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First encountered in Cyber Field, Swatchlings now appear more frequently as NPCs, but can become enemies as well. They show an uncontrollable fear of Maice, and a giddy appreciation for seeing Ralsei in a suit.


I am Mousemillian. I stand leagues and inches above all the other mice.


Mousemillian is a Maus wearing a blond wig, who is a guest at the 2F Dinner Party Section A. Mousemillian is dining with Nubert (who is also wearing a blond wig), sharing a meal of a blond wig. Mousemillian claims to be leagues and inches above other mice, but still below Nubert. If the mice found Dark Dollars in the Acid Lake mouse puzzle, Mousemillian complains that every mouse is going to be wearing a wig soon.

Its name is a portmanteau of "Mouse" and "Maximillian".

Yes Man[]

Yes! Yes! Queen is right!
Send error report!
Send error report!

Yes Man

Two cyan-colored Darkners are guests at the 2F Dinner Party Section A. They are seated at the middle table, sharing a meal of a gold checkmark.

The right figure says that Queen is right, followed by "Send error report!" twice. The left figure agrees, and likewise says "Send error report!" twice.

Wig Robot[]

This guy keeps telling everyone at the party he's a hacker.

Wig Robot

This square-shaped Darkner is a guest at the 2F Dinner Party Section A. She is seated at the right table, with the Hacker, sharing a meal of a cloche.

The Hacker only attends the dinner party after the party has completed his blue checkmark quest. If the Hacker is present, she comments that their table partner keeps telling everyone that he is a hacker, but that she does not know what to do with that information. If the Hacker is not present, she comments that her partner is late, but that he had called and said "something about blue checkmarks."

On the Snowgrave Route, she appears at the mansion entrance, commenting on a strange force taking over it, Queen being absent and Swatchlings being blocked off in cafe.

Icon Man[]

When are they gonna be done in there?

Icon Man

This blocky Darkner can appear in front of the bathroom on 3F. If the party has entered the bathroom containing the Berdly statue jammed in a toilet, an Icon Man, identical to the one found in Cyber City, is waiting outside the door. He wonders how much longer the current occupant of the bathroom (the statue) is going to be.

Gimmick Saucer[]

These obstacles can only be found in the long hallway next to the room with vases on wheels. They first appear as regular bell platters that can be interacted with. Doing so will cause them to transform into spaceships with a single blue eye and spinning tentacles.

They attack by throwing projectiles that damages the party if touching the SOUL. If the player inspects all platters, the spaceships will then leave the room and the last platter reveals a chest containing the Glowshard.

Wall Plug[]

Wall Plugs are found in the basement on the way to the forcefield switch. They appear as regular blue plugs on the wall, but once Kris approaches them they jump out and reveal a dog-like face with sharp teeth, similarly to Chain Chomps from the Mario franchise. Touching them damages Kris.

If standing in place near a Wall Plug, its regular plug sprite turns into a face.[1]


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