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The Man is a mysterious character that can be encountered multiple times in Deltarune.

The Man is always hidden from the player's view, making his appearance completely unknown. He does not have any direct dialogues; instead, every interaction with him is described through the narration.



The narration only gives very brief and mundane description of the Man. He offers Eggs to Kris for unknown reasons. He does, however, seem friendly to them, as he is once described as "waving happily to them."

The Man is able to travel through both the Light World and the Dark World, but whether that means he is a Lightner is unknown.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

Between the room with the Starwalker Bird and the darkening room, there is a very small chance (1/50 or 2%) of entering a hidden place between the two areas. This area consists of a small path leading to a tree. The music is replaced by a simple piano melody and Kris is the only one to be present when entering it.

When inspecting the tree, narration states that "he" is behind it. Inspecting behind the tree reveals that there is a man behind it and that he offers something. If the offer is accepted, it is revealed to be an Egg. After that, inspecting where the man was reveals that he is no longer there. The area cannot be re-entered.

Chapter 2[]

If the man was met during Chapter 1, he appears in Hometown at the beginning of Chapter 2. When leaving the School to go to the Library, inspecting a car in the traffic that blocks the path to the southern Hometown points out that there is a man in it who waves happily at Kris. Inspecting the car once more reveals nothing about the man.

Regardless of the party's actions in Chapter 1, the man can be found in Cyber City's tree room. If the Annoying Dog cutscene has already played and the game is not on the Snowgrave Route, there is a 2% chance[1] when attempting to enter the Dog Dumpster room that instead Kris alone ends up in the tree room, just as before.

The tree room contains a low tree, in the same design as the one in Chapter 1, and the music is replaced with the piano melody again. When examining the spot behind the tree, the man offers another Egg to Kris. Once taken or declined, the man ceases to exist there, and subsequent examinations reveal that "there was not a man here." Exiting the area returns the party to where they came from. The area cannot be re-entered.


  • The track playing in the background of both hidden areas cannot be found on the official OST and is known in the game files simply as "man.ogg."
    • The track was originally created as a fan song titled "waltz of seccom masada" for the game "Yume Nikki." It was part of a collection of songs called "made up yume nikkis" that was posted to Toby Fox's Tumblr.[2]
  • The Man may or may not be related to "Mystery Man," a secret character in Undertale found in a similar fashion.


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