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Poppup is an enemy encountered in Cyber City. They act similar to pop-up advertisements, hence their name, popping out of seemingly uninhabited places and then becoming more powerful as the player pays attention to them.



Poppups appear as a dolphin-like Darkner, featuring a large square on top of their head, a crossed-out circle on their forehead, and colorful, springy legs, presumably used in the process of popping up. They also seem to have some avian features, with some flavor text mentioning that they preen themselves and their only harmful attack featuring birds. They have large eyes, many teeth, and are light blue with a white underside. When spareable, their light blue skin instead turns light pink, and the crossed-out circle on their head becomes a smiling face.


Poppup seems to be starved for attention, hoping for somebody to click on it. This could, however, be simply a ruse to lure in victims, as advertisements like this are prone to use. Clicking on it has the effect of creating another Poppup, referencing real-life pop-ups.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

Poppups appear under both an Annoying Dog traffic cone just after the Trash Zone (when backtracking with Noelle), and under a trash can further on, which may take players by surprise. After the party has reached the Queen's Mansion, the Annoying Dog traffic cone is replaced by one of Queen's vases, where Poppup may pop out if the party gets close to breaking it.

If recruited, Poppup contributes to the Thrash Machine during the GIGA Queen battle.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]


A Poppup uses one of the following attacks per turn. When encountered in groups, the attacks may be stacked on top of each other:

  • Birds fly from every direction.
  • Poppup summons monochromatic pop-up windows that cover parts of the bullet board but do not hurt. They can be closed by clicking the X in the top right corner, or simply by waiting for a few seconds. Pop-ups include the following 2-frame animations:
    • A Poppup. (The image changes to the shrivelled version if Poppups are ignored using Noelle's ACT "Avoid".)
    • The Everyman. (Notably, this is the only popup that isn't animated, and the only one with a dark background.)
    • A "no" symbol, with two simplistic smiling faces beside it. (They are all flashing.)
    • A horde of Maus (with the middle one outlined in black).
    • An advertisement of a zoomed-in Addison selling a toothbrush.
    • An unloaded image with a rotating hourglass over it.
    • A pile of small Virovirokun, to the right of some illegible text. There is a warning sign above the text, indicating that it is a virus pop-up. (Only the warning sign and a lone Virovirokun on the lower right are animated.)


  • Several conditions allow Poppup to be spared:
    • Block increases mercy for all Poppups (+10% mercy for each ad blocked). A Poppup with 100% mercy does not use its pop-up window attack.
    • Click spawns another Poppup. However, if there are already three enemies present, using Click makes all Poppups "crash" and automatically spares them. (This happens if there are three enemies of any kind, not just Poppups.)
    • S-Action, R-Action, or N-Action increases mercy by 50% for one Poppup.
    • Sparing (when its name is not yellow) increases mercy by 25% for one Poppup.
    • Using SoftVoice on Tasque while Poppup is also present increases mercy by 50% for all Poppups.
    • Using TakeCareX on Virovirokun while Poppup is also present increases mercy by 50% for all Poppups.
    • Using TrapAll on a Maus and successfully catching a Poppup makes said Poppup spareable.
  • Noelle's ACT "Avoid" makes all Poppups tired, and changes their appearance. This also makes the birds attack move much slower.
  • Using Roar on Tasque while Poppup is also present makes all Poppups tired.


  • ...OTANJOBY.. OMEDETOH...? [Neutral]
  • .....ASOBOH ......? [Neutral]
  • Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! [Neutral]
  • This application is only supported by OS 2000. [Neutral]
  • NEED... LOOK... ME... [Avoid]
  • ...NEMMUY... [Tired]
  • ...HAPPI... [Spare conditions met]

Flavor Text[]

