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Huh-hah! Let's feel my technique!

Malius before fixing something

Malius is a smith found in the Bake Sale area. Malius offers to either heal the party or to fix their broken items.



Malius is an anthropomorphic toy hammer. Their head is an ax-shaped red hammer. Their eyes and stick are yellow, with said stick acting as their neck. Their body is also red and they wear a kimono which is purple on the left side and dark green on the right side.


Malius shows a great admiration towards weapons. They claim to be able to fix anything and they show a strong esteem of their own ability. Malius is however kind-hearted and willing to help as they accept to fix anything for free.

Main Story[]

Chapter 1[]

Malius sits directly north of the Bake Sale in Forest. After speaking to the party for the first time, Malius tells them that they can "fix any item." If the party bring the Broken Cake to them, Malius repairs it into a Top Cake, which the party can then bring back to Top Chef. After being given all three Broken Key pieces, Malius combines them into the Door Key. Malius gives it to the party before noting the "dangerous aura" the key holds, saying that they had only fixed the key so the party would never have to use it.

At any time, the party can visit Malius for them to "fix" the party; Malius comically smacks the entire party, restoring everyone's HP.

Chapter 2[]

Malius appears along with the other Dark World residents in Castle Town. He can be found in the bakery, where he offers to either "fix" the party or chat. However, he also has a new functionality of fusing two items together, which will create a new, stronger item. There are several combinations of items that Malius can fuse, most of which require items found in the Library Dark World.

Item Fusing[]



  • "Malius" is likely a play on "malleus," which is the Latin word for "hammer." Several English words originated from "malleus," such as "malleable" (able to be hammered or reshaped) and "mallet."
  • Malius appears in a room directly north of the Bake Sale, which contains a SAVE point. SAVE points heal all HP for the whole party, making Malius's healing somewhat redundant.