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Queen, full name Serial Number Q5U4EX7YY2E9N, is the primary antagonist and final boss of Chapter 2 in Deltarune. She is the ruler of the Cyber World, a Dark World located in the library's computer lab.

GIGA Queen is her giant robot which serves as the Chapter 2 final boss on a Normal Route.



Queen is a tall and slim black, azure, and white Darkner. She wears a black-and-azure top, with spiked shoulders and a large white collar, white pants, black boots, azure gloves, and an azure cap that sweeps significantly behind her head. Her eyes are a dark screen with a heart-like shape, occasionally showing red text according to her emotions. Her overall design bears a resemblance to Lancer and King, despite her being a computer rather than a playing card like they are.


Queen is a benevolent, if somewhat airheaded, person. While she is the main antagonist, it is mostly out of lack of insight rather than malice. She seems reluctant about controlling people she likes, and would rather they willingly go along with her plans to make them happy. She is also prone to giving people pet names and describing them using fun adjectives. She genuinely believes she is doing the right thing by opening Dark Fountains, and after she learns the truth of the Roaring from Ralsei, she recognizes that she was misguided and immediately stops her plan.

Being a computer, she appears to speak in a monotonous robotic voice, evident by her capitalizing first letters of every word in her dialogue, as well as either neglecting the use of punctuation marks or putting them in rather weird places, for computer-y effects like imitating a text template (e.g. You Have Been: [text]). She also uses Internet acronyms when talking, such as LMAO. She often laughs in a distinguished manner.

Main Story


Not much is known about Queen or her past, except for the fact that she and her kingdom seem to take power from Lightners going on their devices and using the internet. She makes references to a past relationship with King, however it's unknown how intimate they were. Queen is not flesh and blood, as she states multiple times that she is a computer, and there is no indication that she knew Lancer prior to meeting him in Ralsei's Castle Town.

At some point in the past, Queen overtook Spamton as the Cyber World's most popular figure, with advertisements of his becoming overlaid with her own ads.

After losing access to the Internet, she became somewhat insane, brainwashing her Plugboy subjects and doing other considerably heinous things. At some point Queen was able to obtain a video of a Dark Fountain being formed.

Chapter 2

After the Knight creates a Dark Fountain in the Library's computer room, Queen takes control of the Cyber World. When Berdly and Noelle enter the Cyber World, Queen abducts Noelle and reluctantly accepts Berdly as a minion. She wants to make Noelle her "willing peon" and roboticize her face. Queen tries to get Noelle to fight the Lightners, but Noelle only talks to Susie, so she brings in Berdly to fight them.

After defeating Berdly, Kris meets Noelle who has escaped from Queen, and who Queen is looking for. Queen decides to form a truce with Kris until she finds Noelle. Later on, it becomes increasingly evident that Queen genuinely cares for Noelle.

Eventually, the Lightners, including Noelle and Berdly, reach the Queen's Mansion, where the Queen declares the end of her truce and imprisons everyone but Ralsei, who briefly becomes a butler. Berdly joins forces with Kris and the others to take down Queen and save Noelle. However, Queen captures Berdly again and uses a wire to control him. After a battle with Queen and the controlled Berdly, Queen once again escapes and delivers a monologue about the Knight and wanting to use the power of the Lightners to expand the Cyber World with more Dark Fountains. Susie strikes her down, but Queen retreats to her giant robot.

After a giant robot fight, Noelle tells Queen that she will never be happy if Queen is controlling her. Ralsei also tells everyone including Queen that opening more Dark Fountains will bring the Roaring, an event which will destroy all Darkners and bring chaos to the world. Queen realizes the error of her ways and ends hostilities with the Lightners. She then goes to Castle Town with the rest of the recruited Darkners.

A cutscene in Castle Town reveals she has some history with King, and she quickly becomes friends with Lancer. She also states that she is taking in Lancer as her new son in a cutscene with King.

