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Welcome. I am the Prince of this Kingdom...

Ralsei introducing himself in Chapter 1

Ralsei is a Darkner and one of the deuteragonists (along with Susie) of Deltarune. He claims to be the "Prince from the Dark" mentioned in the Prophecy.

Having weaker attack and less max health, and with the ability to cast healing spells, Ralsei acts as the party's healer.



Ralsei is depicted as a short Darkner. He initially wears a hooded, dark blue cloak which obscures his face, resembling the River Person. During Chapter 1, Ralsei's pointed green hat covers his horns, concealing his entire face in shadow. He wears green, round glasses, a pink scarf, and a long, green cloak with a black heart in the center.

Ralsei face no glasses

Ralsei without glasses.

At the end of Chapter 1, Ralsei resembles a boss monster. His face is similar to Asriel's Undertale counterpart, with the exception of glasses, pink shaded horns, and pink fur accents. Without his glasses, his eyes are visibly pink-colored with detailed eyelashes and what appears to be pink eyeshadow.

In Chapter 2, certain details of Ralsei's robe change compared to his Chapter 1 appearance. The sleeves on Ralsei's robe change to black, the edges become more uniform rather than appearing tattered, and the emblem on his chest appears to change from a heart to an inverted spade. The latter matches early concept art by Temmie Chang. This element is only present on some of his sprites, with most of his in-battle sprites and some of his overworld sprites reverting to a heart emblem.

When downed in battle, Ralsei disappears, leaving only his clothes on the ground.


Ralsei is very humble and kind, showing genuine care for the well-being of his friends to the point of selflessness. At the beginning of Chapter 1, Ralsei tries his best to befriend Kris and Susie in order to fulfill The Prophecy with them. Trying to be on good terms, he shows reluctance at getting angry and appears disappointed when Kris or Susie act mean. Nevertheless, Ralsei remains convinced that they have good in them and that fighting is not necessary in this world. His naivety almost costs him his life when he accepts King's fake-out surrender and heals him, allowing him to betray and defeat them. Ralsei learns from this to not always be so trustful of others.

Ralsei enjoys baking cakes, especially for his friends. This caring side sometimes shows up when he encourages Susie and Kris to do their homework, emphasizing the importance of education, indicating his responsible nature. Despite his occasionally bossy behavior, he is himself prone to being the one bossed around, especially by Susie. He becomes flustered when receiving gifts or affection, likely due to his past isolation and lack of familiarity with others.

Although gentle and shy, Ralsei is equally courageous, as he seldom retreats in the face of danger and displays no fear in life-threatening situations.

Ralsei also differs from other Darkners in that he is able to survive in any Dark World without turning to stone. He is also aware of the connection between a Dark World and the Light World, as he knows about the unused classroom and its connection to the Card Kingdom.

Main Story


Until meeting Kris and Susie, Ralsei lived alone in Castle Town, not having any subjects despite his title of prince. It is unclear if the others inhabitants ever existed at some point. Ralsei knew about the Prophecy and waited for Kris and Susie before finally meeting them.

Chapter 1

Ralsei is the first Darkner that Kris and Susie encounter upon their arrival into the Castle Town. He appears as a hooded figure who greets the two by their names at the door of his castle. He introduces himself as a "Prince of Darkness" and tells the two classmates about the Prophecy, explaining that Kris, Susie and he are the heroes and must perform their duty of saving the world. Susie shows no interest in doing so. After being interrupted by Lancer bumping into him and initiating a brief fight with Kris and Susie, Ralsei takes off his cloak and properly introduces himself.

As Susie refuses to join the party, Ralsei ends up with Kris only. He first teaches them how to fight in the Dark World using a Dummy. He tells Kris that fighting is not necessary and teaches them how to deal peacefully with enemies encountered. The two get to know each other better from this interaction, after which Ralsei offers Kris a Manual of instructions. FIGHTing the Dummy or tossing the manual saddens Ralsei.

After that, the two enter the Card Kingdom, beginning at the Field. On their way, they run multiple times onto Lancer, who is unsuccessfully trying to antagonize them on his father's will. Ralsei, seeing how ineffective Lancer is, is not threatened by him and instead tries his best to befriend him. They also meet many enemies and other Darkners warning them about Susie's ravage and beating. Ralsei becomes worried and tells Kris they have to stop her as soon as possible. They finally find her, stuck at a puzzle that requires three party members to solve. After solving the puzzle, Ralsei convinces Susie that she cannot continue alone and should join the party.

