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Mauswheel is a miniboss encountered in Queen's Mansion. It is a stronger form of Maus.



Mauswheel is a large spinning wheel, made up of multiple Maice. In the battle animation, it looks as though there are only three Maice in the wheel; however, when using Catch or CatchX, many more Maice seemingly appear out of nowhere.


Mauswheel being simply a group of Maice, it shares the same personality as them. This includes a love for cheese and a fear of Tasques.

Main Story[]

Chapter 2[]

Normal Route[]

In the kitchen of Queen's Mansion, three Swatchlings can be seen panicking about the presence of Maice. These Maice can be found on the left side of the room, presumably having been lured in by cheese. Once seen by the party, the Maice begin rapidly spinning and form a Mauswheel, which the party must then fight.

If Mauswheel is at 100% mercy after Catch or CatchX is used, the battle can have two outcomes. If Tasque Manager has been recruited, she and her Tasques appear to deal with Mauswheel, sparing it. However, if Tasque Manager is lost, then Mauswheel is simply spared on its own, since it "runs out of mice." If it reaches 100% mercy via any other method, it isn't automatically spared. Even a missed Catch(X) action command works to automatically spare the enemy if it is already at 100% mercy.

Snowgrave Route[]

In the Snowgrave Route, Mauswheel is found running in circles through the hallways of Queen's Mansion. It is much stronger.

In Battle[]


  • Several cursors follow the SOUL around.
  • After the first turn, alongside the cursors, Mauswheel charges up a series of large white bullets, shooting it out and either continuing traveling as a large projectile, or splitting into 3 revolving circles. They have a random degree of space between each shot.


  • Several conditions allow for Mauswheel to be spared:
    • Catch increases mercy depending on how many Maice are caught.
    • CatchX increases mercy depending on how many Maice are caught, using a bigger cage than Catch.
    • S-Action or R-Action increases mercy by 5%.

If Mauswheel is at 100% mercy after a Catch or CatchX command, it is automatically spared, either by itself or by the interference of Tasque Manager.


  • (Rolling around at the speed of mouse...) [Neutral]
  • (Wired is FASTER!) [Neutral]
  • (I'm no cheater! It's just cheese...) [Neutral]
  • (We are grippable. We are many.) [Neutral]
  • (Well, everyone's captured.) (What does that make me?) [Spareable if Catch or CatchX not used]

Flavor Text[]

  • Mauswheel spins into you! [Encounter]
  • Two mice are better than one! ... Three, maybe not. The cursor will follow you everywhere. Keep moving! [Check]
  • Mauswheel is rolling around with an annoying wheel sound. [Neutral]
  • Mauswheel might make a good wreath, as a prank. [Neutral]
  • Smells like a three-cheese pizza. [Neutral]
  • It's a cacophony of clicks. [Neutral]
  • Mauswheel reached 100% mercy! [Spareable after Catch or CatchX, if Tasque Manager is recruited]
    • But, it's still rolling out of control...
    • Suddenly...!
    • [Tasque Manager] We'll take it from here!
  • Mauswheel ran out of mice! [Spareable after Catch or CatchX, if Tasque Manager is not recruited]
  • Mauswheel is just a spareable husk now. [Spareable if Catch or CatchX not used]


  • Mauswheel's flavor text "Rolling around at the speed of mouse..." may be a reference to the line "Rolling around at the speed of sound", one of the first lines of the popular Escape from the City song from Sonic Adventure 2.
  • Mauswheel's check text "Two mice are better than one! ... Three, maybe not." is a reference to Clover's check text, which goes "Two heads are better than one! Three... maybe not."
  • Mauswheel's name is a pun on the mouse wheel component of a computer mouse.