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Pipis (singular and plural) are "enemies" encountered during the Spamton NEO fight in the main story of Chapter 2 of Deltarune, as well as in Queen's Mansion on the Snowgrave Route.



Pipis first appear as oval-shaped blue objects, resembling a balloon or an egg. When they pop, dozens of tiny Spamton faces fly out in every direction. Starting from version v1.07 there is a 1/100 chance of a "Ms. Pipis" replacing a regular Pipis,[1] which sports a simple pink bow, but is otherwise identical to Pipis.


Pipis seem to be more of a trap than sentient creatures, and don't have personalities outside of Spamton.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

During the Spamton NEO fight, Spamton gets a phone call, before saying the call is for Kris, and throwing several Pipis as projectiles at the party. They explode and spread tiny Spamton heads if they aren't dealt with using the Yellow SOUL's projectiles.

Snowgrave Route[]

During the Snowgrave Route, numerous Pipis are laid out as traps throughout the Mansion, impeding the party's progress. First, in the room that normally contains a large number of platters, the floor is instead covered in a huge maze of Pipis that start a battle on contact and respawn if the room is reentered. The hallway directly adjacent to the room is constantly full of Pipis exploding on the map, which the party must avoid. Later, during the final battle, Spamton NEO uses the Pipis as usual, and Kris gains a healing ability called "Fried Pipis." After boosting his defense near the end of the battle, Spamton changes to only use an attack consisting of three exploding Pipis, similar to the Pipis battle in Queen's Mansion.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]

  • 2 additional Pipis or Ms. Pipis


  • Pipis self-destructs into many Spamton faces, which fly outward.


  • As Pipis self-destructs on its first turn, any action ends the battle after the first turn. However, attacking Pipis can remove it from the battle before this and make the attack from remaining Pipis easier to dodge.
  • Defending with Kris and Susie grants enough TP for Heal Prayer, so other healing items are not needed.

Flavor Text[]

  • Pipis. [Encounter]
  • ''The Original'' An invasive species of freshwater clam. [Check]
    • <Number> liked this! [Small text; random number between 42 and 5555][2]
  • Nothing happened! [S-Action or R-Action]


The spr_pipis_egg_old sprite.

  • The word "Pipis" resembles "Bepis," a misspelling of "Pepsi," which was used by Toby Fox for multiple error messages inside Undertale, as well as written at the bottom of Deltarune's system requirements on the Steam Store page. It is also likely to be a reference to the "Pipis room" meme, made popular by Griffin McElroy.
  • Pipis are the only enemy from Chapter 2 who cannot be recruited.
  • Mega Man 2 contains an enemy called a Pipi, which is a flying bird robot that drops an egg containing a large number of tiny copies of itself. Given the egg-like shape of the Pipis, the similar method of attack, and the resemblance of Spamton NEO's laser arm cannon to Mega Man's Mega Buster, this may be an intentional reference.
  • It is mentioned that Pipis is "An invasive species of freshwater clam," which could be referring to Plebidonax deltoides (a saltwater clam, contrary to the check text), which is referred to as pipi (and pipis when plural) in the eastern states of native Australia. It could also be referring to Paphies australis, (another saltwater clam) which is known as pipi by the native people of New Zealand.
  • Pipis were originally going to be yellow, but this was changed. This may have happened because during the Spamton NEO fight, Kris's SOUL is yellow. If Pipis were to be yellow as well, it could possibly be confusing, as most attacks destructible with the yellow SOUL projectiles are blue.
  • Pipis are unique in that they do not run away if attacked, using a special death animation and incrementing the game's "kills" flag.[3][4] This animation is otherwise used if SnowGrave is used on regular enemies.[5]
    • This animation has existed since the original release of Deltarune Chapter 1.[6]
  • Pipis are apparently edible, as Kris can heal with FriedPipis during the Snowgrave Spamton NEO fight.
  • Ms. Pipis, from having "Ms." in their name and having a pink bow to differentiate themselves from the regular Pipis, may be a reference to Ms. Pac-Man, another round character with a bow to differentiate herself from Pac-Man, her male counterpart.
  • The Pipis enemies found in Queen's Mansion during the Snowgrave Route are the only enemies in the game that can initiate a battle when they touch other party members' hitboxes; any other enemy can only initiate a battle when touching Kris's hitbox.
  • In the Check text, "The Original" may be a reference to a Mexican restaurant in Puerto Vallarta called Pipis; many of their listings and advertisements include the tagline "The Original."