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Recruits is a game mechanic introduced in Chapter 2. If the party spares enough enemies of the same type, they are recruited into Castle Town.


Recruiting only works on standard enemies, not bosses. If the party ever defeats an enemy violently, that enemy becomes LOST (even if they had already been recruited), and it becomes impossible to recruit that type of enemy ever again; however, defeating enemies violently increases the party members' maximum HP. Battles in the Party Dojo do not affect recruitment, so enemies can be defeated violently without becoming LOST.

At the start of Chapter 2, all Chapter 1 enemies are automatically made recruits regardless of whether they were spared or defeated violently in Chapter 1. This is presumably due to the lack of the Recruits feature in Chapter 1 meaning that the appropriate information was not tracked in the SAVE file at that time. Starting in the 1.07 patch, if the party did defeat enemies violently in Chapter 1, Lancer mentions that he used his authority to pardon the party's crimes.


Recruited enemies appear around Castle Town. Some characters in Castle Town comment on the absence of particular enemies; for example, Swatch comments on the absence of the Swatchlings.

Recruitment progress can be reviewed at SAVE points. The Recruits menu displays the number of recruited enemies and how many more enemies should be spared for that enemy type to be recruited, for all enemies for which at least one individual has been recruited. Additionally, the recruitment counter is also displayed upon sparing enemies when that type of enemy has not been fully recruited yet. This menu is not accessible when on the Snowgrave Route. However, it is re-enabled after sparing an enemy in Queen's Mansion.

The recruits menu displays profiles of each recruited enemy: Their name, a brief description, their level, Attack, Defense, Element, Likes and Dislikes. There are two slots below Likes and Dislikes left empty, presumably to be used in future chapters.

In the Cafe, recruits can be placed at tables, where the party can talk with them about the drinks they like. There are three tables around which recruits can be given a seat, and the pair around the southern table are implied to be sharing it. Tasque Manager is the only recruit who cannot be placed at a table, as she is already present at the top of the Cafe.

Chapter 2[]

If the party has not recruited all of the possible enemies in the Cyber World, but also has not LOST any enemies, Trashy appears near the end of Queen's Mansion, reminding the party that they are near the end so should check to make sure they have recruited all possible enemies.

When assembling the Thrash Machine mecha before the GIGA Queen battle, only recruited enemies contribute to its formation. Mauswheel, Werewire and Werewerewire do not appear (although Maus and Plugboy do), but still contribute towards the Thrash Machine's HP. Each enemy recruited contributes 5 HP to the total HP of the Thrash Machine, up to a maximum of 250 if all enemies are recruited.

If the party does not recruit all of the possible enemies in the Cyber World, Nubert does not come to Castle Town, which Queen notices in her dialogue upon arrival. Additionally, King taunts the party that they left people behind, and the Castle Town basement scene with King and Queen does not occur.

Some challenges at the Party Dojo are only unlocked if the appropriate enemies are recruited. Sweet Cap'n Cakes's Music Room is only open if all enemies have been recruited.

List of recruits[]

Chapter 1[]

Chapter 2[]

Cafe Quotes and Flavor Text[]

Individual Interactions[]

  • Hey, boss! I'll have a Dark Candy Starfait! [Rudinn]
  • (Hathy is going to order a heart-foam latte.) [Hathy]
  • (Looks like it wants to osmose some flavorful cubes.) [Ponman]
  • (Looks like it wants to be dabbed with rubbing alcohol.) [Rabbick]
  • Everything tastes better with a normally-shaped body! [Bloxer]
  • Lemonade? ... Please. [Jigsawry]
  • Boss...? You're treating me...? Oh, you shouldn't have! (smile) [Rudinn Ranger]
  • (Head Hathy drinks an ice tea in silence...) [Head Hathy]
  • Pipooo! Nothing beats a nice shot of espresso... Want me to give you a "shot", too!? [Ambyu-Lance]
  • (It's drinking K_K's electric milk JPEG.) [Tasque]
  • (It has some kind of energy drink.) [Werewire]
  • (It's drinking melted cheese.) [Maus]
  • Wanna share my soda? We'll both get sick that way... Hee hee. [Virovirokun]
  • Boss? Shall we sit down and enjoy a nice earl grey? [Swatchling]
  • (... it's crushing its energy drink with its hand...) [Werewerewire]
  • (It's getting electricity from the melted cheese like a water wheel) [Mauswheel]

Southern Table Pair Interactions[]

  • Sure is great to be here with my best friend Hathy. [Rudinn paired with Hathy]
  • (Hathy seems fine.) [Hathy paired with Rudinn]
  • Sigh... does this guy have to one-up me on everything!? [Rudinn paired with Rudinn Ranger]
  • I'll have a double Starfait. No, triple. Oh, hi, boss! (Smile) [Rudinn Ranger paired with Rudinn]
  • (Hathy is letting Head Hathy have a sip of her latte.) [Hathy paired with Head Hathy]
  • (Head Hathy doesnt seem so alone...) [Head Hathy paired with Hathy]
  • (I'm the dust off his shoulder.) (Sukkiri.) [Rabbick paired with Swatchling]
  • We'll make sure to clean our plates. (Sukkiri.) [Swatchling paired with Rabbick]
  • (... it seems relaxed its partner is so quiet.) [Head Hathy paired with Werewerewire]
  • (...) [Werewerewire paired with Head Hathy]
  • I'll get you next time, pipo! ... Want some more sugar? [Ambyu-Lance paired with Virovirokun]
  • We don't get along... but we can drink together. [Virovirokun paired with Ambyu-Lance]
  • [Miaouw] [Tasque paired with Maus]
  • [Brrrrrrrr....] [Maus paired with Tasque]
  • (... it seems annoyed that its energy drink has been crushed.) [Werewire paired with Werewerewire]
  • (It's crushing many of the surrounding drinks.) [Werewerewire paired with Werewire]

Other Interactions[]

  • Boss, are you enjoying your Butler Cafe? [Seated Swatchling when every other seat also has Swatchlings]
  • (... it's staring at the southern seats and crushing its drink hard.) [Werewerewire seated north of a Head Hathy, after interacting with a Head Hathy and Werewerewire pair]
  • (... looks like it's about to flip its table over.) [Werewerewire seated north of a Head Hathy and Werewire pair, after interacting with a Head Hathy and Werewerewire pair]


  • There is unused recruit info for Jevil, who, like other bosses, cannot be recruited.
  • Pipis are the only non-boss enemies from Chapter 2 who cannot be recruited.
  • Some non-enemy NPCs appear in Castle Town under unique conditions similar to the recruit system:
    • Hacker appears if all three of his Blue Checkmarks were collected.
    • Nubert appears if all enemies were recruited.
    • A tiny car appears if fewer than three cars were hit during the driving segment.
  • If save editing is used to recruit an enemy with no recruit info, it displays as "Known Quantity [ID]." The image shown is a randomized sprite.