In Battle



  • Berdly descends from above and unleashes 3 tornadoes from the left and right, spreading out in 3 different patterns.
  • One of Queen's boots drop down from the top of the Bullet Board on the left, middle, or right sections of it. A blinking "!" box appears before the boot comes down, not unlike some attacks from Undertale.
  • Vectorized heads of Queen form up and laugh before exploding into smaller, spinning white heads of her. Their placement and speed of which they form are random. Later on in the fight, the heads appear quicker as well.
  • Screens similar to those in the Cyber World appear with green cursors in them all across the outside of the board, shooting a quick beam from whatever direction the cursor was pointing. A faint red line can also be seen to signify the path.
  • Later in the fight, 2 of the above attacks (and then all 3) are paired up with each other.
  • Various heads in boxes scroll alongside the Bullet Board, spouting generic topics and keywords that scroll either left or right, almost as if they're texting to each other. After this attack is executed for the first time, a blue icon containing Queen's head comes in and spouts out the red word "DRAMA", which seems to literally cause drama among the crowd, as the icons freeze and start cursing at Queen, with red curses of "profanity" flying across all directions, and Queen's icon is just laughing at the madness. Any boxes with the head of an Everyman do not attack.
  • 2 plugs electrify the Bullet Board's border that spit out sparks in different directions, while the board itself moves around the screen. This resembles the King's spike wall attack combined with the Werewire's spark attack. Later in the fight, the board starts rotating and only one plug is present but spits out more sparks.
  • When she fills up her firewall, it is preceded by an attack involving a chalice-shaped Bullet Board, where white drops of liquid rain down and fill up the board with a white liquid. After the first use, the chalice begins to tilt as well.
  • A download bar reading "DOWNLOADING: ULTIMATE ATTACK" appears above her, but stops at 60%. It then fails and a bunch of different pop-ups appear to cover up most of the board as her vector heads start popping up.


During her first encounter, Queen uses Berdly hypnotized by a Werewire cable to attack the party for her. The battle ends when Berdly is fully loosened from the cable or Queen's (chair's) health is depleted. When the cable is around 25%, 50%, or 75% loosened or Queen's health is around 75%, 50%, or 25%, Queen puts up a firewall powered by her chalice of battery acid, preventing the party from taking actions. At this point, the party must manage to deplete her shield power, either by toasting her to trick her into drinking the battery acid or by inflicting damage to it directly. Afterwards, the battle can continue as normal.


  • Oh Dear. I Do Sincerely Quite Like You Two. It Will Be A Shame To Force You To Serve Me. An Enjoyable Shame.
In Battle
  • Queen says the following lines in order after the battle started:
    • Is That Not What I Am Doing? [In response to Ralsei]
    • Think! Lightners Have Already Been Enslaved By Me And My Kin
    • Each Day They Spend Hours Worshipping In Glorious Rapture, Our Screens Of Funny Animals And Candied Games
    • Staring, Tapping To Receive Joy
    • Staring, Tapping To Avoid Pain.
    • ...Until Recently, When The Town's Internet Disappeared, Now The Refuge They Take In The Screens Will Slowly Fade
    • Noelle...Then Who Will Help Her? Her Strange And Sad Searches, Who Will Answer Them?
    • Is What I Wondered, Until The KNIGHT appeared... And Created This Wonderful World Of Darkness
    • Now, The Path Is Clear, All I Have To Do Is Expand This Dark World
    • Then With The World Covered In Darkness, No One Will Have To Suffer Anymore
    • Instead, Everyone Can Live In My Perfect Mansion, Everyday Blissfully Worshipping Me Like We Both Deserve
    • Now, Stop Resisting And Welcome The New Age Of Darkness
    • Whoa When Did I Say I Would Do That [In response to Ralsei]
    • Oh Yeah That's Just For Him Only [In Response to Susie]
    • Why Did You Want One? [In Response to Susie]
  • Until the fight is almost over Queen says a random line:
    • (Regal Laughter)
    • Enjoy Your: Destruction
    • I'm Computer
    • Perish Under My Bosom Or Whatever
  • When the fight is almost over Queen tries to download her final attack and says following lines in order:
    • Enough You Foolish Children
    • You May Have Survived My Attacks (Regular)
    • But I've Been: Secretly Been Downloading My Ultimate Move The Whole Time
    • Now, Perish In The Bosom Of: My Hellish Reign
    • So That Final Move Was Supposed To Be Cooler But The Internet Is Down
    • Yeah My Final Attack Like
    • I Was Going To Put Like Memes In It And Stuff
    • It Would Have Been A Really Sick Final Attack Kris You Would Have Loved It
    • Yeah Still Thinking About That Move HashtagFinalAttack
  • After that she continues saying random lines if she is not defeated at this point.
  • Not Bad You Foolish Children
  • But No Matter How Long This Battle Drags On [Berdly loosened]
  • But Even If You Deplete The Health Points (Of My: Chair) [Health depleted]
  • I Can Simply Make Another Barrier Using My: Drink
  • Bottoms Up
  • Wait A Second
  • Hey Chat Does Anyone Know What Happened To That Stuff
  • Oh Dear It Seems Someone Sipped Up All Of My Shield Power
  • [Susie] Nothing's stopping us from beating you up now, huh?
  • Well, Not Nothing
  • Mr. Birdy Here Still Has Maximum HP
  • So Unless You Want Your Dear Friend To Get Hurt
  • I Recommend
  • Letting Him Hurt You Instead

