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Rabbick is a Darkner enemy in the Card Kingdom, that first appears in the Forest. They resemble a rabbit with no body. Rabbick jumps out at the party from inside a bush.



Rabbick appears to be a rabbit-like enemy, with a large drooling mouth, slanted eyes, long ears and no visible limbs. Its color palette mostly consists of white fur and tinges of light blue. In its overworld sprite, Rabbick's face isn't shown.


Rabbick's personality is somewhat strange and lethargic, saying random and seemingly out-of-place phrases. When blown on, it becomes more contented and "fresh." Rabbick refers to themselves in the third person, using both "boy" and "girl."

In Battle[]


  • Spawns a rabbit at the top of the Bullet Board. The rabbit moves left and right, and whenever the SOUL is in front of it, it throws a spinning carrot.
  • Rabbits jump in from the right, slowly moving up and down across the screen in a wave pattern.


  • Using either Blow On with Kris or BreathAll with Ralsei, the party is prompted to press "Z" rapidly to blow air. Using this move and blowing enough air onto a Rabbick allows the party to spare them.
    • Blowing on Rabbicks that have already been blown on once causes them to fly away, instantly sparing them. If all Rabbicks in the battle are small sized, this also works with the BreathAll ACT.
  • If a Rabbick is spared 10 times, it becomes smaller and spareable.
  • A Rabbick reduced to 40 HP or lower becomes Tired, allowing Ralsei to Pacify it.


  • Duruuuu--- [Neutral]
  • Meow. [Neutral]
  • Snitter snatter, what's the matter [Neutral]
  • Hop, hop [Neutral]
  • Bunnies are the sequel to frogs. [Neutral]
  • A sweet and fresh girl. [Blown on]
  • A nice and tidy girl. [Blown on]
  • A soft and clean boy. [Blown on]
  • A refreshing boy. [Blown on]

Flavor Text[]

  • This dusty bunny needs a bit of spring cleaning. [Check]
  • Rabbick slithered in the way! [Encounter]
  • Rabbick is looking for a couch to get stuck under. [Neutral]
  • The battlefield is filled with the smell of dusty mustard. [Neutral]
  • Rabbick ambiently damages the soil. [Neutral]
  • Rabbick emits a musty groan. [Neutral]
  • Kris breathed on the Rabbick. It blew away entirely... [Blow On]
  • The bunnies were blown away! [BreathAll]
  • You and Ralsei warned Rabbick about Susie. The enemy went on guard... [Warned]
  • Rabbick is starting to look wispy. [Low HP]
  • Rabbick is now nice and clean. [Spare conditions met]


  • Judging by the flavor texts, Rabbick is most likely based off of dust bunnies (hence the rabbit-like appearance and its name.)
  • In the unused classroom in Hometown, there is dust lying on the ground, possibly referencing Rabbicks.