Susie, now in the party, does not get along well with Ralsei, due to Ralsei's pacifistic tendencies and Susie's combative tendencies clashing. This can cause C. Round to run away in its encounter. After travelling through the Great Board they reach King Round and initiate a battle. Susie focuses on attacking King Round, which turns out to be useless as it can heal itself infinitely. Ralsei, following Kris's advice, starts to bow, prompting the boss to do the same, until the crown that gives it power falls off its head and ends the battle. Ralsei calls out Susie on her uselessness during the battle and tells her to start acting like the hero she is. Susie, offended by his scolding, decides to join Lancer as a bad guy since he has actual admiration for her villainy.

During Kris and Ralsei's journey through the Forest, Ralsei becomes the target of many of Lancer and Susie's schemes. He is glad that Susie has finally found a friend and hopes the hostility between her and him does not last long. The two rival teams eventually start a battle, making the deal that the party which loses must join the winners. Regardless of the result, the two parties are united, with Lancer now siding with them. After Susie complains about her hunger, Ralsei offers to bake her a cake if she stops making fun of him, but she declines and laughs at him.

Lancer then turns his back on the party and sends a troop of Rudinn Rangers to jail them in the Card Castle dungeon. After waking up in the same cell as Kris, Ralsei asks them to find a way out. After they fail to do so, they hear Susie, who has managed to escape. While she looks for a way out, Ralsei tells Kris to imagine what she could be doing. They are eventually freed by Susie and the three take the elevator to go to the next castle floor. In the elevator, Susie tells Ralsei that she is willing to listen to him and resort to ACTing, much to Ralsei's gladness. Despite now being on better terms, Susie does still find joy in teasing Ralsei. For example, during the second encounter with King Round, she defeats it by throwing Ralsei at its crown until it falls off.

Arriving at the roof of the castle, the party finally meets King, the keeper of the Dark Fountain who wants to rule over the Lightners. Ralsei tries to talk him out of fighting but King does not listen and starts a battle. When Ralsei tries to reason with King in-battle, the latter is amused by the naivety of Ralsei and simply laughs it off. After being defeated, King surrenders and apologizes for what he did, asking to solve their conflicts peacefully. Ralsei accepts his surrender and asks to befriend him, which King agrees to. Ralsei then heals King, but he immediately throws a surprise attack at the party and attempts to kill them, before being finally stopped either by Lancer or Ralsei depending on if the player has harmed any enemy or not (with the exception of the battle with the Dummy, Lancer (and also with Susie) and Jevil).

At the aftermath, Ralsei apologizes to Susie for thinking he could solve this fight peacefully as he realizes he put everyone in danger by buying into the surrender of King. Susie forgives him as she also learned that constant violence is not the answer either. Now that the Fountain is accessible, Ralsei tells Kris and Susie to go seal it, but before that, he bids them farewell and takes off his hat, revealing his face, much to Susie's surprise. He promises to bake her a cake at her return, and she promises to be nicer to him.

Chapter 2

The next day, after Kris and Susie come back to Castle Town, they meet Ralsei again, who tells them that it felt like a long time since last seeing them, due to the fact that he's never had friends before so he's never had to wait for them to come back either. Susie asks where everyone is and Ralsei tells Kris to go to the unused classroom to the east of the storage closet, gather everything and bring it back to the Dark World.

After Kris returns and all the Dark World citizens appear, Ralsei takes Susie and Kris up to his castle, showing them their rooms in the castle. He tells them that they could go there no matter what is happening outside. Once Kris is prepared to leave, Susie brings up that she doesn't want to do their group project, to which Ralsei responds with "banishing" them from the kingdom until the project is done, believing that school is important.

In the Library, Kris and Susie find a new Dark World called the Cyber World, they meet Queen who has kidnapped Noelle and attempted to get rid of the two by sending Werewires to fight them. Ralsei suddenly shows up and pacifies the Werewires. Somehow having learned about this new Dark World, he joins the party on their journey to seal this new Fountain and save Noelle.