Flavor Text

  • Queen blocks the way! [Start of battle]
  • Her drinking glass generates a powerful barrier. Break or lower it! [Check (unused)]
  • The battlefield feels electric.
  • Queen's acid shield is formed! [After Queen activates her shield]
  • Queen sips from her acid. [While acid shield is active]
  • Queen's acid shield is down. [When acid shield has been deactivated]
  • Smells like overclocked high heels.
  • The skyline echoes with regal laughter.
  • The fountain flows ominously.
  • Susie made a toast to the Queen...? [Toast as Susie]
    • [Susie] Pretty cool how we're...uh, gonna kick your ass.
    • [Queen] It's A Good Thing I Have No Standard For This
  • Ralsei made a toast to the Queen! [Toast as Ralsei]
    • [Ralsei] A toast to you, er, making me wear a butler outfit!
    • [Queen] Bro That's Weird But Ok
  • You made a memorable and charming toast to Queen! [Toast as Kris]
    • [Queen] Wow Spoken Like A Real Trucie
    • [Susie] (Why did they make it so emotional?)
  • Everyone toasted to Queen! [GroupToast]
    • [Ralsei] (That glass of acid is generating her shield!)
    • [Susie] So, uh... you gonna drink all that?
    • [Queen] No This Is All Mine You Can't Have It

GIGA Queen


  • GIGA Queen crouches and flashes with a ping! sound, before attacking in the center with a kick. Similar to Undertale's Asgore fight, the number of times that she flashes determines the number of times that she attacks.
  • GIGA Queen throws baseballs that glow red when the Thrash Machine can hit them. Successfully hitting this attack causes a baseball to fall on GIGA Queen, dealing damage.
  • GIGA Queen summons yellow wheels that roll from both sides.
  • GIGA Queen turns green in order to fire a light cone from her acid glass to the left or to the right. She then throws the acid glass in that direction, which in turn spawns a short acid cloud.
  • Many copies of Queen fly towards the screen, leaving a gap to dodge them.
  • GIGA Queen releases missiles out of her chest that fall down.
  • GIGA Queen swings a line of fire back and forth. The line has gaps which the SOUL can pass through from one side to the other.
    • This attack and the previous one both use Kris's SOUL for dodging, rather than the Thrash Machine itself.
  • Final attack: Copies of GIGA Queen fly from the top before she throws a big baseball.


  • Depending on what head is selected while building the Thrash Machine in Chapter 1, it gets a unique ability, each doing something different.
    • If the Laser Head is selected, Thrash Machine gets LaserMode, greatly increasing attack speed for the turn.
    • If the Sword Head is selected, Thrash Machine gets SwordMode, increasing damage with every hit until the next miss.
    • If the Flame Head is selected, Thrash Machine gets FireMode, greatly increasing damage.
      • This is considered one of the best effects, as the effect is nearly permanent.
    • If the Duck Head is selected, Thrash Machine gets DuckMode, which slightly increases damage, heals about 35 HP and heals 2 HP per punch against GIGA Queen.
    • If the machine was never made (e.g by starting with Chapter 2 instead of Chapter 1) a random head (excluding Duck head) is selected.
  • For avoiding GIGA Queen's attacks:
    • When GIGA Queen flashes with a ping!, dodge to the left or right, corresponding to the number of pings.
    • As GIGA Queen fires baseballs at the Thrash Machine, the Thrash Machine should hit them back. There is usually only three to hit, and it also leaves her open for extra attacks afterwards.
    • GIGA Queen's acid throw can be avoided by paying attention to which direction the cone of light is facing, and then dodging into the opposite direction.
    • For the copies of GIGA Queen, there is a gap to the left or right where the attack can be dodged. When the gap isn't there, there is a GIGA Queen in the center doing a taunting pose, which must be ducked under (pressing down).
    • GIGA Queen's final attack re-uses the same strategies for the clones attack and the baseball. Hitting the large baseball at the end of the attack ends the fight with a cutscene.
  • Following Ralsei's advice, attacks should be dodged and then as many hits as possible should be attempted.
  • Using Attack to deal more damage makes the fight shorter.


