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Oh, that was fun! You're a wonderful student, Kris!
... and, er, in case you ever need a refresher, I...
Here! I wrote a Manual for you and Susie!


The Manual is an item given to Kris by Ralsei after they complete the Dummy fight, or during the dialogue with Ralsei if Kris refuses the tutorial.

Flavor Text[]

  • (You tried to read the manual, but it was so dense it made your head spin...) [When used]
  • (You drop the manual on the floor with a resounding thud.) [When dropped]
  • (You tossed the Manual hard.) (Its pages scatter in the wind.) [When dropped again]
  • Hey, Kris. What are you doing...? Oh no! Is that the manual? Looks like you accidentally dropped it... Here you go, Kris! You don't wanna lose that! [Ralsei when the manual is dropped for the first time]
  • Umm... Th-that's OK, Kris! I can always... I'll just make a better one next time! [Ralsei when the manual is dropped for the second time]
  • ... [Ralsei when the manual is dropped for the third time; unused as it is not returned the second]
  • Y'think I WANT that? [Seam after attempting to sell the manual to them]
  • Er, NO thank you. [Rouxls Kaard after attempting to sell the manual to him]


  • It can be used in battle against some enemies to make them tired, allowing Ralsei to use his Pacify spell.
    • It can also be used twice in Clover's fight to make her spareable (though not tired).
  • In the game files, there are images for pages of the manual that went unused.
  • The Manual cannot be sold to shopkeepers.
  • There are a few instances where Ralsei leaves the party and the Manual can be dropped without him knowing.
  • When Kris enters the secret room in Forest with the man, despite Ralsei not being there, dropping the manual will still trigger Ralsei's dialogue.