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Mannequin is an armor item that can only be equipped to Kris. It reduces damage from some bullets by 35%, most notably Spamton NEO-related bullets as well as some bullets by Tasque and Tasque Manager. It cannot be bought if Noelle is no longer in the party, or during the Snowgrave Route.

It can be purchased in Cyber City for 300 D$.

Flavor Text[]

  • Not even gonna ask. [When attempting to equip it to Susie]
  • Um, the d-dress is cute... [When attempting to equip it to Ralsei]
  • (Why did they spend $300 on this!?) [When attempting to equip it to Noelle]


  • The dress has a strong resemblance to the dress Mettaton wears in Undertale during the UNDERTALE the Musical scene.
  • The mannequin itself resembles Spamton. If not purchased, Kris can attempt to put the Loaded Disk inside, but the disk "squirms" and does not fit.
  • The Addison that sells the mannequin to the party mentions that it is being sold for 75% off. This means that the initial price of the mannequin from before the discount was $1200.
  • Frayed Bowtie and Dealmaker are the other two items that reduces damage from Spamton NEO's bullets, and also cannot be obtained during the Snowgrave Route.
  • There exists an unused version of Mannequin (ID 17) which instead acts as a consumable item and cannot be equipped.