In Battle
  • Finally... a worthy opponent... [Before battle]
  • The Time For Words Is Over
    • Now Is The Time To Fight (Only)
  • Ha Ha Just Kidding I Totally Will Keep Monologuing As I Kick At: Your Face
  • The Time Has Come For Noelle To Realize Her Own Strength
    • Her Own Will Her Own Determination
  • Focusing Into Her Blade, She Will Create A Neo Dark Fountain
    • Then Another, Then Another
  • Then, When The Whole World Is Covered In Darkness
    • She - And Everyone - Can Live In Bliss, Free Of Fear And Suffering
  • Kris, Susie, Why Don't You Help Me Too?
    • Create The World Of Your Dreams (Also My Dreams)
  • Susie
    • Bro Just Let Me Karate Chop You And You Can Have As Many Skateboards As You Want
  • And Kris, My Dearest Trucie You Can Have As Many
    • ...
    • Okay I Don't Remember What You Liked
  • Hey Was There A Third Guy?
  • Join Me And All Of You Will Become Super Strong And Cool
    • Meanwhile I Don't Need To Improve Because I'm Already Perfect And Can Shoot Lasers From My Fancy Glass (After this line, she will do her laser attack)
  • Okay I Believe I've Made My Point I'm Going To Procedurally Loop My Dialogue Now
  • Kris Susie Other Guy [Final Attack]
    • You Have Truly Proven Yourselves To Be A Worthy Opponent
    • You Have Earned The Right To Remember What Your Fighting Machine's True Purpose Is
    • To Get Your Own Ass Thrashed
    • By Me
    • With My Final Attack
    • Ha Ha Bye
  • I Have More Extremely Slow Moving Obviously Punchable Giant Baseballs Where That One Came From (After failing to punch the final attack)
  • Battle Power... Dropping... [Defeat]
    • Overheat... Activated
    • Listen Well
    • You May Have Defeated Me
    • But I Still Possess One Thing
    • You Three Will Never Have
  • Detachable Hands

Flavor Text

  • GIGA Queen blocks the way! [Start of battle]
  • The cityscape roars past. [Neutral]
  • The night is young for fighting. [Neutral, rounds 1-2]
  • The battle is really heating up! [Neutral, round 3]
  • Susie mashes the controls trying to punch more. [Neutral]
  • Ralsei advises you to "dodge, then counter punch." [Neutral]
  • Smells like gigantic batteries. [Neutral, rare]
  • Your machine is charged up for special moves! [Built up Tension without using spell]
  • Your machine's inner lighting turns red. [Less than 50 HP]
  • ROUND 2 Begins. Queen's attacks got tougher! [Phase 2]
  • ROUND 3 begins. Queen's attacks got extreme! [Phase 3]
  • LASER MODE engaged! A light-quick aura fired up...! [LaserMode]
  • FIRE MODE engaged! A power-boosting aura fired up...! [FireMode]
  • SWORD MODE engaged! Damage grows until you miss! [SwordMode]
  • DUCK MODE engaged! A totally-sucking aura fired up...! [DuckMode]
  • SELF-FIX engaged! A healing aura fired up...! (But, the TP cost increased!) [SELF-FIX]
    • SELF-FIX engaged! A healing aura fired up...! [SELF-FIX at max TP cost]
  • TURBODODGE engaged! A dodge-enhancing aura fired up...! [TurboDodge]



Queen mentions in her monologue before her final fight that it was King who told her about the fountains, implying she knew him in the past. After returning to Castle Town at the end of Chapter 2 (if all Darkners from Cyber World are recruited), an interaction between King and Queen occurs in front of the basement jail cell, where Queen calls King "Kingy Wingy" and King calls Queen "Queenie Beanie." These pet names further reinforce possible past relations.


