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Maus (plural Maice) is an enemy encountered in Cyber City and Queen's Mansion. They are often provoked to attack when Kris interacts with cheese.



A Maus is a tiny Darkner which appears to be a cross between a computer mouse and its namesake rodent. It has a white body, circular purple ears, a long purple tail resembling a wire, and a purple face separated into two halves by a single line, with tiny black eyes and a small black nose.


Maice are shown to possess a fondness for cheese, not unlike cartoon mice. They're aware of people's varied reactions to them, as seen when Noelle either expresses her fear of them or compliments them, depending on how far the story has progressed. They appear to have a predator-prey relationship with Tasques, much like with real-world cats and mice.

In Battle[]

Appears With[]


  • A cursor follows the SOUL with a grey trail, catching up with a bit of a delay.
  • Tunnels appear around the Bullet Board. Eyes indicate which tunnels mice run out from. If there's only one Maus in battle, the mice and tunnels are bigger, though the mice struggle to get out for a second.


  • Several conditions allow for Maus to be spared:
    • TrapOne increases a Maus's mercy by 100% if it is caught.
    • TrapAll increases a Maus (or any enemy)'s mercy by 100% if it is caught. As opposed to TrapOne, TrapAll can catch multiple enemies.
    • After Noelle gets over her fear of mice, she can compliment Maus with the ACT "Compliment," increasing mercy by 100% for all Maice.
    • S-Action, R-Action, or N-Action increases mercy by 50% for one Maus.
    • Sparing (when its name is not yellow) increases mercy by 25% for one Maus.
    • Using SoftVoice on Tasque while Maus is also present increases mercy by 50% for all Maice.
  • Before Noelle gets over her fear of mice, her ACT "Fear" makes all Maice tired.
  • Susie's ACT "Upgrade" can replace any Maus with a Tasque. The Tasque can then be fought or spared normally.


  • (Tired of being pushed around.) [Neutral]
  • (You think you're the big cheese?) [Neutral]
  • (Left, right, right, left...) [Neutral]
  • (Catch me, catch me!) (Hee hee hee...) [Neutral]
  • (I can't help it, I'm a cutey guy.) [Compliment]
  • (I can't help it, I'm a scary guy.) [Fear]
  • (I'll work with who I have to.) [When Upgrade is used on another Maus]

Flavor Text[]

  • Maus blocked the way! [Encounter]
  • Maice blocked the way! [Encounter]
  • Poppup and Maus appeared. [Encounter]
  • It's just a little mouse living in a little house. [Check]
  • Maus is clicking and squeaking. [Neutral]
  • Maus is thinking about overly elaborate machines. [Neutral]
  • Maus keeps running between your feet. [Neutral]
  • Maus is keenly aware of the fear it invokes. [Neutral]
  • Smells like wood shavings. [Neutral]
  • Maus would like to go to its favorite bistro in this marvelous city. [Neutral]
  • Press [C] To Trap!!! [TrapOne]
  • Press [C] to trap all the enemies! [TrapAll]
  • Didn't catch anything... [TrapOne/TrapAll, caught no enemies]
  • Caught the enemy! [TrapOne/TrapAll, caught one enemy]
  • Caught (number) enemies! [TrapOne/TrapAll, caught multiple enemies]
  • [Noelle] Th-the way it moves is just so... so scary! [Fear]
    • [Noelle] It's disgusting!
    • Maus was rejected... everyone felt TIRED.
  • Noelle reacted in fear! [Fear, subsequent uses]
    • The enemies felt dejected and TIRED...
  • Noelle complimented the enemies! [Compliment]
    • [Noelle] They're... kind of cute, right...?
  • [Susie] There's only one solution for a mouse! [Upgrade]
    • [Susie] Here, kitty kitty!!
    • [Ralsei] ...don't we just have to fight the cat now?
    • [Susie] Huh?
  • Susie got on all fours and chased the mouse around the room like an animal!! [S-Action]
  • Susie chased on all fours!! [S-Action, shortened]
  • Ralsei started putting peanut butter on a spoon and put it in a trap!! [R-Action]
    • Susie was captured!!
    • [Ralsei] Susie!!!
    • [Susie] The hell you blaming ME for!! YOU made the trap!!
  • Ralsei sang a song about mice!! [R-Action, subsequent uses]
  • Ralsei sang a mouse song!! [R-Action, subsequent uses]
  • Noelle screamed quietly! [N-Action, when Noelle is afraid of mice]
  • Noelle cheered brightly! [N-Action, when Noelle is not afraid of mice]
  • Maus's clicking sounds more like splat noises. [Tired]
  • Maus is squeaking cheerfully. [Spare conditions met]


  • Walking past the first cheese destroys it. Inspecting it gives "(The cheese was destroyed in the heat of battle.)" even though no encounter happened.
  • Maus is German for Mouse.
  • The red cage used for TrapOne and TrapAll, as well as flavor text mentioning "overly elaborate machines," may be referencing the board game Mouse Trap, where the titular mousetrap (a red cage) is triggered by a Rube Goldberg machine.