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Plain foods and spells, work like a charm -
And with a MINT, you can cure all HARM.

Kris Master

Revive Mint is an item that fully restores the HP of a downed party member during an encounter. If used on a conscious party member, half of their maximum HP is restored.

Revive Mints can be found in various locations in Chapter 1 and 2:

  • Forest: In a chest between the Bake Sale and Maze
  • Card Castle: In a chest that appears by interacting with all three spade portraits on the fourth floor
  • Cyber Field: In a chest that can be revealed during the Virovirokun puzzle
  • Queen's Mansion: In a chest behind a painting in the painting puzzle

Flavor Text[]

  • I'm ALIVE!!! [When using it on Susie]
    • (You weren't dead) [Ralsei, when using it on Susie]
  • Ah, I'm refreshed! [When using it on Ralsei]
    • (Don't look it) [Susie, when using it on Ralsei]
  • Mints? I love mints! [When using it on Noelle]


  • In Chapter 1, when interacting with a chest that used to contain a Revive Mint, there appear to be some "minty shards," which Ralsei tells Susie not to eat.
    • If Susie is not in the party, Ralsei instead tells Kris not to eat them.