Traveling the Cyber Field, they encounter Queen, who challenges them at an arcade game. As Kris is too short to reach the controls, Ralsei assists them by letting them use him as a stool. Later, they encounter Sweet Cap'n Cakes, a group of rebels who mistake the party for Queen's minions and initiate a battle with them. Ralsei suggests Kris to order the party to dance to distract the rebels from fighting them, but they are unable to make them all dance at the same time. Susie points out to Ralsei that she does not need Kris's orders to dance and teaches him to dance by himself. They eventually succeed and befriend the trio. Later, the party finds three roller-coasters themed after themselves. Ralsei suggests riding them to reach the Dark Fountain, but during their ride, they meet Queen waiting for them and sending Berdly to fight. After winning the battle, Queen tells the party that the roller-coaster is not finished before letting them crash into Cyber City's Trash Zone down below. After landing into Trash Zone, Susie is hurt and Ralsei asks her if she wants him to check. She declines but he does it anyway, using a healing spell by hugging her. Ralsei then proposes to teach her his healing spell, and she accepts. Before leaving the Trash Zone, Ralsei informs Kris about adjusting their inventory, to which Susie comments that it seems like useful information.

Entering the city, the path splits in a fork. Ralsei asks Kris with whom they want to go but Susie thinks it is her time to decide and goes with Ralsei while Kris continues alone.

Normal Route

Later, Kris sees Ralsei eating cotton candy with Susie. Ralsei and Susie spend a lot of time together off-screen, during which Ralsei teaches her how to cast a healing spell.

Ralsei and Susie eventually reunite with Kris and, after a couple of puzzles, finally reach Queen's Mansion. At the entrance, Queen captures Kris, Susie, Berdly and Noelle but does not have a cage for Ralsei, but instead makes him her butler. After Kris, Susie and Berdly break free from their rooms thanks to Lancer, Susie brings Lancer to Ralsei to heal his sudden illness, but Lancer turns to stone and Ralsei explains that he is not compatible with this Dark World and must be sent back to Castle Town. Berdly asks Susie to follow him to save Noelle, leaving Ralsei alone with Kris.

Ralsei and Kris ride on a floating swan to travel through Queen's acid lake. During the ride, they discuss his relationship with Kris and Susie. After a fight with Rouxls Kaard, they reach the end of the acid lake where they take a photo. After the ride, Ralsei asks Kris to close their eyes and imagine what Susie could be doing.

After Susie reunites with them by landing on Ralsei, they go to defeat Queen. After a fight that ends when Berdly is unplugged from the wire Queen uses to control him, she runs away to her mecha, GIGA Queen, which she uses to attack the party. With the help of Berdly and all the Darkners they recruited, they create a giant Thrash Machine so they can beat her. After the fight, Berdly, who has turned his back on her after being unplugged, decides to build his own Dark World, as he learned from Queen that any Lightner can do so, but Ralsei interrupts him and teaches everyone about the Roaring. Queen admits not being aware of it and apologizes for antagonizing the party. Ralsei tells Queen about Castle Town while Kris and Susie go to seal the Dark Fountain.

Ralsei is later encountered in Castle Town, after Kris has re-populated the Town with recruits from the Cyber World. Ralsei introduces Queen to her new life.

Snowgrave Route

Later, he waits with Susie in front of Queen's Mansion for Kris. Queen is not there to capture anyone, due to the Mansion being overtaken by Spamton. When entering the Mansion, Rouxls Kaard has already turned to stone, at which point Ralsei explains to Susie about Darkners being incompatible with foreign Dark Worlds.

When they arrive at the rooftop, Susie stops at Noelle's bedroom to get news about her. Ralsei asks Kris if they wonder what they could be doing, but Kris does not reply even after Ralsei insists. Susie comes out soon afterwards, so the player does not get to see the scene between Susie and Noelle. Susie reluctantly tells Ralsei that she convinced Noelle her presence in the Cyber World is only a dream, and tells Kris she will explain to them further, much to Ralsei's envy.

When encountering Queen, who is already in her giant robot, Ralsei explains the Roaring to her, preventing the battle altogether. Making peace with Queen, Ralsei explains to her about the new life he has to offer in Castle Town, leaving Kris to seal the Dark Fountain all alone.

In Battle


Main article: Stats
LV HP Attack Defense Magic Guts
1 70 8 2 7 0
2 100 10 2 9 0
3 140 12-13 2 11-12 0


Main article: Title#Ralsei

Ralsei's title changes throughout the game.

