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Deltarune implies the Player is a separate entity from Kris. With the SOUL, the player can move Kris, make menu and prompt choices, and select battle actions for the party. When Kris removes the SOUL from their body, they move entirely without the player's input.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

At the introduction of the game, a faceless entity asks the player if they are connected. A moment later, a red SOUL appears. After verifying, the entity guides them through designing a "VESSEL." The voice then requests the player to name it, then to enter their own name.

The process gets intercepted by seemingly another entity that discards the player's creation.[1] This other entity states that "no one can choose who they are in this world," then assigns the connection to Kris. The game continues with the player inhabiting Kris's body.

After returning to Hometown, the player's final action is to put Kris to bed. At nighttime, Kris wakes up and forces their body to fall out of bed. They move slowly on their own. Kris then tears the SOUL out of their body, and forcefully throws it into the rusty birdcage near their bed.

When the cage's door locks, the player can move the SOUL slightly, though Kris does not react. Kris pulls out a black-handled knife and smiles a wide grin at the camera, their eye glowing red in the darkness. The screen cuts to black, and Chapter 1 concludes.

Chapter 2[]

In the morning, the birdcage is empty, and its door is open. Toriel wakes up Kris, and it is implied Kris ate the entire pie without the player's input. When inspecting the cage, the narration alludes to Chapter 1's ending.[2] If Kris inspects the mirror in the hallway, the narration reads: "(It's what they call "you.")"

Chapter 2 includes more instances of Kris reacting and talking independently. Kris closes their eyes when they open Asriel's room in Queen's Mansion, and stops reading about Asgore's firing at the police station.

In the bathroom, Kris removes the SOUL and throws it in the sink's vanity as the water flows. As they hobble to the window and leave, the camera is static. The player is only aware of Toriel and Susie's conversation as the duo make a pie. It is only later when the player learns of Kris's actions from Toriel's phone call.[3] She then asks for the "Officer" to come over, who complies. It is unknown if the responder is Undyne or Napstablook.

Later in the night, with the television off and Toriel and Susie asleep, Kris wakes up. They remove the SOUL again. Through black screen cuts, Kris opens the door, turns the TV on, and seemingly focuses on Susie. At the center of the room, they pull out a knife and plunge the tip into the rug, creating a Dark Fountain. Kris reinserts the SOUL and falls asleep on the couch as the new Dark World forms.

In the Snowgrave Route, it hints more that the player and Kris are entirely separate entities. It’s heavily implied Kris is against the idea of forcing their friend Noelle into going through with these actions, and tries to prevent it when they can. If Kris is downed during the fight with Berdly, Noelle comments on how she can still hear their voice, hinting that it isn't Kris's voice she's hearing. In the hospital, Noelle speaks to herself how she heard "a voice unlike Kris's" that told her what to do. The battle with Spamton NEO also alludes to this by referring to Kris in third person when calling out for Ralsei and Susie, but referring directly to the player when calling out for Noelle. Susie and Ralsei comment on how Kris is visibly distraught, signifying that Kris doesn’t want to do this.


  • In Chapter 1, the Player is separated from Kris to follow Susie through the prison. When the player tells Susie which direction to go, she comments that she cannot hear Kris anymore. Shortly after, Susie returns to Ralsei and Kris, and Kris retakes leadership of the party. It is implied that Ralsei had dialogue with Kris in the Player's absence.[4] However, the content of this dialogue is unknown.
    • In Chapter 2, in Queen's Mansion, Ralsei tells Kris to imagine what Susie could be doing.[5] The game then focuses on Susie and Noelle. When it returns Kris and Ralsei, they are at the end of another unseen conversation.[6]
    • In both scenes, the player is given input, but they have no impact on Susie's action.
  • In Chapter 2, the Rudinn in front of Party Dojo mentions the Player's written name as part of Castle Town's name.[7]
  • While Kris is referred to as "Boss" by recruited enemies, two Darkners refer to Kris separately:
    • Jigsaw Joe does this during the "Jigsaw Joe" Challenge.[8]
    • Swatch greets with the word "Boss." However, the "Recommendation" for Kris starts with the line, "For the young human."


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