[]

  • I'm ALIVE!!! [When using it on Susie]
    • (You weren't dead) [Ralsei, when using it on Susie]
  • Ah, I'm refreshed! [When using it on Ralsei]
    • (Don't look it) [Susie, when using it on Ralsei]
  • Mints? I love mints! [When using it on Noelle]


  • When interacting with a chest that used to contain a Revive Mint, there appear to be some "minty shards," which Ralsei tells Susie not to eat.
    • If Susie is not in the party, Ralsei instead tells Kris not to eat them.