  • During Chapter 1, Ralsei's title depends on his current equipment.
    • If the Ragger is equipped, it changes to Prickly Prince. "Deals damage with his rugged scarf."
    • If the Dainty Scarf is equipped, it changes to Fluffy Prince. "Weak, but has nice healing powers."
  • During Chapter 2, Ralsei's title changes to Dark Prince. "Dark-World being. Has friends now."
  • After the photo during the swan boat ride in Chapter 2, Ralsei's title changes depending on the pose Kris does for the camera:
    • If Kris hugs Ralsei, his title changes to Hug Prince. "Receives and gives many hugs."
      • If Ralsei's title is Hug Prince, after the Spamton NEO fight, when Susie asks Kris if they're okay, Ralsei hugs them if "No" is chosen.
    • If Kris gives a peace sign, Ralsei's title changes to Pose Prince. "Poses for photos at times."
    • If Kris makes a rude gesture, Ralsei's title changes to Rude Prince. "Friends with a rude gesturer."
    • If Kris doesn't pose, Ralsei's title changes to Blank Prince. "Doesn't even have a photo."



Requires 16% TP. If the enemy is tired or sleepy, Ralsei can cast this spell to instantly SPARE them. "SPARE a tired enemy by putting them to sleep"

Like the rest of his animations when casting a spell, Ralsei holds his hands together looking down with a yellow aura around him, then looking up holding a yellow sparkle in his hand.

Heal Prayer

Requires 32% TP. Depending on his Magic stat, he heals a small amount of the selected party member's health. "Heavenly light restores a little HP to one party member. Depends on Magic."

It can also be used outside of battle by selecting it in the stats menu, but only due to glitches, as TP does not last outside of battle. The most accessible example of this behavior is immediately after the solo battle between Susie and Lancer. The game's TP value is not reset, allowing the spell's use in the overworld up to three times with high enough TP. It heals 100 HP when used in the overworld, and 5 HP per Magic point when used in battle.

When doing this spell, green sparkles emerge on whoever is being healed.

Dual Heal

Requires 50% TP, and can only be used through Kris's ACT command during the battles against King and Queen. Depending on his Magic stat, Ralsei heals an amount of all party members' HP. In Chapter 1, this Spell heals Magic×4 HP for each party member, and in Chapter 2, it heals Magic×5.5 (rounded up) HP for each party member. "Your SOUL shined its power on RALSEI!"


Unlike other spells, this one doesn't require any TP. It is a variant of Susie's S-Action where Ralsei does Kris's selected act, much like paired ACTs except that Ralsei can choose to do it with another enemy. In some boss fights, R-Action is replaced with an available act such as "Bump" during the first fight against Berdly, "Loosen"/"Toast" during the Queen fight, or "Snap" during the fight against Spamton NEO. Susie forces Ralsei to learn this spell during the fight against Sweet Cap'n Cakes.

Ralsei bows and stars and hearts come forward like Kris.


Requires 16% TP, exclusive during Spamton NEO fight. A spell that summons two orbiting shields (called "fluff balls" (was "tiny ralsei" before, but replaced with "fluff balls")) spinning around the SOUL, blocking almost any projectiles that comes into contact, but taking damage in the process (becoming more and more red, until they dissapear); up to a max of 4 shields can be active at the same time. Holding down the "[CANCEL]" button will make the shields stop moving, effectively sacrificing the SOUL's movement speed for more consistent protection.



Ralsei deeply cares about Kris. He wants to befriend Kris in order to create the trio of heroes mentioned in the prophecy, which he wishes to fulfill. Ralsei is very respectful and friendly to Kris, even to the point of offering to fan Kris with a leaf like a servant or pretending that he is okay with being hit. Even if Kris acts rudely towards Ralsei, he won't be offended by them, and may even blame himself. Ralsei also appears to be easily embarrassed or intimidated by Kris as it's easy for Kris to make him blush, as seen when Kris stands close to him. They are a duo for the half of Chapter 1, before Susie changes her ways and joins them again.

They have more moments with each other during Chapter 2 and spend more time as a team of two when Susie temporarily splits up from them.


Ralsei wants to be friends with Susie for the same reason he wants to befriend Kris. However, Susie doesn't appreciate the way Ralsei tries to coach her, as he constantly teaches her to be nice to others. Susie eventually abandons the party and forms a rivalry with Ralsei. However, this rivalry is more childish than hateful; Susie tends to mock him, calling him "toothpaste boy" during her time with Lancer. Ralsei, on the other hand, seems to regret having offended Susie and still cares about her. After Susie joins the party again, she eventually decides to stop making fun of Ralsei after he promises to bake cakes for her.

They interact more during Chapter 2, and Ralsei even heals Susie after she falls off the trash pile in Cyber City. Later, when they split up from Kris, they hang out as a duo and teach some things to each other, slowly improving their relationship.


