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The wires... the wires...

First Plugboy encountered

Plugboys (as called in their sprite name) are the main citizens of the Cyber Field, with many also appearing in Cyber City.



They are pink-colored, short with two horns and a face shaped like an electrical socket. Specifically, their face has the appearance of a NEMA 5 socket, the standard socket type in North and Central America.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

At the Cyber World entrance, several Plugboys appear cowering in fear of the wires, so terrified that they can barely talk. They express concern that everyone else has been turned into Werewires. After the party encounters Queen and battles her Werewires, one of the Plugboys thanks the party for standing up to Queen.

A Plugboy wearing a fedora appears in the southwest of the Cyberpedia area. This Plugboy informs the party that an evil ruler (Queen) has recently taken over their world, but refuses to express an opinion on this due to a lack of interest in politics. They threaten to "cross swords" if anyone attempts to talk to them about politics.

A Plugboy with detailed eyelashes appears on the east side of the Cyberpedia area. This Plugboy tells the party that there is currently an internet outage, but doesn't understand what that means, and so does not understand how that affects their interest in cute digital cats. However, they had heard that the internet was the secret to Queen's success, so its current outage has caused her to become quite extreme.

A Plugboy wearing a suit appears in the Warp Door room in Cyber Field. They complain that they dislike the countryside and want to go to Cyber City, but the way is blocked. However, once the party opens up the way to Cyber City, they have changed their mind, and decide they prefer to stay in Cyber Field.

A Plugboy wearing a bandana who wants to join the rebels against the Queen appears in multiple locations. This Plugboy is first encountered in the Warp Door room in Cyber Field, commenting that while looking for the rebels all they have found is CD Bagel salesmen, as Cap'n and K_K are selling CD Bagels in the same area. This Plugboy later appears next to the Cyber Field Music Shop after the path has been unblocked, describing it as the rebel base, although they are unsure how they would help the rebels. When backtracking to the Cyber City Music Shop, this Plugboy can be found there, looking for the rebels, although by this point Sweet Cap'n Cakes have already returned to their Cyber Field Music Shop.

A Plugboy wearing a fedora appears in the room east of the Cyber Field Music Shop. This Plugboy supports Queen because she gets a lot done. They explain that, while all of their friends were turned into Werewires, they are safe since they have been on Queen's side since the beginning. Moving further into the room shows them turned into a Werewire.

In the Cyber City, a Plugboy wearing a suit can be seen standing next to a Werewire saying that "since everyone else got plugged, they've become a lot more agreeable."

When assembling the Thrash Machine mecha before the GIGA Queen fight, despite not being visible in Berdly's rollercoaster train, a Plugboy wearing a suit contributes their energy to the mecha.


  • The fedora-wearing Plugboy is a parody of the Internet stereotypes surrounding people wearing fedoras in inelegant manners. The mention of "crossing swords" may contribute to this, as the type of people who wear fedoras in such a way also tend to enjoy katanas, among other types of swords.