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Oh, that was fun! You're a wonderful student, Kris!
... and, er, in case you ever need a refresher, I...
Here! I wrote a Manual for you and Susie!


The Manual is an item Ralsei gives to Kris after they complete or decline the Dummy tutorial battle. It cannot be sold to shopkeepers.

If dropped while Ralsei is in the party, he initially assumes Kris dropped it by mistake and returns it. If Kris tosses the Manual a second time while Ralsei is present, he promises to make a better manual next time.

If kept, it disappears from the inventory in Chapter 2. From then on, it is on a stand in Kris's room within Ralsei's castle. If the manual was thrown away in Chapter 1, a trash can replaces the stand and drawer.[1]

Additional Uses[]

  • It can be used in battle against Rudinns to make them tired, allowing Ralsei to use his Pacify spell.
  • It can be read to Hathy, who "listened politely," though nothing else happens.
  • It can be read once per party turn to Clover to her to spare her sooner. Unlike Rudinn, the manual doesn't make her tired- each use makes her "sentimental," and adds 50% to her Mercy meter.

Flavor Text[]

  • (You tried to read the manual, but it was so dense it made your head spin...) [When used]
  • (You drop the manual on the floor with a resounding thud.) [When dropped]
    • Hey, Kris. What are you doing...? Oh no! Is that the manual? Looks like you accidentally dropped it... Here you go, Kris! You don't wanna lose that! [Ralsei when the manual is dropped for the first time]
  • (You tossed the Manual hard.) (Its pages scatter in the wind.) [When dropped again]
    • Umm... Th-that's OK, Kris! I can always... I'll just make a better one next time! [Ralsei when the manual is dropped for the second time]
    • ... [Ralsei when the manual is dropped for the third time; unused as it is not returned the second]


  • In the game files, there are images for pages of the manual that went unused.
  • There are a few instances where Ralsei leaves the party and the Manual can be dropped without him knowing.
  • If Kris drops the Manual in the hidden area in the Forest, Ralsei's dialogue still triggers.
  • It can be removed from the inventory with the Glowshard glitch if it is in the second or third slot. This is not considered dropped in Chapter 2, as the Manual still appears in Kris's room.
  • The manual is the only non-key item that is not carried over to Chapter 2.


  1. Here, Kris! In case I make another manual... You can throw it directly in here! - Ralsei