Ralsei is not intimidated by Lancer; he finds his antics amusing and sometimes "a bit anticlimactic." In an attempt to make fun of Ralsei, Lancer calls him names like "sweet basket of eggs," "toothpaste boy," "Sweet Little Peas We Love to See," and other names along those lines. Even though their rivalry isn't very strong to begin with, the two officially become friends after Lancer and Susie lose the fight against the team. When Kris and Susie are preparing to leave, he tells them to say goodbye to Ralsei for him, even though Ralsei isn't leaving, because he's "a sweet little peach," indicating that their rivalry has completely faded. They have more interactions during Chapter 2 and Ralsei even makes a room for him in his castle (along with the ones he made for Kris and Susie as well).



  • Ralsei is an anagram of "Asriel." His appearance, title, and pacifist personality is also similar to the fallen prince.
    • Ralsei's name comes from a main character named Ralse of a game that was made by Toby's eldest brother.[4]
    • Like Flowey in Undertale, Ralsei introduces the in-battle mechanics of the game. Ralsei also speaks the same quote about Kris's SOUL.[5][6]
      • Ralsei is also one of the few characters who recognize player input and game mechanics (befitting of a tutorial character).[7]
      • Ralsei is the only character in the game to acknowledge the SAVE function.[8] (Fommt also references the SAVE function, but then backtracks and suggests they do know not what it means.[9])
  • Ralsei does not have any known Light World counterpart.
  • According to the Party menu, Ralsei is a Lonely Prince at the start of the game. "Dark-World being. Has no subjects."
  • The sounds of Ralsei's lullabies in-battle are derived from the leitmotif of the music track, The Legend.[10]
  • If Kris stands very close and face-to-face to Ralsei for 9-10 seconds, Ralsei blushes and looks down. This can still happen when others are in the party, or if he isn't wearing his hat.
    • Due to an error, this does not happen when Ralsei is facing downwards, leaving the associated sprite unused. There are also unused sprites of Ralsei blushing when moving.[11]
  • When the White Ribbon is first equipped to Ralsei, he is surprised that Kris is giving it to him, and asks them if he looks pretty. However, if Susie is in the party, Ralsei asks her instead.
Ralsei face hatless old

Ralsei without his hat, as seen at the end of Chapter 1.

  • In Chapter 1, Ralsei's hatless face graphic originally had less tuffs of fur on his head. This was changed starting from the Chapter 2 update, where he had more fur on his head. However, the old face graphic still remains unchanged in Chapter 1.
  • Despite being hatless in Chapter 2, Ralsei's status icon still shows him with his hat on.
  • If Chapter 2 was started without a Chapter 1 save file, Ralsei's default equipment is: Red Scarf, Amber Card, and White Ribbon.
  • In Ralsei's regular dialogue portraits, the horns on his head are shown to curve inwards. However, his dialogue portrait when his hat is off depicts his horns pointing outwards.
Ralsei battle blush

Ralsei blushing during his cut tutorial encounter.

  • Originally, Ralsei was going to be the enemy in his tutorial based from cut dialogue in the game strings. His in-battle stats were: AT 8 and DF 12.[12]
  • Ralsei's dance animation during the Sweet Cap'n Cakes fight appears to be based on the one performed by 5 in the animated A Charlie Brown Christmas Peanuts TV special.
  • When Noelle sees Ralsei and Susie eating cotton candy in Cyber City, she states "(Who's that person she's with, anyway...?) (It looks kind of like...)" This can mean that Noelle recognizes Ralsei as someone else (likely Asriel), or that she's jealous the two are having fun together.
  • If Ralsei ends up talking using a speech bubble (not the text box at the bottom of the screen) during a fight, he will get a unique animation of him peeking out from his scarf.
  • In Ralsei's concept art, the heart shape on his cloak is drawn as a spade symbol instead. This has been further proven in Ralsei's hatless overworld sprite.
  • Originally, there was a line of dialogue where Susie was making fun of Ralsei. Ralsei would ask Kris if he's being annoying, and Kris could either flirt with Ralsei or tell him to stop talking.[13]
  • Like most of Fangamer's Undertale and Deltarune plushies, both of Ralsei's feature a surprise inside. Inside the Chapter 1 plush, there is a square scrap of cloth that features a drawing of Ralsei, with the words "I'm looking forward to meeting you!"[14] This is a reference to the scrapped picture originally intended for the manual Ralsei gives Kris in Chapter 1. The Chapter 2 plush features the cake that Ralsei makes in Chapter 2, which is made of felt material.[15]


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