  • Poppups popped up! [Encounter]
  • A rubbery mascot starved for attention. Click it and...? [Check]
  • Poppup is preening its weird rubbery flesh. [Neutral]
  • Poppup is begging you to click on a broken link with puppy dog eyes. [Neutral]
  • Smells like tropical candy. [Neutral]
  • Poppup wants Liimo Berry [Neutral]
  • Poppup wants PlayTime [Neutral]
  • Poppup wants its tongue to be pressed in so it doesn't feel hunger anymore [Neutral]
  • Poppup wants Scary Noise [Neutral]
  • Poppup wants To Play With You In The Mystical Island Of Mysticisland [Neutral]
  • Poppup wants Do Taxes At 7:44 AM [Neutral]
  • Poppup wants Randomized String 1 [Neutral]
  • You unconsciously clicked on
    • a popup about demon summoning classes for teens.
    • a popup about "monsters 4 humans" "in your area,"
    • an ad for a video about making knives out of spaghetti.
      • "Huh...!? That made another one!? [Click] (Random)
  • You just kept clicking and clicking on ads!! The Poppups crashed! [Click if there are three enemies]
  • Noelle got nervous and looked at the ground! The enemies got shrivelled and TIRED from lack of attention! [Avoid]
  • Susie accidentally clicked on an ad featuring a flaming eggplant holding a chainsaw!! [S-Act]
  • Susie accidentally clicked on a picture of a steak. It wasn't actually an ad, just a static image of a steak... [S-Act]
  • Susie missed clicking on an ad and ended up clicking on the word processor. It got a virus somehow. [S-Act]
  • Ralsei moved to click on an ad with a bunny on it teaching you how to make friends... ...and accidentally clicked on an ad of a machine gun that appeared over it! [R-Act]
  • Ralsei accidentally clicked on an ad for "lightners 4 darkners in ur area" and was mortified. He deleted the browser shortcut on the desktop entirely... ...but immediately felt guilty because he thought he had "deleted the entire internet". [R-Act]
  • Ralsei tried to click on an ad with a castle on it... ...but it was actually an ad for a company that demolishes buildings with bazookas! [R-Act]
  • Noelle clicked on a link for creepy game glitch compilations! [N-Act]
  • Noelle clicked on a link for Hot Female Santas In Your Area! [N-Act]
  • Noelle misclicked on a link to buy How To Draw Dragons! [N-Act]
  • Poppup feels like it's been put upside down in a closet. [Tired]
  • Poppup is popping with joy! [Spare conditions met]



  • Poppup's design is largely based on the dolphin-bird hybrid character named "Fin Fin" from the 1996 pet simulation game Fin Fin on Teo the Magic Planet by Fujitsu, as evidenced based on its teal and white body and birdlike tendencies in the flavor text as well as the mention of "Leemo Fruit" and "Liimo Berry" which closely resemble the "Lemo Fruit" that Fin Fin eats. In his game, the goal is to befriend the wild Fin Fin by feeding, talking to and playing with him (similarly to a Tamagotchi), which may add to the explanation for why Poppup appears "starved for attention."
  • One of Poppup's popups could be based on the You Are An Idiot trojan.
  • The Virovirokun pop-up could be based on scareware tactics, which are designed to make users think that they installed a virus on their computer to install fake antivirus software and try to force the user to pay to get rid of the apparent virus.
  • Poppup's lines that don't seem to make sense are actually butchered Japanese.
    • GOKARMASHI O INARY....? is a reference to a boss from Megaman X3, Godkarmachine O Inary.
    • ...OTANJOBY.. OMEDETOH...? means "お誕生日おめでとう!", which roughly translates to "Happy birthday!".
    • .....ASOBOH ......? means "遊ぼう?", which roughly translates to "Let's play/hang out!".
    • ...NEMMUY... means "眠い。", which roughly translates to "I am sleepy.".
    • ...HAPPI... means "ハッピー", which is an English loanword, simply meaning "Happy".
  • If the mouse is in the game's window during the pop-ups attack, the cursor will appear on-screen as a small, pixelated pointer icon. Clicking on the X in the corner closes the pop-up instantly. The same can be done on Nintendo Switch by tapping on the touchscreen.
  • The ad for "a video about making knives out of spaghetti" is likely a reference to the YouTube video "sharpest Pasta kitchen knife in the world" by kiwami japan.
  • They are represented in the Light World as the top-right computer's dolphin screensaver advertising some kind of malware.
  • When "The Poppups crashed!" line appears, the battle background does not animate until the dialogue advances.
  • The flavor text detailing how the Poppup "wants its tongue to be pressed in so it doesn't feel hunger anymore" is likely a reference to the Furby toy line, as one of the toy's features was to simulate feeding it by pressing in its tongue from inside its beak. The line "Poppup feels like it's been put upside down in a closet" may also be a reference to Furby, which would say they are scared when upside down.
  • Both Poppups and Berdly both have flavor text involving them preening.