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Woah there, horsie. Ponmen're scary, but all'n they're doin' is following the King.

Mr. Elegance

Mr. Elegance is a Darkner NPC from Card Kingdom, who can first be encountered in Great Board.



Mr. Elegance resembles the Knight piece from chess, with a white horse's stylized head and neck, a spiky mane, a black studded collar. He clarifies the two spots on his face are his nostrils and not his eyes, but that he can still see through them.


Mr. Elegance speaks with something resembling an American Western accent, dropping "g" from the end of words, but also adding "'n" to the ends of various words. He often calls Kris "horsie."

Mr. Elegance appears to be friends with Mr. Society, with the two often appearing together.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

Mr. Elegance is first met on the Great Board. He provides the party information about Ponmen, stating that while they are scary, they are only following King, expressing dismay that the old boss of "us on the Board" has also been reduced to King's peon.

Mr. Elegance next appears beside the Door in the Forest. If the party has reached the door without talking to Jigsaw Joe, Mr. Elegance says that he and Mr. Society fixed the door by themselves and it might break because only the two of them worked on it. If the party did interact with Joe, he is also present, and Mr. Elegance is confident that the door will work correctly because the three of them worked on it together.

In the Chapter 1 epilogue, if the party did not win any battles through violence, Mr. Elegance is among the NPCs celebrating at Card Castle. He congratulates the party, saying that now "all us pieces can live in peaces," and that his nostrils can't thank them enough.

Chapter 2[]

After Kris brings the Card Kingdom Darkners to Castle Town, Mr. Elegance can be found in northwest corner of the Dummy's area. He pledges to fix the town up using nostril grease. If the party talks to Mr. Elegance after Mr. Society flees, he reassures the party that it is not their fault that Mr. Society left, and that he will return one day.

After returning from the Cyber World, Mr. Elegance has built up the beginnings of a checkerboard in the area, with several tiles already laid down in the corner. He mentions that the Ponmen will appreciate the new board.