If all Darkners from Cyber World are recruited, Queen declares herself as Lancer's mother after the events of Chapter 2. However, given her quip that she arbitrarily came to the decision to take care of him whilst talking to King, it is unknown whether the two are biologically related. They can be seen hanging out on lawn chairs right outside the rooms that Ralsei made for his friends. Lancer refers to Queen as "girldad" to which Ralsei asks if he means "a mom." Queen and Lancer both share a laugh, calling Ralsei "Peachboy." Strangely, Lancer refers to Queen as a "wild Mom" after being released from Kris's pocket in Queen's Mansion, making their exact relationship inconsistent.


Kris is possibly the only party member Queen takes a genuine liking to when they first meet. When they're on their own for the first time, Queen brings up Kris not having opinions and screaming at all, and is unable to comprehend why others are not more like them. She also makes a truce with Kris so that they can find their respective allies while entrusting Kris to not tell Berdly where she's hiding whenever he appears alone. Twice in the game, Queen prompts Kris to grab a banana in the path for the potassium.


The Queen doesn't acknowledge Ralsei until after she captures Kris, Susie and Berdly. Since she doesn't know how to capture Ralsei, she decides to make him a butler for her Mansion, which Ralsei agrees with. She also seems to be prone to forgetting Ralsei's presence as she forgot about Ralsei while capturing the others and could not remember if there was a third party member when attempting to bribe the team during the final fight.


Queen's main goal is to find Noelle so that she can use her will to aid her in world dominance. Naturally terrified by this, Noelle tries to hide from her most of the time. However when Queen doesn't know Noelle is around, she expresses genuine concern for her well-being since she could be lost alone in the city. Even after capturing Noelle and being defeated, she still doesn't force her and gives her the choice to make a better world, not wanting to see Noelle sad.


Berdly becomes the Queen's minion without her consent, wanting to create a world for him and Noelle. Queen barely puts up with him, mistaking his name to be "Burghley" (or forgetting altogether) and frequently ditching him because she finds him annoying. In the battle with Queen and hypnotized Berdly, she reveals that she only intended to use the face plug on him.


If Jevil is fought instead of pacified in Chapter 1, he mentions the Queen will return. It is likely he is referring to Queen herself, and that he has met the Queen in person, as Tasque Manager appears to have a personal disliking to Jevil.



  • Queen's boss fight shares a number of similarities with Princess Shroob from the Mario and Luigi series. Both characters carry a chalice around with them, sit upon electronic thrones, have red eyes with black sclera, and are a part of a royal lineage.
    • The acid Queen consumes during the fight may be a reference to Swiggler, a boss from the same series and game Princess Shroob originates from, as both consume some sort of green liquid that alters their respective boss fight in a certain way.
  • The sound effect and iris-out transition used after the scene where Queen captures Kris, Susie, and Berdly is a reference to the level-clear animation from Super Mario World.
  • Queen's distinctive laugh can be heard upon starting Chapter 2. A wireframe version of Queen also appears on the splash screen before the Chapter 2 file select.
  • Queen's "serial number" contains all of the letters needed to spell her name, in the right order.
  • The GIGA Queen battle theme "Knock You Down!!" is very similar to and appears to be based upon the SNES Power Rangers End Boss theme.
  • GIGA Queen's entire fight, as well as the arcade game at the beginning of Chapter 2, is a direct reference to Punch-Out!!, a fighting game series that originated as an arcade game and was later released on NES, SNES, and Wii.
  • GIGA Queen's fight background may be a reference to Touhou 17's final stage background, which both feature a scrolling, flashing hallway filled with screens/windows, all the while inside a highly technological city.
  • If the Thrash Machine does not get hit at all during the first 2 rounds of GIGA Queen fight, she is further powered up in the third round, to the point her movements leave blue shadows behind. However, the Thrash Machine is also able to inflict higher damage to her in this case.
  • If the Thrash Machine loses to GIGA Queen, she repeatedly ducks, referencing the action popular in multiplayer games called "teabagging."[1]
  • Queen's Light World equivalent appears to be a high end laptop. This may explain her comments about "only playing mobile games" and her love of battery acid.
  • In the Japanese version of Deltarune, the texting acronym "LMAO" is replaced with "WWW" and "草 (kusa / grass)", because it's a texting slangs Japanese use to represent laughing. Also, all of her dialogue is surrounded by XML comments: <!-- -->.


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