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I, Mr. Society, am far too intelligent to ever bow down to such a tyrant

Mr. Society

Mr. Society is a Darkner from Card Kingdom, who can first be encountered in Great Board. He is based on the bishop chess piece.



Mr. Society resembles the white Bishop piece from chess. His head is a diamond, and he is perpetually in a Z pose.


Mr. Society likes to brag about his intelligence, but is actually very timid. He is particularly afraid of King.

Mr. Society appears to be friends with Mr. Elegance, with the two often appearing together.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

Mr. Society is first met on the Great Board. He explains that Ponmen have no choice but to obey the King's will, whereas he and Mr. Elegance do not due to their intelligence. However, he also notes that he would likely obey the King anyway out of fear.

Mr. Elegance can be found next to the Warp Door in the Forest, where he mentions that he fixed the Warp Door with Mr. Society, as well as Jigsaw Joe if the party interacted with him. However, Mr. Society remains at the Great Board, where he says that Mr. Elegance had to run off on some kind of errand, then noncommittally denies being involved in repairing the Warp Door.

In the Chapter 1 epilogue, if the party did not win any battles through violence, Mr. Society is among the NPCs celebrating at Card Castle. He congratulates the party for overthrowing the "tyrant" and says that he is willing to accept credit for helping, but then backtracks and says that if King returns then he was not involved.

Chapter 2[]

After Kris brings the Card Kingdom Darkners to Castle Town, Mr. Society can be found next to the cliff to the west of town. When talked to, he admits he's still too afraid to integrate into the Castle Town society, so he flies up the cliff, pledging that he will live atop the cliff until he has the courage to return to society. If the party talks to Mr. Elegance afterwards, he reassures that party that it is not their fault that Mr. Society left, and that he will return one day.


  • In the Japanese localization, he is known as ミスター・ソーシャル [Mr. Social].
  • His name, Mr. Society, appears to be ironic as he states he is afraid of society.